Where did January go?

I can’t believe we are already half way through February.  Apologies for the late upload of New Products in February but I was back home in Zimbabwe celebrating my Mother-in-law’s 80th Birthday!

The next class in Turramurra is on Wednesday, next week, 24th February.  Please give me a ring if you would like to attend.  Class dates have been posted on the Calendar drop-down menu.

AZZA Pacific is pleased to announce that a new range has been introduced into the catalogue – cutting dies and embossing folders.  Most of the products are unique to AZZA, with a few from other suppliers.

By using embossing on papers on your page you enhance the texture but do not take the eye away from the photos.


Embossing can also be highlighted with your chalks and inks.

New products-Feb2016

You will have seen embossing used on some of the ‘Galapagos’ pages I posted last time.


Deb Byrne our AZZA Consultant in Tasmania has sent me a few pages to share with you, they are beautiful.

Galapagos + dies

Deb has used the Galapagos stencil together with the ‘Wood’ and ‘Gum Leaves’ Embossing Dies.  She has chalked and inked her decorations.

This is the front page of a ‘pre-cut’ set of pages and Toronto stencil.

Note Deb’s use of the new AZZA embossing dies.



Second small page revealed, Deb has used the ‘School’ texture stencil to match the ‘Brick’ embossing die used on the back page.  She has also used the AZZA ‘Delicacies’ theme for decoration.


Note the little ‘Circle’ opened.


Deb has used two small circles in this set of pages, note she has sewn them onto the back page.


Note the use of the new AZZA dies on the back page.  The stamp Deb has used on the back of the second small page is from the Mandala set of stamps.

Thanks Deb for sharing these pages with us.

AZZA Tools Stencils ‘CIRCLES’

In January, AZZA brought out the Circles Tool Stencil (GAB 716 – $30.00) – a set of 3 Stencils with many different sizes of circle.  I have created a page to show you the advantage of this tool stencil.


GAB 716 – $30.00

This is the front page of a double-page set.  I have used the New Edition London-Rio stencil.


This is the inside spread – using the same stencil.

This is what the original stencil look like on the page once I had completed placing my photographs.  It would not have been easy to Chalk this space without the use of the

AZZA Tools Stencils ‘CIRCLES’



In order to achieve the fully chalked semi-circle above the larger photo I used the stencil in two places:  The larger circle, the size I wanted to chalk (chalking inward), then I used the smaller circle (3) to keep the clear edge around the smaller photo (chalking off the stencil – outward).  I also used re-positional tape above the semi-circular photo of the Protea to keep a clear edge.


This allowed me to chalk the shape very easily.


Now you have a ‘canvas’ on which to decorate.

To create my next chalked “shape” that I wanted:


First I placed the size of circle I wanted on the page:


Next, I needed to cover the three photos that were within the circle:


AS you can see above, you just choose which ever size fits, tape it down and ‘VOILA’ you have just the shape you need to chalk.  Tooooooooo  easy Mate as the Aussies would say!!


My page ready for decoration!!!!

Whilst working on these page I got into the Circle mode – I do love circles!!!


This has become a favourite page – my Mum in Kirstenbosch in Cape Town.  I used Bilbao-Macau stencil and of course the Circles ‘tool’ stencil to complete the big circle shape.  I then carried the theme with smaller circles and the lovely compass stamp from AZZA Mini Stamps ‘Nautical’.  This stamp is so versatile.


AZZA Mini Stamp ‘Nautical’ – $27.50

One more page, the new Galapagos stencil lends itself to the ‘Circle’ theme .



In class last week, Liz created some lovely pages with flowers – don’t forget the beautiful ‘Chante’ Stencil – still one of my favourites!  Sadly, now discontinued.


Flowers and Porto-Valparaiso.  Travelling all over the world in this blog, these are the tulips of Keukenhof, Holland.


Lastly a bit of embossing with the new stencil Galapagos, sorry not an AZZA embossing stencil, but we are having fun with all the embossing stencils the Ladies have purchased over the years.  Get them out Ladies and give it a go on all your shaped paper pieces, it adds to the texture without taking your eye away from the photos.  Here we just GENTLY wiped the white ink stamp pad over the embossing to highlight it on the paper.  We found it easier to cut your shape first, then emboss.


Well done Liz, great pages!

I always like to give you a simple page to create – using no stencil, but the AZZA way of scrapping.  Here Sabine Lebrun of Europe has inter-locked two photos and decorated her page with chalks and inks.  Note how they do not take away from the photos.  The little yacht is from the AZZA Nautical range.


And a few cards created by Celine Henchoz, of Europe using the AZZA stamp range:


The background on this card has been embossed with the new AZZA ‘Wood’ Embossing die.  Quick and easy to put together.

Tractors micro stamp

How cute is this – ‘Tractors’ Micro stamp – $12.00


Celine’s second card – could be used for any occasion using the AZZA Micro ‘Squirrel’ stamp – $12.00.  She has also used a Pearl Maker

Squirrel micro stamp

AZZA Micro stamp ‘Squirrels’ – $12.00


Pearl Makers are available in many different colours – $10.50 each


March will bring with it a NEW CATALOGUE and TWO new Stencils – both look like the fun.  The one will be in a big ‘Celebration’ Set as AZZA is Celebrating it’s 15th Anniversary in Europe!!

Well that should give you all something to get your ‘creative juices’ going – happy stamping this weekend.







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  1. Barbara says:

    Love your pages and explanations Lyn, thanks for sharing your skills. Barb

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