2 AZZA Shopping Days left in 2022

The end of the year is nigh … I am not sure how we got here so quickly! The last month or so has not left me any time for a blog so I wanted to catch up with all the end of year products on offer without making this blog too long.

Since AZZA Springfield was released in October we have had the lovely 30 x 30 AZZA Himalaya stencil set released and a smaller 12 x 12 stencil: Greece. The smaller Greece stencil would make for a wonderful ‘Stocking filler’ and you could always include the smaller upright album so a project is ready to be made!

The AZZA Greece stencil works well on the different sized AZZA pages. If you like to give mini albums as gifts, this smaller stencil is perfect as it fits the AZZA 20 x 20 pages, 25 x 25 pages and the AZZA A4 pages. Below is a multi-page I created for an A4 album.

I used two 20 x 20 pages for the first two pages and the last page was an AZZA A4 page which was the size of my album. As you can see I placed photos on the back of the smaller pages to include extra photos into the layout.

For the back page I flipped the Greece stencil 180 degrees as seen below.

The second set of pages I had fun with were on the AZZA 25 x 25 pages as seen below. The stencil can be used in so many ways on top of a larger page.

The multi page set below was created by Sue Talbot in NSW using a 30 x 30 page.

The smaller 20 x 20 pages are great to add extra photos to your layout but also lovely as a ‘Title page’ that can be flipped open to offer more journalling or extra photos. The smaller pages can be adhered to the back of the large page or, if adhered to the front of the large page, can be camouflaged with Washi tape, Glitter tape or papers. Below is my layout using an AZZA 30 x 30 page with the smaller 20 x 20 page. You can either use an AZZA Flipette attached to a stamped image to keep the smaller page closed, or raise your stamped image with 3D mousse and tuck the smaller page under the edge of the raised image when closed.

Anita Day used Washi tape to cover the strip that adhered the smaller page to the larger page. As you can see she chose to adhere her smaller page to the top of the 30 x 30 page.

The last AZZA 30 x 30 stencil for the year was Himalaya and the decoration theme ‘Top of the Mountain’.

Anita Day, once again, ran a Masterclass with the new stencil and here are some of the beautiful layouts sent in by our Consultants. The first layout below is Anita’s sample page.

Layouts above by Irene Warfe, Denise Harris, Jennie Banks, Sue Talbot and Hilary Hamilton. When a new stencil is released in Australia do keep a look out for the Masterclass with Anita.

Sue Talbot shows how a layout can be rotated to fit the photos you are working with.

There have been some beautiful Himalaya layouts out of Europe, these are two of my favourite.

Sue Talbot shows our very own Blue Mountains work perfectly with the ‘Top of the Mountain’ products too.

This beautiful card was created by Julie Kecskes in Europe with the ‘Top of the Mountain’ products. The shadows of the mountains were created with the Decoration stencil shown below.

The dies give texture to the scrapping page or card. In the card below by Brigitte Langenfeld, the dies have been incorporated into a card created with the lovely Christmas Snowball die.

Another lovely ‘Off the page’ project is shown below: Thank you to Sophie and Francoise for sharing their beautiful 3D frames with us.

The AZZA Online shop will close this Friday, 16th December. Orders can still be placed online but they will only be despatched on Monday, 9th January when the shop will re-open in the New Year. Backorders that are awaiting a shipment from Belgium will be shipped as soon as the product arrives in Australia.

Have fun with the Christmas products. Don’t forget to look at all the AZZA Christmas products not only the new, a lovely collection can be created.


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