Spring is here ……

With the warmer weather in sight this month’s AZZA release of the BALI stencil and the BESIDE THE SEA theme products will get you wanting to put your toes into the sea soon.


The BALI stencil duo is made up of one stencil and one tool stencil. For those of you who have not worked out quite how to use the tool stencil – it is to give you the lovely longer lines of inking or chalking or, if you are working with your pens, an uninterrupted line.

Take a look at the numbers on the tool stencil – they will line up with numbers on your actual stencil.

The idea being you can create lovely straight lines of inking/chalking/pen work without the interruption of the lines on the stencil:

Working with the stencil
Working with the Tool stencil

This is my BALI page worked with products from the In my Garden theme.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

I do love this AZZA In my Garden stamp as you can separate the different images within the one stamp. As my lavender fields photo did not fill the shape I wanted on the page, I completed the shape with paper and used it as a mount for my decoration. On the lighter lavender paper note how I have cut around the image on one side but kept the shape I was using on the other. Your decorations do not always have to fit within the shape you are using.

With the layout above the lines in the stencil have been used as part of the decoration, but below the stencil tool has been used to create a clean line along the photos.

Page by Marie-Christine Defrenne. France

One of my favourite BALI layouts I have seen on the internet is the one below using the Beside the Sea stamp/die set, texture stencil and papers.

Page by Carole Pereira Bastianon

The Starfish decorations are amazing.

Irene Warfe our AZZA Consultant in Sebastopol, Victoria created the layout below – beautiful chalking/inking used as the border.

Page created by Irene Warfe, Victoria. Australia

The simple little decorations are from the Country Wedding silhouette figures seen below. They finish off the page beautifully.


Deb Byrne, AZZA Team Leader in Tasmania created the following pages:

Page created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania. Australia

Deb has used the ‘In my Garden’ themed products for her decoration on the page above; below she has used the ‘Beside the Sea’ themed products.

Page created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania. Australia

The stencil does lend itself to a chalked or inked border as seen in Irene and Deb’s pages above.

Below the pre-cut pages that have been released with the stencil duo.

Sabine has used the Beside the Sea seasonal papers
A beautiful double chalked frame.

Below is a link to the video by Dominique Spirlet for you to watch her creating a page with the BALI Stencil and themed products.

I found a few cards to show you that had been created with the Beside the Sea themed products:

Created by Corrine Lemaitre-Cosquer

The card above has used all the new products from Beside the Sea and below Corrine has used the little seahorse and seaweed from the Under the Sea products released a few months earlier. I love her use of the AZZA Cord.

Created by Corrine Lemaitre-Cosquer

Recently in my classes one of my ladies, Judy Sharp, has been working on her heritage photos. I asked her if I could share her pages with you as they are so beautiful. She has inspired me to get going with my own. Judy has based most of her pages on layouts she found in the AZZA Around the Single Photo book, although she started out with an idea in mind the finished result looked quite different.

Judy had worked from the layout below found in the AZZA book – Around the Single Photo

Page by Karine Talbot, La Photo Unique Book
Page by Judy Sharp, Western Australia

The page above began with the layout below in the same book. Once again note how Judy stamped the bouquet of flowers onto a strip of black paper and then cut out the size strip she needed but around the stamped image where needed. She stamped in white and picked up the pink of the paper on the roses with a small dauber and ink.

Page by Celine Henchog – La Photo Unique
Page by Judy Sharp, Western Australia

The original idea below. Judy has used products from the AZZA I love you themed products.

Page by Dominique Palat – La Photo Unique

Another lady in the class loved Judy’s layout above so decided to do the same with a photo she had of her daughter. It’s not quite finished, needs some lines but here it is for you to compare.

If you don’t have this book and love to scrap single photos either normal 6 x 4 or enlargements it is a must.


The page above is one of my favourite, using the AZZA Evasion stencil, Ebony paper and paper from the AZZA Patterned Classic Essential range.

Judy didn’t only stick to using AZZA Stencils, she did a few pages using the 4 x 4 method – not cutting the photos with a stencil but keeping the 5mm gap between photos and papers.

Page by Judy Sharp, Western Australia
Page by Judy Sharp, Western Australia

On the page above Judy has used a texture stamp on both her paper strip at the top of the page and the larger oval piece of paper beneath her title block.

Having seen Judy’s pages I had a special 60th coming up so dug out my book and saw this layout that I liked:

Page by Francoise Robin – La Photo Unique

I downloaded a photo off my friend’s Facebook page as I wanted it to be a surprise and this is what I created for her.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

As you can see, it is not quite the same as I have used an enlargement. I was thrilled with the final product.

With Christmas around the corner, if you are a Consultant this would be a great class to run – the Christmas present for someone who has everything. If you’re not a Consultant, a great idea for Christmas gifts. Frames are available at Harvey Norman (the one above is from Harvey Norman) in black and white and a more simple frame is available at Kmart . I have used paper from the AZZA Patterned Classic Essential range.

The ladies who receive the Mail Out will be receiving a selection of the AZZA paper range. I have shown them how to use the different papers and given them ideas of how papers can be used on the page. Patterns on the AZZA papers have all been scaled down, this is to ensure that your eyes are not taken off your photographs by the paper. If anyone is interested in receiving the monthly Mail Out, please e-mail me on lynholmes@rocketmail.com.

The papers from the Patterned Classic Essential range are excellent to have on hand as they will go with any theme.


We are all getting very excited as it is next month that Christine Houbrechts will be with us at our annual AZZA Consultant conference. If you are not a Consultant remember you can join in a class with Christine in Ballarat on the 29th October, Sydney on the 1st November, Tassie (Launceston and Hobart) over the weekend of 2nd/3rd November and in Perth on the 9th November. If you are interested please contact your Consultant or me directly.

Christine will be showing us how to take the decorations on our pages to the next level.

Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

Below is a page created by Christine with the new BALI stencil.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.

Well, that should keep you going for a while.

Happy Scrappin’


Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
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3 Responses to Spring is here ……

  1. Beth Brown says:

    Thank you so much Lyn what a great email To open up to so much inspiration Sounds like a trip to Ballarat 1st November to see Christine could be on the agenda need to consult my Diary Thanks Regards Beth

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jenny Carman says:

    Hi Lyn any update re nz

    On Mon, 16 Sep 2019 at 10:01 PM, Lets Create With Lyn Holmes – AZZA European Scrapbooking (Perth – Western Australia) wrote:

    > lynholmes posted: ” With the warmer weather in sight this month’s AZZA > release of the BALI stencil and the BESIDE THE SEA theme products will get > you wanting to put your toes into the sea soon. > https://shop.azzaworld.com.au/collections/whats-new/products/studio-kit-bali > ” >

    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Jenny
      I do apologies for the late reply. We have just had our annual conference and NZ is on the cards for next year. Unfortunately, this year I moved inter-state so that took but about 3 months of the year!!
      We are hoping to get someone over there for classes and to train Consultants in the first half of the year. Once I have sorted all the conference data I will be working on looking at where best to go in NZ to begin with.
      I do have you on my list so will be in touch,

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