All settled in and ready to go ……

I am so happy as my Scrapping room is now ready and I have actually managed to spend time at my table and create a few pages! I hosted my first WA class (sorry, forgot to take photos). It was really good to meet new Ladies and do some AZZA scrapbooking with them.

Below is my Scrapping room all set up.

With so much product to play with, the first page I worked on was with the AZZA Boston stencil created by the lovely Christine Houbrechts in Belgium.

I worked on a page with my daughter’s graduation photos. The ‘Winter song’ theme was perfect as they released doves on the steps of the chapel.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

I have used the AZZA Chestnut chalks to frame my page at the top and also on the embossed paper at the bottom of the page to bring out the texture of the bricks.

I love the little Silhouette figure birds on the Winter song sheet, I coloured them using the AZZA brushes as these give lovely strokes, just like feathers. Don’t forget to give your little birds eyes and a beak in a darker colour as this brings them to life instantly.

Below are a few more samples with Boston and the Winter Song theme, by Audrey in Europe.

Page by Audrey, AZZA Europe.
Decoration by Audrey, AZZA Europe
Decoration by Audrey, AZZA Europe

My next page was using the AZZA Verlaine stencil with some Family photos. The lovely ‘Heart’ texture stencil is out of the AZZA Scrap PLUS, which is the ‘add on’ decoration kit for the AZZA Scrap Kit – Family. I used the thin AZZA daubers for the inking of the texture decoration and then the thicker dauber for the line of inking on the paper. Note how I have used two colours on the Texture stencil, the darker blue on the lighter page and moved into Frost blue/white on the darker paper. I finished off the page with AZZA Glitter tape, pearls, ribbon and a Die Cut from the AZZA cutting dies: Vintage friezes. This set of cutting dies is well worth adding to your stock as they are timeless.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
AZZA Vintage Friezes Cutting Dies

With all my old family photos having just been unpacked, I moved on to a set of pages using the Verlaine pre-cut pages and the AZZA Vintage themed products. Wow, now that I have begun, I am going to continue to get them all into an album so I can show the rest of the family.

If you don’t have a lot of photos, the AZZA 25 x 25 Albums would be ideal to use. The pages are smaller, we do have a few 25 x 25 stencils now, but the 30 x 30 stencils can always be adapted to suit the page size.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

Above is the set of pre-cut Verlaine pages as they sit in the album. I chose not to keep the pre-cut pages one behind the other in the centre of the page but dropped the front Title page and had the maroon page opening from the opposite side. This ensured that sections of the photos on the pages behind would be seen from the start.

It is always important when using a set of the pre-cut pages to work out what photos are going to be on which page before you begin to work on your pages and MOST importantly, what you can see when they are put together as a set. You don’t want to see a few legs or half a face peaking out from behind the pages, try and make sure it all looks good together. Remember, you do not have to use all the pages in the set either, I chose not to use one of the pages and will save it for another time.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

On the back of the Title page I used one photo and kept the decoration simple.

Created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

The maroon page I decided to have opening on the opposite side of the back page as the photos suited this layout. I have used the Cutting dies: Vintage Friezes throughout. On this page I used AZZA Vintage ‘Seasonal’ patterned paper which comes in a lovely green and dusky pink. The large Burgundy ink pad that was brought out at the same time blends well with papers, I have used the ink on the second piece of cut paper instead of cutting it into two, as I did with the one above, to vary the look. For the decoration I used a clock face off the Silhouette figure sheet Vintage together with AZZA glitter tape. The way to do this is to place a few strips of the glitter tape along side one another on a piece of card until you have a big enough area for the clock face to sit on.

Punch out the circle for the clock to sit upon.

… and I finished it off with a Resin pellet. The back of the Maroon page can be seen below. I coloured 2 small wooden frames to match the photos, used the AZZA pink cord and the keys were from the Vintage figurine sheet. For the inking I used the new colour: Powder pink.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

Finally the back page. The decoration in the centre of the page I used inks and chalks to get the paper to the correct tone and then used the texture stencil and stamp from the AZZA Vintage products. I made sure the thin, black border line matched up with the front page as it can be seen when the pages are closed.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

I can’t believe it is May already. The AZZA May Catalogue is out so pop along to the website if you have not seen it already.

This month AZZA released the ‘New York’ stencil and the ‘Home Sweet Home’ themed decoration products. A new range of Wedding products were also released, teamed up with some ‘I love you’ products which are perfect for so many occasions.

The New York stencil was released with pre-cut pages and a 2 beautiful die cuts. Hilary Hamilton, our Team Leader in Victoria created the following set of pre-cut pages:

Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia

Hilary has used the ‘Home Sweet Home Windows’ cutting die on her front page, with a stamp behind as you can see below. This is also perfect to add a smaller photo onto your page.

Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia
Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia

Hilary’s inside and back pages using the second AZZA die cut released this month: Home Sweet Home.

Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia

This cutting die makes beautiful cards too. Don’t feel you have to use the full length of the die, various sections can be used along the same place of the matching New York stencil. This is a beautiful little card created with circles of chalked colour upon which the decoration sits.

The new Decoration stencil ‘Circles’ would be perfect to create this decoration:

These Decoration stencils are also available in Squares and Ovals, they are very versatile and can be used with any themes.

I thought I would end my blog with this beautiful page I found on the net created by Ann in Europe using the Bilboa-Macau stencil and the Circle decoration stencil. There is a link below it so you can see the ‘workings’ of the page.

Below is a close-up of the beautiful chalking of the bubbles and a little scene behind her circular photo which is a replica of the photo on the other side. Note how she has used a white pen to add a little character to the decoration.

Below is a sample of where I have used the Circle Decoration stencil on a page.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

Hopefully that is enough to give you some ideas for future pages. Do take a look at the AZZA website and our gallery were you can see pages created by the Australian Consultants.

Happy Scrappin’


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  1. Créativ'ann says:

    Thanks for publishing one of my page ! You also make lovely pages ! Créativ’ann

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