Winter is here

YES – Australia does get snow in some parts

With winter’s arrival comes a few more weekends indoors and how better to fill the days but with catching up on those albums you have had on your ‘to do’ list for a while. I have seen a lot of our ladies creating beautiful family albums as with the lack of travel over the past few years the holiday shots are now few and far between. This is not a bad thing as I believe a family heritage album is a priceless gift for anyone and it also keeps the family photos alive with future generations knowing just who was who in generations gone by.

I am still seeing beautiful layouts with the Osaka stencil. I created the page below with photos from the Albany National ANZAC centre. I have used a sheet of the patterned vellum in the top left corner, stuck down with self adhesive paper. The strip in the middle with the information is slightly raised and was mounted on black card. I completed the image with the beautiful Poppy die in the Forever set seen below. Note how I elongated the ‘circle’ in the middle of the stencil to fit in a landscape photo.

Page by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

This paper is perfect to use with the AZZA vellum paper, sand and velour. It has a clear core so will not show on the page. Whatever colour card stock or paper used will still be visible once the adhesive sheet is placed on it.

These dies are also great for covering up ‘unfortunate spaces’ which I believe was a comment often used in class by Ros, our ‘retired’ Consultant in Esperance!

Page by Magali Molinod-Rivasseau – Europe

I liked this layout by Magali as it is so simple on the page. Magali has used the lovely ‘At the Beach’ Texture stencil duo for decoration.
AZZA – Europe

If you are looking to use the Osaka stencil on an A4 page, the layout above is a good sample.

I finally completed my page created during the online class with the Osaka stencil. I used one of the Daydream stamp and die sets, a stamp from the earlier ‘Lace’ theme and the three little flowers cut out of the latest Flower Bouquet micro stamp image. These little flowers come in very handy for covering up any bad cutting or lines/corners that don’t match up well. My wavy line through the middle of the layout didn’t quite line up, but that was fixed quickly with an added decoration. Stamped, coloured with my Woody pencil and Aqua brush, cut out and stuck onto the layout with a little 3D mousse behind it.

Page by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia
Page by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.

Note that I did not emboss the whole shape in the centre on the left. I left an area where I wanted to place the decoration. I stamped the lovely lily image, coloured it with my Aqua brush and inks and then used the bee stamp from the AZZA range Small Beasts. I placed a little 3D foam behind the bee to make it look as though it was perched on the flower. This is a good example of not using the complete stamp image, but only the part you require for your decoration.

June Mail Out was all about the Flower Bouquet Stamp below and the many ways it can be used on the page. It was included in the Mail Out as it is such a versatile micro stamp.

Jill Attrill’s page was also lovely:

Page by Jill Attrill – Victoria
Page by Jill Attrill – Victoria

Sue Talbot created the page below with the Osaka stencil.

Page by Sue Talbot – NSW

She has used the lovely Forever dies and the Texture stencil duo in the AZZA Travel Scrap kit.

Now, on to this month’s release Montmartre stencil and the GORGEOUS Flower Field products. This was released in Europe as a Night of Scrap box so we decided to release it in two options in Australia. Box A is almost the Studio equivalent: Montmartre was not released as a Studio, only with the smaller booklet. Box B will get you all that is in Box A and more. If fact, it is the full release in one box. Of course, you also make good savings buying the box set if you love the products. There is also a small gift included in the box.
Page by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.

I created the page above with the Montmartre stencil and the Flower Field decoration products. I used both script stamps, stamping twice on the left-hand side to get the writing the full length of the photo. The smaller script stamp filled the space on the right perfectly. The decoration at the top was based on the lovely decoration by Laurenscrap in Europe seen below. The script embossing folder goes well on the page with all the AZZA Script stamps.

Decoration by Laurenscrap – Europe.

For this decoration three stamps from the large stamp set have been used together to create a beautiful little scene.

Note the little stamped image can be further enhanced with an image inside the border. This can be done by blocking off the area with re-positional tape and stamping whatever image you would like in the centre. If the area is chalked or inked first, this will bring the tones of the page into the decoration.

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

On the page above I used the Montmartre stencil with the oval horizontal. I always place the ‘subject’ of the page in the oval or circle if I am using one, as I feel that is where the eye will go to first. I kept the decoration simple on this page as the photos are quite busy. I also found that the small images on the AZZA Sketch sheet will fit perfectly into this stamp in the stamp set shown above. This particular image was off the Travel Sketch sheet. I find the Architecture die is perfect for any photos of the Sydney Opera House.

Sue Talbot created the page below using the products released this month. The stencil looks just as good without using the oval shape in the centre.

Page crated by Sue Talbot – NSW

Two more pages I thought were quite beautiful. The first created by Sophie using the new stencil and the Flower Bouquet micro stamp mentioned before.

The second created by Azz’Art in Europe. She has used the Montmartre stencil for the layout together with the newly released paper and texture stencil. I love the use of the Daydream texture stencil where she has cut out the individual images. She has also used the Daydream dies and and completed the decoration with two colours of AZZA Resin dots.

Below you can view the video showing how to create a lovely layout with the June product release. Below is a sample page by Valerie Guioc of the page created in the video. Once again the Flower Bouquet micro stamp has been used, this time on an image off the silhouette figure sheet.

Below is a lovely card using the newly released products:

AZZA Europe

Congratulations go to the winners of the Mother’s Day competition:

Carole Rutter in Western Australia won the Clients category with the page below. Carole used the AZZA Melbourne stencil for her layout. The patterned paper and die were special order products, she used the ‘Relax’ embossing folder and the Zigzag Chic texture stencil.

Page by Carole Rutter – Western Australia

Mary Iviglia, AZZA Consultant in Beaconsfield Upper in Victoria won the Consultant category. Mary used the AZZA Bombay stencil and dies for her layout. She used the ‘baby’ 15 x 15cm embossing folder and completed her page with AZZA Glitter tape, Resin dots and two colours of cord.

Page by Mary Iviglia – Victoria

From this Friday, 24th June until Thursday, 30th June there will be a promotion in Australia. A pocket will be on offer for all orders over $150.00 placed during this period (as long as stock lasts). The pocket contains an AZZA 15 x 15 trio set of stencils, a pack of AZZA paper, an accordion sheet, album covers and a small AZZA stamp. Irene Warfe, AZZA Consultant in Sebastopol, Victoria has created a sample Accordion album with the products from the pocket.

Created by Irene Warfe – Victoria
Created by Irene Warfe – Victoria

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact:

Happy Scrappin’


Decoration by Carole Pereira – Europe
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