Playing with Punta Cana …….

I do hope you have found time to put some of your ‘Travel’ pages together with the products released this month.

The Punta Cana stencil has produced some lovely pages, don’t be drawn to always using the 2 ovals on the page and remember if you do use the oval shapes you can always use part of the oval for something a little different.

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
Nolwenn has used the lovely AZZA Linen on the page

A lovely page by Sylvie above, have a look at the Washi tape Postman, still available online.

Below is the AZZA video – A page created by Dominique using the Punta Cana stencil:

Sue Talbot created a beautiful page for the Scrap & Moi competition using the Cancun stencil. Sue has used some of the older AZZA products for her decoration: She embossed her paper with the AZZA Texture stencil shown below and used an older silhouette figure (Both still available).

Page by Sue Talbot. New South Wales.

The Signpost die is also lovely on the page, it goes with quite a few of the older AZZA stamps and silhouette figures.

Sue Talbot has used it on her page below:

Page created by Sue Talbot. New South Wales.

Note how Sue has used the lovely little Transparent Resin dots on the binoculars. Sue was inspired to create the page after watching Dominique Spirlet’s video on the Savannah stencil. I have posted a lot of the AZZA videos in Pinterest under the stencils themselves or in the ‘Video’ folder. Do go back over some of them if you are looking for inspiration. Challenge yourself to use your older stencils from time to time.

Here is the video showcasing the Savannah stencil:

Domonique has released a second video showing her creating a page with the Cancun stencil and creating her own patterned paper.

You will note she uses a Texture stencil, these are perfect for creating your own patterned papers. The Mail Out Ladies received an A5 Texture stencil last month, these are great as you can work on a larger surface without having to move the stencil.

While on the Universe/Neptune theme, we now have the Foil Stamp/Die back in stock. Some of you did not realise this is both a stamp and a cutting die.

As you can see from the above image, the Foil Stamp/die can be used as a cutting die, or can be stamped first with a colour then used as a cutting die.

Another product that is now back in stock is the Micro stamp: Mosaic. This was a very popular little stamp.
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

The last product I would like to let you know is back in stock is one of my favourite: Art and Creation cutting die
Created by Madianascrap, Europe – Boston stencil
Les scraps d’Yvette, Europe – Zurich stencil
AZZA Europe – Boston stencil

The AZZA Magic themed products are lovely both on the page and on cards:

AZZA Europe – Nairobi stencil
AZZA Europe – Nairobi stencil

A card I made this week combining the new products with the older COAST Cutting dies.

Card by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia


Your 30 x 30 LOCKDOWN LAYOUTS need to have a COVID CONNECTION. All products used need to be AZZA products and need to be currently available in our online shop. The theme can be: cooking, baking, teaching the kids, sewing, gardening ….. it cannot be just a page you created during lockdown. A sneak peak of a page I have created with new products so can only show you the full page next week:

There will be two categories, one for Consultants and one for AZZA Clients. Both categories will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes on offer. Send your entries in to or contact your Consultant. Please let us know who your Consultant is, if you have one. Entries close on 30th October, 2020 and the Winners will be announced in the AZZA November newsletter. If you have any queries please contact your Consultant.

The next Great Australian Craft Show will be held from 10th-13th September so do make a note of the dates. There will be AZZA specials once again. The last Online Craft show will be held in October 19th – 25th, this will be the Christmas special.

Happy Scrappin’


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