AZZA comes Down Under

July saw the release of the AZZA Brisbane stencil and, with the Great Barrier Reef along the coast, what better theme than ‘Under the Sea’ with all the beautiful animals, sea plants and coral. If you have not been able to get away, scrapping all your coastal photos in winter should certainly lift your spirits.

I created the page below using the Brisbane stencil and the new products. The papers are lovely and, of course, the AZZA sands are perfect for costal pages.

I set the Albany title into the sand, whereas the seahorse above was stuck onto the sand for more texture. Note how I layered the sand along the lines of the photo beside it. This is easily done, simply tear away the backing paper to the line that particular colour sand needs to go to, then work your way up the strip of paper. To set figures or letters into the sand, tear away the backing and stick the figure or letters down first, then sprinkle the sand onto the sticky paper around the image.

With the letters it is easier to place them onto the re-position tape first then onto the sticky paper, this is easier than doing one letter at a time. Sand is then sprinkled around and the letters become embedded into the sand.

Page by Anne-Nathalie Gugenheim, Europe

I loved the page by Anne-Nathalie. She has embossed Vellum and used two little strips to mount her decorations. These Sea Garden images are lovely as they can be grouped together so easily as seen on this layout. The little bit of AZZA cord highlights the red in the photos.

The layout below created by Jocelyne Heyne uses two landscape photos on the page. I like the simplicity of the page.

Using three photos on the page and some lovely ‘water’ off-cuts Barbara Rae in Western Australia created the page above. Barb has used an image off the Sketch sheet, the Bubbles die and the AZZA Resin dots. She has created the pattern on the paper with the Sea Garden Texture stencil.

The layout below by Martine Boirin shows how a single photo can be used with the Brisbane stencil. Martine has used strips of paper which have been patterned with the Texture stencil completing the page with the Bubbles die and a few resin dots.

The Bubbles die – DIE 273 has been out of stock but should be available again mid-August.

Page created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria

Hilary created the page above with the AZZA Opio stencil for a 20 x 20 album. She has used the AZZA sand, showing how the decoration stencil can be used to ink images onto the sand on a page. Note too, how the AZZA transparent Resin dots go well with this theme as bubbles.

I did like the set of multi pages below but could not find the name of the person who created them. Please let me know if you do so I can give them the credit. Note the double page folded behind the title page.

Page created by AZZA – Europe

The background for the decoration bottom left was created with the Sea Garden decoration stencil, all bubbles have been created with the AZZA writer/Dot marker.

Page created by Scrapons sur le bassin d’Arcachon – Europe

Lovely layout above with two portrait photos, Sea garden paper, plain paper embossed with the Sea Garden embossing folder and lovely decorations giving a 3D feel about the page with the different finishes. The whole selection can be seen below.

To get you prepared well in advance AZZA has a ‘Christmas in July’ sale on this week, until the end of the month. Why not pop into the AZZA shop and pick up a few new Christmas products for your cards and gifts this year.

The Basket below is wonderful if you would like to be a little creative with the kids or grandchildren closer to Christmas. The large stamp set matches the MDF images and make lovely Christmas tree decorations or can be used on a Christmas card. The idea behind using them on a Christmas card is that the front is decorated for the card and a message and date can be placed on the back so that it can then be removed from the card after Christmas and hung on the tree in the future.

And if you are after a little bling:

And if you are after a complete new set of Christmas products, we have two options in this box, the more expensive one has the set of dies to match the stamps and the embossing folder.

Mini albums are perfect Christmas gifts, begin working on them now and you will be well ahead of the pack come Christmas time. This lovely mini album below was created by Fabienne with the AZZA Montmartre stencil. A lovely size to work with. With the binding discs, the mini album can be cut to any size.

Fabienne Graulich-Lorge – AZZA Europe

The papers and the medium stamp in this kit are a special release and not available to purchase individually.

The page below, created with the Montmartre stencil, shows how the bonus gift frames can be used on the page. Note how the stamped image on the front page lines up with the decoration on the page behind.

AZZA – Europe

Nolwenn has stamped both Vellum and one of the images off the Silhouette sheet. She has placed the Vellum behind the frame and the figure in front together with a second figure in the same colour as the stamped script. The Flower Field die could also be used in place of the Flower. This die is now back in stock.
Beautiful decoration by Sophie, RJ2S – Europe.

The Top Ten Collector’s case is also back in stock.

A little secret: The Chante stencil will be part of two baskets next month. A beautiful page by Deb Byrne showcasing a few of the All Aboard products on sale in August.

Deb Byrne – Tasmania

I’ll leave you with a few more ideas using the Sea Garden and Marine Fauna products.

This is a lovely layout by Murielle in Europe, where she shows how the images with this theme layer very well to created a beautiful decoration. She has used the Dymo machine to punch out the title for the page.

AZZA Europe

The decoration below shows a whole scene created on on a page using both the die cut images and the figures together on an embossed background. Note how perfect the transparent Resin dots are as bubbles. Anne Nathalie has completed the page with iZink glitter paint and Resin dots.

This smaller image has been created with the Sea Garden texture stencil as a background and a stamped image and figure placed upon it with 3-D mousse behind to give the page some texture. All Mail Out subscribers will have received this Texture stencil and a lesson on the many ways to use it.

ValScrap created the following two pages, the first with AZZA Cannes stencil, the second with AZZA Brisbane stencil.

ValScrap – Europe
ValScrap – Europe

The decorations are lovely on any seaside page. Thanks to all the Consultants that share their pages with us.

Two double pages with windows:

The first page by Monique has a window for the top photo, with the photo placed on the back page showing through.

Monique Mirlycourtois – Europe

The second page Virginie Gamblin in Europe.

Virginie Gamblin – AZZA Europe
Virginie Gamblin – AZZA Europe

That should be enough to work with, so many lovely pages and great ideas.

Don’t forget to check into the before the end of the month if you are looking for a Sea Garden basket or Christmas special.

Happy scrappin’


Sea Garden decoration – Lyn Holmes
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