March – New Product Is Here

So glad March has arrived, I have been dying to upload some of the wonderful layouts with the new stencils, but could not until the product release.  I only received mine this week so no layouts from me, but some beautiful work courtesy of our European Ladies!


This year AZZA celebrates’s 15 years in Europe so a special edition box has been released.


This is now available in Australia!  It consists of a template, three small stamp sets, two decoration stencils, 2 printed sheets, some lace figures, a wonderful Album and the booklet VOYAGE incase you need a few ideas.  It is a great package as we all travel and the stamps and decoration stencil will be timeless.


Kit 2018 – 15 Year Basket   $142.00

Also released is a new stencil and tool stencil:  Eole (Wind God in  Australia)


GAB 717 – Eole stencil $28.00

Herewith the New Product Flyer:

March2016-New Products Flyer

Now for a few samples of pages created with the two new stencils.

15 YEAR BASKET – Kit 2018


Amazing colours, page by Marie Laubignat, Europe.  Marie has used the Mandala decoration stencil for decoration.

Chantal Rapintitlepage

A lovely Title page by Chantal Rapin using Embossed pieces for texture.  I love this page.


Striking page by Honorine Loizea using only two photos.


Such different shapes, 3 photo layout by Celine Henchoz using the small stamp set and AZZA wooden circles for decoration.


I love the colours in this layout by Marie.  She has embossed the paper cut-outs at the bottom of the ‘globe’ with the new AZZA ‘Wood’ embossing folder.


Page by Rozenn, Europe, she has used the small ‘world map’ stamp which is part of the 15 Year package.  She has completed the layout with pens and paper.


Another page by Rozenn, using most of the stencil in photos – herewith a close-up of her decoration!


I am sure some of you have this little stamp tucked away – used with Pearl Makers


Page by Decor& Moi – lovely colours.


Another page with beautiful tones by Scrap en Chartreuse. 


As usual, a beautiful page by Chantalouscrap – note the lines within the chalking and on the paper.  Lovely detail.


Page by Be Creative, front page of a double page layout.

I have seen quite a few double page layouts with this stencil.


Note the ‘Cut outs’ on the front page (right) to show through to the photos behind.

I love this simple page by Sylvie Alexandre-Leloup.



Note the detail on her decorations.  The silver or white highlight makes an impact.

Sabine lebrun

Beautiful page as usual from Sabine Lebrun.

… and who does not love Fairies.  The new AZZA Stamp Wood Fairies has been used on the following layouts:


TAM0016 Wood Fairies – $33.50


Caroline’s tones on this page are just beautiful.


Page by Valerie Riviere, Europe – using the new Wood Fairies AZZA Stamp for decoration. 

Herewith a close-up of her decoration.  Amazing attention to detail.


Now for a few samples with the new stencil “Eole”.  AZZA Australia has called it ‘Wind God’  – Eole is the French God of the Wind.


Lovely tones on this layout by Yvette Jouetre.


Beautiful decoration using the AZZA ‘Wood Fairies’ Stamp


Another example of the fairy decoration but I could not find the full complete page to show you!


Layout by Rozenn again, fun colours.


Rozenn has used the AZZA self-adhesive figurines Scrolls with velvet powder and the AZZA Pearl Makers

EoleMarie-helene Peiro

Page by Marie Helene Peiro.  She has used the AZZA Wood Embossing stencil on her page.


Page by Creation Triou – Europe. Note the lovely embossing on the paper and decoration from the AZZA Butterflies Theme kit.


Striking page with the Cheetahs – AZZA Europe.

Eole does lend itself to double pages –  sets of pre-cut pages are available with this stencil:

Eolepre-cut pges

Eole – Wind God – ALB948.  $18.50


Beautiful front of a double page layout using the new AZZA Feather Stamp and the AZZA paper.


Back page.


Set of pages by Nolwenn Gaisnon.

March classes in Turramurra will be on Friday, 11th March and Wednesday 23rd March.

I will be putting in an order at the end of the week so the product will be available at the Friday class, if you are coming to class and would like your order waiting for you please send in your order by Friday this week.

The 2016 AZZA Catalogue is now available – $10.00

…. and now to a few more pages created with our last stencil Galapagos.  All the layouts from this stencil look so different.


Beautiful page by Sylvie Faurre.  Note the embossing on the paper and then the highlighting of the embossing.


Page by Scrapilde – the chalked circle on the right created using the new Circles Tool stencils I am sure.  Love the colour tones on this page.


Another page by Sylvie Faurre.  The small strips are AZZA Embossing.


Lastly an AZZA 4 x 4 page – a page created without a stencil but the AZZA way of inter-locking is used.


Isacrationscrap has used the Fifi Mandirac Texture stencil for decoration on the paper and the Mandala decoration set for the circles.

I do hope I have given you a good idea of what the new stencils can create, thanks to all the wonderful Scrapping Ladies in Europe for sharing their pages with us.

Do get your orders in to your Consultants so you can begin to use the new product,

Happy Scrappin’





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3 Responses to March – New Product Is Here

  1. Felicity Aldred says:

    Hi Lyn,

    I am coming to visit Courtenay and Kate and would love to have a lesson or two with you whilst I’m there .

    I will be there over Easter for two weeks .

    I love looking at your emails and all the creations and would love to get started on this type of scrapbooking .

    Would I learn enough in one lesson to make a start back home ?

    Would I be able to buy the basics from you whilst I’m there?

    What do you charge for lessons ?



    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Felicity
      I would love to give you some lessons but am away over Easter, leaving 25th March until 7th April, I do hope we don’t have the exact 2 weeks.
      You would certainly learn enough in one lesson to begin scrapping on your own and yes you can buy the basics from me. I would let you know which templates are good for beginners and other than the template you only need some repositional tape and a pen or pencil that will rub off your photos once you have marked them to cut. All available from AZZA. My lessons are $25.00 for 3 hours – all you need to bring along are your photos, all the product is here for you to use and try out.

      Do let me know if we can make the lessons and we are not both ‘away’ at the same time,

    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Felicity
      I do hope you got my reply. Unfortunately I am away from the 25th March to the 8th April. Not sure which two weeks you are here, but I am happy to give you a lesson. Lessons are $25.00 for three hours and all you need to bring along are your photos. You work with the product I have and can see how you like it. You can certainly learn enough to get you going at home. Do let me know if our dates work, Regards Lyn

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