All Aboard – we can travel again!

This month’s products will be perfect once you return from your holidays – everyone seems to have taken off on holiday or for family reunions now that the borders are open. The decoration products cover planes, trains and cruises!

Included in two of the baskets is the Chante stencil. Some of our ‘older’ customers will have it amongst their stash of stencils, I have brought mine out and am enjoying using it again. It is very versatile on the page, the oval can be used to emphasise a particular photo on the page, or for decoration.

In the layout below I used the photo with the information of where the photos were taken in the oval as that is the ‘title’ of the page. I used the AZZA oval set of dies to cut out the stamped decoration and a smaller oval (cut out of the off-cuts of the photo on the left) to create a background for my little stamped cruise ship. The decoration stencil of the sea is lovely on the page. Note how I have used a few different coloured inks through the ‘waves’.

Page by Lyn Holmes

On the page below I did not use the full oval shape and often we forget we don’t have to use the full oval or circle on the page. I have used the ‘O’ in the large set of alphabet dies for my title and the All Aboard decoration products. The paper is a lovely shade of blue and will come in handy for any seaside pages.

Page created by Lyn Holmes

In the layout below I have used a landscape photo in the oval and this time didn’t include the top bit of the oval. I have used the All Aboard die, cut it twice as I wanted the green palm trees to be mounted on the blue image. I then used some AZZA sand below the palm trees, just squeeze out a little glue from your glue pen, let it dry a little and the sand sticks beautifully, or you can use the double-sided adhesive paper. For small amounts I often just use the glue pen. The larger chisel tip glue pen is good for this.

Page by Lyn Holmes

For the decoration on the left I used the decoration stencil and then the palm tree stamp over the top. I did not ink the frame around the stamp.

Deb Byrne in Tassie created the page below using the Chante stencil and an All Aboard sketch sheet image with the lovely stamp and die set. This is a great little stamp to place a title or date onto the page.

Page by Deb Byrne – Tasmania
Card by Hilary Hamilton – Victorai

Hilary created the card above using the same stamp/die set. It is a great card and would be perfect for Father’s Day coming up.

With Father’s Day around the corner, now would be the time to start working on a priceless gift for the man in your life – or helping the kids create it. An AZZA mini album of any size would be a perfect gift. If you have the punch, you can create a disc album of any size, depending on the number of photos you would like to include. The Disc album kit is still available.

If you do not want to purchase the full kit, you could purchase the pre-punched pages and discs – this kit includes all you need to make the disc album. There is a kit with the Opio stencil and one without for those who already have the stencil.

The Montmartre stencil makes a lovely album too.

I also saw this lovely AZZA ‘Off the Page’ project which is another idea for Father’s Day. Scrap d’Enhaut in Europe created these layouts on an old record. I like the idea of an old record for the background and it is easily hung on the wall. Old records are not expensive in the old second-hand shops.

Scrap d’Enhaut – Europe

This would also make a lovely Christmas gift.

AZZA Australia is following in Europe’s footsteps and offering an online class when a new stencil is released. These classes will be recorded so participants can watch them at a later date again. There are also detailed documents to help with the cutting of the pages and placement of the photos.

This is my completed page. As I was using photos from Tin Horse Highway in Western Australia I used the Horse Riding mini collection set for my decorations.

Page by Lyn Holmes

This is the inside lefthand page with the decorations from the back page peeking through.

I loved creating this layout and I managed to place 20 photos into the set of pages. A great way to use the photos you have without having to create too many pages.

Another lovely set of pages created by Jennie Banks in Queensland following the Masterclass layout.

Page created by Jennie Banks – Queensland

If you would like to create a set of pages like the ones above contact your consultant or purchase an online class and you will have access to the video, documents and consultant help.

The next Scrap & Moi has arrived in Australia – this one is a special edition so is a bigger issue. The bonus stamp is perfect for any photos on the page.

The page below was created by Vanessa using the AZZA Brisbane stencil and the bonus stamp.

Page by Vanessa Bronckart – Europe

The Bubble die below is still out of stock in Australia but should be available to order in Belgium this week. The ‘Out of Stock’ notice will be removed once it has arrived, so please keep checking.

The Special edition Scrap & Moi has 18 layouts covering: Mineral (A4) San Francisco (A4) Hexagone (25×25) Brisbane, Athletics, Java (15×15), Burano, Cannes, Cancun, Osaka, Montmartre, Nairobi, Melbourne, Casablanca, Bombay. It also has two mini album samples, one without a stencil and the other created with the Java 15 x 15 set of stencils. If you want to use the XL Accordion sheets, it has a lovely album created with the Sherwood set of stencils. Lastly, it has a few instructions of various cards to create. So, as you can see, a lot of inspiration covering a wide range of AZZA products.

Lastly, always remember to check the sale section of the AZZA online shop. As the products this month are all about travel, most the AZZA Travel products have been put on sale for this month only.

Don’t forget the promotion on this month. Purchase product for $120.00 or more and you will receive a BONUS 30 x 30 stencil, Athletics 1. This is the promotion for August, Stencil 2 will be the promotion stencil in September.

A lovely layout by Patricia Guillaume created with the stencils above.

Page by Patricia Guillaume – Europe

Inside layout below.

Page created by Sabine Belvaux – Europe
Page by Francoise Gleize – Europe.

Lovely layouts by our AZZA European consultants. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Deb Byrne in Tasmania created the page below using the All Aboard decoration products.

Page created by Deb Byrne – Tasmania

That should keep you going for a while, don’t forget to get creating for Father’s Day or Christmas if you want to be organised well ahead of time.

Happy Scrappin’


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