Australia – Our beautiful land ………

This month AZZA Australia have released a range of Australian decoration products. We have spent many months selecting products to add to our AZZA range in Australia that would compliment the AZZA way of scrapping. We do hope our Ladies overseas who have visited this beautiful country will love them and use them to scrap their holiday pages and of course for all our Australian Ladies to scrap pages of their backyard! How lucky are we to live in such a diverse country.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

The first page I scrapped with the new products was using the AZZA Scrap Kit: Family. I love windmills – we have both Silhouette figures and stamps to match.

The Silhouette figures are made from very thin chipboard so slightly thicker than our paper Silhouette figures but they sit on the page beautifully. They are coloured with AZZA inks and then given a little more character with pens.
Page by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

The beautiful pages above and below were created by Hilary using the AZZA Scrap Kit: Promenade and decorated with the new AZZA Australiana products.

Created by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.
Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

This is a page I created with the new Silhouette Figures – the Kangaroos go beautifully with the AZZA sand, the sand also gives the page texture. I too used the AZZA Scrap kit: Promenade.

Page by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

Using the same stencil Hilary created the page above using the new AZZA cutting dies, embossing folder and ‘Australian Phrases’ Silhouette figures. I have to say the embossing folders are some of my favourite:
Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania – Australia

Above is a beautiful page by Deb Byrne using the AZZA Stockholm stencil and the embossing folder shown above. Deb has also used our little Kangaroo and Eucalyptus dies. Note the lovely grounding of the Kangaroos – if you don’t think you have that ‘Artistic flair’ this little stamp is perfect for you …..
Card created by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia

I was very honoured to receive this card from Hilary – WOW – now for your 2020 Christmas cards, you can begin with this one!!

Hilary has used the Tree, Windmill and Hilly Horizon stamps and the Kookaburra and Eucalyptus dies, all mounted on a sheet of paper embossed with the Gumnuts embossing folder.
Page by Jennie Banks. Townsville – Australia

Jennie Banks, AZZA Townsville Consultant, created the page above using the lovely papers that were released over Christmas. Jennie has used both the Silhouette figures and cutting dies, she has cut the Kookaburra out of the same paper then decorated with pens. Jennie has used the Stockholm stencil to create her page, she has matched her decorations perfectly.
Page by Susan Talbot. Sydney – Australia.

Our very talented Consultant in Sydney, Sue Talbot created the page above using the AZZA Stockholm stencil and the new AZZA Australiana dies. She has dressed up the Eucalyptus branch beautifully with dots out of AZZA Citrine paper. The Kangaroos are both on the same die – don’t try to separate them – cut them out as is and you will get two kangaroos and a few little pieces of grass:

Do not try and separate the die – it is made as one piece!

The Kangaroo with the patterns can be used straight onto your page or as Sue has done above, with a backing piece of paper. On the page below I cut them out of some of the background of a photo I had, this always gives you a perfect colour tone match on the page.

Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

The little guy at the bottom of the page is just gorgeous:

There is also a lovely range of imitation stamps ….. these fit perfectly in the corner of two photos on the page. Just chalk a background and place your stamp with the 5mm border and your space is filled or stamp onto paper/card then mount the decoration onto your page with 3D foam.

Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Page by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium

A lovely page above, Christine in Australia – we loved having her here. Christine has used the AZZA Stockholm stencil and one of the new AZZA Australiana stamps:
Hilary Hamilton. Victoria Australia.
Hilary Hamilton. Victoria Australia.
Page by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

Hilary used her AZZA Scrap Kit: Promenade for this page, the new AZZA Silhouette figures with the Gumnuts, the ‘Australian Phrases’ shown below and don’t you just LOVE the little Kookaburra sitting on the sign!

I think I have covered almost all of the products – but do pop along and take a look at our February catalogue where they are all shown:

To all my ‘Overseas’ Followers, these products can be ordered and paid for online, they will be sent directly to you. We always send at the cheapest rate of postage so if possible, AZZA will send you a refund on the postage. If you would like for enquire about any of the products or postage please do not hesitate to contact me on and I will sort it out for you. If you have been inspired by my blogs and go to the shop to purchase product please put me down as your Consultant and I will follow up with tips and tricks for the product you have purchased.

Happy Scrappin’


Page by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.
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4 Responses to Australia – Our beautiful land ………

  1. laurence bourdoux says:

    Superbeeeeee quel est le gabarit merci

  2. Elizabeth Brown says:

    I am sure Christine will love these new products hoping they
    remind her of what a great country we live in and well the
    people or extraordinary great too All the layouts are
    Just magnificent well done to you all xx
    Regards Beth

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