Spring is here ……

Although Spring is here, it is still a little chilly. Many of you are heading off on a camping trip after being locked down for a while so this month’s products will be perfect to scrap those photos on your return. Camping and toasting marshmallows! Those of you staying home may be doing a little more cooking and baking for the family, or with the family, so do take a look at the Cooking themed products too.

Below is a page created by Deb Byrne in Tassie, the link below is to the AZZA September catalogue.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

I have fallen in love with the Die set – the tent is beautiful on the page. At the top of the page above I have used it on my paper shape. The tent shape is large enough for you to place a title within it, journal or as I have done, place a little part of the the brochure from the place visited.

Susan Salvair created the page below using the same idea. The Flag and the ‘No 1’ are the AZZA Sport die set, Susan cut them out of the paper shape so the lighter page colour would show through and highlight the shapes. Susan used the Fiji stencil for her layout.

Page by Susan Salvair, Western Australia

Having grown up camping in Africa I had to include this page. I have used the Punta Cana stencil for both my layouts. The majestic Elephant stamp and die set are still available.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

Here I have used the AZZA mid-green paper and notice how I have placed the tent behind one elephant but in front of the other. This can be done with trees or any other shapes that can be used with the theme on your page. I have used the new SAGE Alphabet die and have cut the letters out of part of a photograph I had left over. The Alphabet dies make for a quick heading on the page.


I used the new Heritage texture stencil for the shading on my paper at the top of the page. It is called ‘Heritage’ as can be used on Family Tree pages too. Deb also used this Texture stencil on her page in the first layout of the blog to create a lovely pattern over her chalked shapes. Note how she also used the Marshmallow stamps to create patterned paper.

AZZA’Art, Europe

I did like the page above, created with the Punta Cana stencil, where almost the whole stencil has been used. Note how the branch alongside the top photo lines up with the tree line on the horizon.

Decoration by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria

Hilary has used the Camping decoration stencil for her decoration above. She has done a great job matching it to her photos. Note how she has used an image from both stencils to create the scene.


If you or your children are involved with Scouts, this is the perfect Decoration stencil for your pages.

With the Decoration stencils you need to bring your photos to life with your inks, chalks and pens. Hilary has done a great job above matching her choices with the theme on the page.

With this in mind, the Mail Out club will receive a Decoration stencil duo this month and a lesson on how best to use them.

Hilary also created a page using the Cutting dies. She built up her fire with the cut-out shapes backed with 3D foam and also placed a little square of 3D foam behind the marshmallows on the sticks. Hilary used the Punta Cana stencil to create the page.

Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria

Deb created a lovely page using the Loire stencil and Camping stamp set for the fire. She has used one of the AZZA Australian phrases and has used the frame, cut off the phrase, in conjunction with her decoration on the other side of the page. She has finished off her page with a Resin pellet to highlight a small round photo and a little AZZA Cord.

Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania
Card by Deb Byrne using the new Geometric Card stencil
Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania

Deb has created this stunning page above using the Punta Cana stencil, AZZA self-adhesive Linen, AZZA cord, Pearls, Glitter tape and the new Cooking products. The semi-circles have been cut from the new paper released this month, highlighted later on in the blog.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

Isolation baking on the page above – don’t you love it!! The Embossing folder is stunning on the page. The Chef can be coloured in to suit your page.

AZZA Europe created with Punta Cana stencil
Card by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria

A Card stencil Duo GEOMETRIC was released this month. Both stencils are fun to work with.

The Card stencils can be used on your page as you can see by the following samples. It takes a little planning but it is worth it. Anita has used the new Cooking stamps and die set on her page below.

Page by Anita Day, Queensland
AZZA Europe
Page by Jennie Banks, Queensland

Jennie has shared two pages with us, created with the two Card stencils.

Page by Jennie Banks, Queensland

When working with these triangles remember to use your Dots tape, it is perfect to get right to the points. If you have the stamping block, do this on the foam backing of the stamp block as the dots that do not go onto the paper will not stick to it. Remember if you do have any extra on your page, just rub them off with your finger (making sure your finger is clean first!!)

I have used the Card stencil below with some of the NEW Australiana products released this month. Take a look at the full AUSTRALIANA collection on the link below the card.

Card made by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
Card by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

You can also use the piece of card you cut the shape out of for the inside of your card.

Work with brushes and ink, starting on the card and moving inwards.
Card by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria

Hilary has used the new paper block highlighted later in the blog for her card above.


If you took photos yesterday on Father’s Day – AZZA has a wonderful Father’s Day stamp. This stamp can be used on a page or on a card. I made the card below using one of the new Geometric Card stencils.

Card by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

A few more new products still to highlight:

Deb has found some delightful Australian animals cut out of Tasmanian timber to add to our Australiana collection.

Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania

She created some beautiful pages to show us using the new figures. These figures are cut from actual Tassie timber (we’re not just saying) so are genuine Tassie Timber Animals.

Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania using the AZZA Cancun Stencil
Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania using the AZZA Boston stencil

A block of A4 Patterned papers for use with Cards or on your scrapping page are also new to AZZA this month. The sheets are double sided, A4 – 180grams. There are 10 different patterns as seen on the cover. There are 20 pages, 4 double sided pages of each of the 5 patters shown on the cover.

Have fun looking through the new products.

The next Great Australian Online Craft show is next week, 10th – 13th September. We will be showcasing our WINTER products and will have specials running (or skiing) during the show.

Also a reminder to send in your entries for the COVID CONNECTION Competition running until the end of October. Send your entries in to enquiries@azzaworld.com.au.

Happy Scrappin’


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