A lovely little project awaits ……

March brings with it a new size of AZZA page – 30 x 21 cm. The March release can be used to create that ‘Special little album’ of a celebration or a trip you have made or you can create a beautiful gift for someone special.

The March basket contains all you need to make one or two projects:


If you only want to make one album you can order the items separately and the pages in a smaller number.

The MDF Covers are light and can be used both back and front of the album or one at the back with a clear cover in the front which would allow you to make two albums from the March basket. Hilary has used the newly released Texture stencil and Die on her cover below.

Cover by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

The stencil itself can be used on both the new A4 size page or the normal AZZA Scrapping page. Below is a layout with four photos, so just because it is a smaller page, don’t think you are limited to one or two photos per page.

Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

Below you can see samples of pages that flip open vertically or horizontally.

Page by Yvette, Europe
Page set by Yvette, Europe

The top page has been flipped up, below with the bottom page flipped down, so a set of three pages can then be seen ….

Page set by Yvette, Europe

Yvette shared a second set of pages with us too, they are lovely, she has used more photos on her pages this time.

Pages by Yvette, Europe

Above is the front page of the set. Below the front page has been flipped up to show the inside, but with the bottom page still in place.

Double pages can also be created easily. Below is the front page of a double page I have created using the papers, cutting die and texture stencil from the Val de Loire theme.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

The image below is the front flap open:

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

Below is the inside page with the open flap to the right.

Another sample I found of a double page by Sophie in Europe. I love Sophie’s work, always beautiful.

Page by Sophie Juvigne, Europe. So Scrap.
Page by Sophie Juvigne, Europe. So Scrap.

Note the gap cut out of the double page so the photo on the inside page can be seen when the page is closed.

The stencil can be used easily on the normal sized AZZA scrapping page. Below is a page created by Anita Day, both Director and Consultant in Queensland. Anita has kept the inside of her double page a secret so far ….. so watch this space!

Below Christine Houbrechts, back in Belgium, created a page of her Australian memories using some of our lovely NEW AZZA Australia products. Christine shows how she placed her stencil on the page below.

Page by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

Aren’t the little kangaroos just so cute on the page ….. you get both in the set!


There are just so many wonderful ideas out there…how about a pocket with the Azza Scrap kit Promenade?……. thanks once again to Sophie for sharing her ideas.

Sophie has used the new Val de Loire die, papers and Silhouette figures. Take a look at our Catalogue below and see all the new product released in March in Australia!


This month is all about travel. If you have been in search of Ancient Civilisations there is something for you here!

Hilary Hamilton our Director and Consultant in Victoria created a beautiful travel album, the cover I have shown you, here are her pages. Firstly, a lovely set of three pages that fit together well using the new Val de Loire die and papers. If you would like to find out just how to put these pages together or make an album please get in touch with your Consultant for a class. If you don’t have a Consultant, get in touch and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia.
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia.
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia.
Decoration by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia

Hilary couldn’t resist having a little fun with her son-in-law using the AZZA Silhouette figures:


I have also created a set of three pages but included some of the images from the Sketch sheet.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

To cover all travel, the Postcards Seasonal papers are a must have. If you look closely you will see the colours cover a large range that will fit in with all your photos.


These are a MUST HAVE for any travel album. Here I have used them on a page with the Val de Loire stencil. Being ‘Seasonal’ they will not be in the range forever, so buy them whilst they are still available.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

That should give you all a good idea of what can be done with the new stencil LOIRE.


The Loire Valley sits almost in the middle of France and the stencil was named after the region as this is where the AZZA Retreat took place last year.

The Loire river runs through the Loire valley and many visit the Chateau de Villandry, a country house known for its beautiful gardens.

The Loire valley is also know for its wine …….. don’t sigh my fellow Australians …… guess what, you can scrap with your Loire stencil whilst sipping on a glass of ‘pink’ from the Loire valley bought right here in Australia.

So happy, happy scrapping this month!!!


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