Springfield stencil and Nature’s Footprint – Perfect for Spring

I am loving the new Springfield stencil and Nature’s Footprint decoration products. I love anything with circles, so I think this one will become one of my favourite. Having also received the circle cutter which suddenly makes cutting the larger circles so easy and they look beautiful on the page. On the page above I have used the AZZA chipboard silhouette ‘Months of the year’ – they are so easy to pop on the page to complete the decoration. We have three new Christmas sets ready to be released next month, in time for your Christmas pages. These chipboard words have been specially made for us in a size that suits the scrapping page and words that suit scrapbooking. Those signed up to Mail-Out will receive a set in December with ideas on how to use them on the page.

The next page I created was following a sample in the Focus book. If you lack inspiration the Decor or Focus books are fabulous and full of ideas. With the Springfield release the Focus book is only available via Special Order. If you are interested please contact your consultant or send an e-mail to enquiries@azzaworld.com.au.

I cut a page in a contrasting colour into the square shape of the stencil as seen below. I then creased this page through the centre, which in fact is the centre strip of the stencil. Note the centre crease is 5mm wide, so in fact you need to crease a line both top and bottom of the strip of stencil that runs through the middle of the stencil horizontally. I then cut a circle out of the page on the right-hand side following the stencil. The circle cutter makes this easy. Washi tape or Glitter tape is placed on the top to hide the creases, double sided tape is placed on the back between the creased to adhere it to the back page.

I then overlapped the two photos onto the Washi tape for the front page. I then worked on the back page ensuring the circular photo on the right would show through when I placed the chocolate cut-out page on top of it.

On the back page I ran a strip of Washi tape through the middle which would line up with the Washi tape on the chocolate page once it is adhered to the back page. I then placed the photo allowing for a 5mm gap above the fold of the front page.

I then worked on the lower half of the page, again allowing a 5mm gap between the fold and the photo. I completed the decoration, worked on the photos on the back of the chocolate page and then adhered the chocolate page to the back page with the double-sided tape strip in the middle. I lined up the Washi tape on both pages. It is an easy interactive page and adds a few more photos to the layout. I did also cut a small window in the chocolate page to show the decoration behind when both open and closed. The decorations were created with the All Aboard decoration stencil and the AZZA Concentric heart die set.

Now for some beautiful samples pages from the Australian consultants:

Layout by Sue Talbot in NSW. Sue has used the Classic essential paper and the new Nature’s Footprint dies with a little AZZA cord.

Deb Byrne in Tasmania created the page below with an enlargement of her adorable new puppy Murphy. Deb has used the ‘Paws’ paper which is still available in the AZZA online shop.

Below is a page created by Jill Attrill. Jill has used the lovely Nature’s Footprint patterned paper but toned it in with her page with inks.

Pauline Cartwright in ACT created the page below. Pauline has used the large stamp set to stamp the lovely wood images to use with her cutting dies of the same shape.

As you can see, the layouts created are quite different on the page but all just as beautiful. The great thing with the Nature’s Footprint decoration products is that they can be used with almost any theme on the page.

The grey shades of the new Steel colour are perfect for Heritage pages. I have used the Nature’s Footprint patterned paper on this page together with the texture stencil on the plain double-sided Steel paper. Using the double-sided paper and the patterned paper is perfect as you know the tones will be the same. I used both the Steel ink and Dolphin for my inking on the page.

Last weekend AZZA Australia was hard at work during a training weekend. Consultants joined together online to learn new techniques and ideas to share with their clients. Hopefully next year we will once again be able to gather together at a venue and not online.

Consultants worked on pages using the stencil at an angle on the page. This takes a little bit of extra work, but as long as you have a Reference mat and keep everything straight on the page, the result is worth it.

Below is the page I created using the Springfield stencil at an angle on the page:

I completed the page with the Nature’s Footprint embossing folder and a lovely ‘Just one word’ stamp that is in the online shop. This little stamp set can be used on so many pages, I use it often.

Just when you think you have enough embossing folders you will realise you NEED this one. It is so beautiful on the page or a card.

Herewith a few more ideas for a page using the stencil at an angle, this layout is Decor book shown previously.

The layout below is by Sue Talbot, Sue has used the Daydream embossing folder, All Aboard patterned papers and the lovely ‘bubble’ die.

The lovely page above with a single photo was created by Marie-Andree Jacquemin in Europe.

A beautiful layout by Christine Houbrechts inspired Anita Day to present a lesson on One page – Three decorations. Christine has used the ‘Just one Word’ stamp set highlighted previously.

Anita presented the same page but with three different ideas for decorating.

Herewith her samples: On the first page Anita has inked paper to match the photos and then stamped the two small pieces of paper to complete the circles. If you purchased the Materials & Texture large stamp set, this stamp matches this release perfectly. She has used plain vellum behind one of the shapes which have been cut with the new die sets and trimmed the end of her title strip to match the shapes on the page.

In this layout, Anita has used the Nature’s Footprint embossing folder to complete the circles and the texture stencil either side of the photos. She has completed her decorations with the cutting dies. This set of cutting dies is out of stock at the moment, they have been so popular they have already sold out. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can order them in again.

Natalie Lestrat in Europe shows how lovely the decoration products are on a page created with the AZZA Botanicals Scrap kit and the Brisbane stencil.

That should be enough inspiration to get you through the weekend.

Happy scrappin’


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