AZZA – 20th year Anniversary

The AZZA 20th Celebration stencil CHARLESTON has been well received and the layouts are beautiful.

I have had time to play and have created a double page:

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

This is the front page and the small ‘cats eye’ in the centre has been cut out to show the photo on the page inside. I have found that the patterned paper takes inking very well and the shade can be changed quite easily if your photos do not match the pink. I used the new AZZA brushes and gently applied ink, Cherry in this case, and it looks beautiful. I used one stamp from the Large stamp set and one from Diamond stamps.

Jennie Banks in Far North Queensland has also created a beautiful set of pages:

Page by Jennie Banks – Townsville
Page created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria

Hilary created another beautiful layout with her fashion photos.

The layouts are so different, I did like this one by Christine Ronsin in Europe. Lovely snow whilst we are having temps high in the 30’s in Australia.

And of course Christine’s exceptional work:

Page created by Christine Houbrechts – Belgium

Note how Christine has combined two stamps into the one image and brought them to life with some pen work.

In this decoration Christine has placed her sentiment on a piece of torn paper placed on top of a stamped image.

As we know, the AZZA stencils can be used with any theme. I had to share these two striking images with you, created by AZZA Consultants in Europe.

Page created by Honorine Loizeau – Europe
Page created by Carole Pereira Bastianon

Carole has used the AZZA spray inks on her plain paper, two colours of the Resin dots, the stickers and stamps. She has also inked her patterned paper.

The Dallas stencil has also been popular as it is just so easy to use. I created a page to show you the use of the tool stencil.

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

You can see that by using the tool stencil I can get smooth inking without the lines of the stencil getting in the way.

I used the AZZA Simone Alphabet stencil, the new Matt black Resin dots and a stamp from both the Large Feathers stamp set and the Feathers Diamond stamp set.

The Blending brushes are now available as singles, both Medium and Large in the AZZA online shop.

The AZZA Blending Brush set is also now available:

As you can see, the set comes with both a stand and a cleaning tool.

Two Dallas pages by Deb Byrne melted my heart:

Page created by Deb Byrne – Tasmania

Deb has used the AZZA Spray inks on her plain paper, Resin dots, Glitter tape and the AZZA Heritage frame dies on the page above. On the page below she has stamped her plain paper with the Material and Texture stamp and the old Box camera is from our Vintage themed products.
AZZA Europe

I found this lovely little decoration using the frames, figures and transparent Resin dots.

This stamp is on sale at the moment.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the AZZA Sale yet, do pop in to our online shop, the sale is on until Sunday 31st January.

A vast selection of Patterned paper has been marked down by 20%.

Various Studio kits have been marked down by 15%.

Texture stencils have been marked down by 25%.

And if you like quick and easy decoration, the AZZA A4 Sketch sheets are also on sale.

This beautiful Accordion album was created in class by Susan Salvair using the kit above. A lovely momento to have in your home or to give a family member as a gift.

Accordion album created by Susan Salvair – Western Australia

With Valentine’s Day coming up, don’t forget the AZZA products you could use for a card, tag or your pages of the day.

For this tag I have used the AZZA Twigs stamp and the NEW AZZA Mini words stamp.

Hilary has used these ‘Mini Words’ on the cards below. She has also used the Heritage frame dies on the 60th card.

Card created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria
Card created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria

I made a few tags for a friend:

Tag created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

The mini words fit perfectly on the new AZZA Feather stamp, I just need to add some cord. The AZZA Glitter is so fine it looks great on a tag. Hilary used it on the 60th card above.

Tags created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

Don’t forget the AZZA ‘I love you’ products:

One of my favourite as it can be used all year round.

This paper is on sale at the moment.

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

A page I created using the products above and the AZZA Loire (A4) stencil.

Lastly a few creations using the new AZZA cutting dies: Rings

These Rings have been cut out of the Vinyl sheets available online as seen below in Apple Green and Black.

A very pleasing page below created by Sophie using the AZZA Punta Cana stencil plus the Ring dies, Resin Dots, a Resin Pellet and a little Spray ink for decoration. The dies have been used on the Christmas paper released last year.

To end, I would like to wish you all a wonderful Australia Day tomorrow. Hope you are able to celebrate in some form or another wherever you are.

Happy Scrappin’


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