10th Birthday AZZA Scrapping Retreats

The AZZA 10th Birthday Scrapping Retreats are finally here.

Jennie and Sue ran theirs over the weekend up in Townsville and great fun was had by all. They have been very good at keeping the secret: just what stencil will be used at the Retreats!

Jennie and Sue with their group of Ladies at their 10th Birthday Scrapping Retreat

This weekend will see all the Queensland Ladies gathering on Bribie Island for their Scrapping weekend and the WA Ladies will be gathering the weekend after.

There are 2 places available at the WA 10th Birthday Scrapping weekend, 1-4th March up in Toodyay as unfortunately, a few ladies have had to pull out. Please get in touch with Fi McKay if you would like to attend. Fiona, Ros, Barb and Wendy will all be at the weekend to help you with your AZZA layouts and decoration.

AZZA Tasmania is holding 3 x ‘Day’ events, please get in touch with Theresa, Ellen or Deb Byrne: deborah.azza@gmail.com to find out more information.

The Verlaine stencil is selling well with lovely layouts being created. Like all AZZA stencils, it is great for 1 photo or lots of photos. With the pre-cut pages you can make a set of pages and include a whole story on the one page. One of our Consultants down in Victoria makes the most amazing combination of pages which I will feature in a blog soon. They are fun to create and wow, you get lots of photos onto your pages. She has also used the plastic 30 x 30 sleeves to put them in which I will show you how to use with your AZZA pull out pages.

AZZA Europe

This is a beautiful page by Creativ’ann in Europe using only one photo. She has used the AZZA Weather texture stencil for her decoration with 3 colours of ink/chalk. The smaller blue decoration is with the Alize theme products. This page would make a beautiful Title page too.

If you receive the AZZA Mail Out, you will have received a Texture stencil this month and information on the many ways it can be used for decoration both on your page and for those of you that enjoy card making, on cards. If you would like to know more about the AZZA Mail Out please get in touch with your Consultant or me. The AZZA Mail Out is great for inspiration if you live too far away from a Consultant to attend classes, it will give you ideas and training on how to advance your decoration techniques.

Created by L’escrapade

Using the other side of the AZZA Verlaine stencil this beautiful combination was created by Laurence Bourgoin in Europe. The page complete is above, below you can see the top page opened and the back page exposed. Laurence has used the AZZA Vintage themed products for her decoration.

She has used the beautiful AZZA Vintage paper on her page.

AZZA Vintage paper – https://shop.azzaworld.com.au/collections/whats-new/products/paper-patterned-seasonal-vintage-1

…………. the lovely Sewn Dies that AZZA has, both in Circles and Squares.

AZZA Sewn Concentric Circles: https://shop.azzaworld.com.au/collections/under-50/products/cutting-dies-concentric-circles-3cm-13cm

And, the AZZA die she has used is part of the Vintage theme: AZZA Vintage Friezes. These are well worth investing in as you can use them with any theme on your page.


The paper used on the back page has been embossed with the Vintage Embossing folder and then coloured with inks/chalks.


Laurence’s chalking on the pages to finish off the decorations is so gentle it completes the page but does not take your eyes off the photos.

I do hope those of you that are attending one of the AZZA Retreats will have an amazing time and feel as though you have learned a lot after the weekend. I know you will enjoy the AZZA product that you will be working with as we (The Directors) worked with it on our trip to Europe back in October last year. Once the Retreats are all done and dusted I will feature many of the layouts that were created on these weekends away, as the product will be available in Australia once our Retreats are completed.

If you are in WA and haven’t booked but would like to attend, please get in touch with Fi (fiona.mckay@bigpond.com) as there are 2 spaces still available.

Happy Scrappin’


Decoration using picture from an AZZA A4 Sketch sheet, string and AZZA Cord.

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Sale, sale, sale ……..

The AZZA SALE in Australia has been going well. I know many of you may be thinking ‘I’ll get around to having a look’ – the sale will only run until the end of the month, 31st January. Some items are already sold out, so do pop along this long weekend and take a look.

We have a few Book/Stencil sets for our 30 x 60 stencils. These are where the 2 AZZA stencils can be laid side by side to create a double page layout. These are normally $42.00 but are on sale for $29.40. This is the price of a duo stencil normally, so you are getting the book for free.

Scrapbooking et carterie en Savoie
Celine, AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
Rachel Timms, Brisbane. Queensland
Petra Jeynes, South Australia
Jennie Banks, Aitkenvale, Queensland.
Jennie Banks, Aitkenvale, Queensland.
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

There are also some of our Stencil Duo packs available, normally $29.50 but now only $20.65. Noisette Duo is one of them.

Layout by Dawn Bopf, Meridan Plains. Queensland
Layout by Barbara Rae, Eaton. Western Australia
Layout by Deb Byrne. Hobart, Tasmania

Essential Duo comes with a ‘Tool’ stencil. This tool stencil allows you long uninterrupted chalking and inking lines. If you need to learn how to use this tool stencil please contact your Consultant for a lesson. They are amazing once you know how to use them properly.

Fiona McKay, Western Australia
AZZA Europe

Remember your AZZA Dies will fit the circle in the middle of the Essential stencil. Lovely sample page by Filo in Europe.

Be Creative, Europe

Don’t forget the Essential Duo comes with pre-cut pages too. These are fun to work with and you can get so many more photographs onto your page.



Eole Duo is on sale, this also has a ‘Tool’ stencil as part of the duo.


You can see how Filomena has used the tool stencil to get lovely uninterrupted chalking lines on her page.

Rachel Timms, Brisbane. Queensland

All the AZZA patterned paper has been marked down by 40%. These papers are in lovely tones that will not take your eyes off the photos on your page. Take a look at the selection. For those school photos:


And for your skiing holiday over the Festive season:

Or your Cruise ………

Whilst the sale is on, another item I would suggest you stock up on are the Texture stencils. These little stencils are so great as they complete your page so quickly and easily. These have also been marked down by 40%.


AZZA Europe with the new Verlaine stencil and a School theme
Anita Day, Maleny. Queensland

AZZA Micro stamps are marked down by 50%. These little stamps are only $4.95 each. Pop along and look at the collection.

AZZA Europe, a beautiful page with the Owl Micro Stamp and the AZZA Galapagos stencil duo


This is another little gem of a stamp – can be used with so many themes.

If you would like to see what the AZZA Scrap & Moi magazine has to offer, a few back issues are on sale, marked down to $9.30. Why not purchase one and see if you would like to get a subscription. I find these are great as they certainly give me inspiration to get scrapping when they arrive in the post. Unfortunately, they are only in French, but as I always say – The pictures are all in English too.


If you would like to learn a little more about inking and cannot get to a Consultant the AZZA Focus Inking book has been reduced to $20.00


A few AZZA Dies are on sale, this one being my favourite. This wreath can be used throughout the year if you cut off the little piece of holly on the inside. It fits the AZZA stencils with the 10cm circle. Marked down to $26.00, only a few in stock so do hurry.

Australian Card by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria.

For quick decorations I have always said you cannot go past our AZZA A4 sketch sheets. All you need to do is cut them out and place them on your page over some chalking or inking, mounted on paper or with a little cord around them. Voila – you have a decoration. The Photography page below comes in both pink and blue. At $1.75 you can afford to add some to your stock.


Lastly a quick look at the AZZA lace figures or silhouettes. Again, these are so easy for quick decoration. Remember to colour them on the sheet before you cut them out, it is far easier that way.


Jennie Banks used this Silhouette on her wedding page earlier in the blog. They are great for threading giltter tape or ribbon through.


For cruising you can’t go past this one …..


Many of you will have been skiing over the Christmas break, this little sheet is great, yes I know you won’t use the French words, but the mountains, snowflakes and ski poles are perfect.

Lyn Holmes, Perth.

Also check out the AZZA Ruby Ski stamp set for your holiday photos.


I think that is enough for you to take a look at for now. Pop along to our online shope and scroll through the ‘On Sale’ items to see everything that has been marked down. Here is the link:


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get hold of your Consultant or send me an e-mail.

Happy scrolling …….


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Happy New Year To You All.

I do hope you all had a wonderful festive season and a relaxing break.

Many of you may still be on holiday, some in the snow and some at the beach, but soon we will all fall back into the routine of the year. But, before you get all your latest photos printed ….. our newest stencil is paired with the AZZA Vintage theme – so dig out all those old photos you have been meaning to do something with, now is the time to get them into an album.

AZZA Verlaine Stencil Duo


Dominique has prepared a video just for you. In the decoration detail, note how she wets the sponge and dries it off as much as possible before applying the ink. This is to do with looking after your sponge, not the application of the ink. She also shows you how to finish off your stamped image to give it more character.

The beautiful page below has been created by Theresa Dean, our AZZA Consultant in Launceston, Tasmania. The stamp she has used is the Alize Ruby stamp, it is a beautiful little stamp and can be found in our sale that is on at the moment.

Theresa Dean, Launceston. Tasmania
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

And a beautiful set of pages by L’atelier scrap de la lutine, Europe.

The Verlaine stencil is available in a Studio Kit, Stencil Duo or a Basket as it has been released with pre-cut pages.

AZZA Verlaine Studio Kit: $59.00

AZZA January Monthly Basket: $127.00

The beautiful colours of Bordeaux and Powder Pink run throughout the Vintage theme too. You can get both plain and patterned papers and large ink pads in both of these colours.

AZZA Patterned Seasonal papers

Don’t miss the classic papers: these colours are timeless.

AZZA Printed Classic Essential – Kraft

Now, Verlaine is not just for Vintage themes. Herewith some layouts I wanted to share with you from one photo on the page with the Verlaine stencil to 4 photos on the page.

Below you will see the page behind this Title page
AZZA Europe

The lovely page below was created by our Townsville Consultant, Jennie Banks.

Jennie Banks, Townsville. Australia

The Vintage embossing folder and stamp set have been used on many of the pages I have included in this blog.


Now for pages with 2 photos. The first page has, once again, been created by Jennie Banks in Townsville.

Jennie Banks, Queensland. Australia

Pages with three photos:

Pages with 4 photos: The first page was created by Fiona McKay, AZZA Team Leader in Western Australia.

Fiona McKay, Perth. Western Australia.
AZZA Europe
This lovely page combining the Verlaine stencil with the AZZA Christmas products.

Herewith another AZZA Video showing a page created with the second stencil of the duo. Note how Dominique decorates the 2 cut out pieces of paper with a texture stencil, decorating them before she places them on her page.

Reminder: AZZA Annual Sale began on Monday. Don’t miss out. Pop along to our website/shop.


The new dies that have been released are beautiful. You can see they have been used on many of the pages above. Don’t just cut them out and place them onto the page, look how beautiful they look with a bit of ink on them and then decorated with pearls and pens.


If you need ideas on how to create your Vintage pages, AZZA has released a great little book full of ideas for you.


The Vintage stencil comes with pre-cut pages so I thought I would show you a few sets created by our Australian Consultants. These sets of pre-cut pages are wonderful, but they do take a bit of planning.

Firstly, a set that Hilary, our Team Leader in Victoria has created.

Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia
Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia
Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia

The next set of pages have been created by Barbara Rae, our AZZA Consultant in Eaton, Western Australia.

Barbara Rae, Eaton. Western Australia
Barbara Rae, Eaton. Western Australia
Barbara Rae, Eaton. Western Australia

May we document many, many beautiful memories throughout 2019.

Happy Scrappin’


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This time next week you’ll have all your Christmas Day photos ready to scrap …….

As our friends in the Northern Hemisphere enjoy the snow beginning to fall our temperatures continue to rise for a lovely, warm Christmas.  Besides looking for recipes of dishes to make over the Christmas period I have also been looking at the beautiful layouts that have been created with the Christmas release of the Celestial stencil and the Christmas products.

As your table will look like the one above by now, all your cards ready to be posted (me smiling – no emojis here), I thought I would now concentrate on Christmas itself and what you can do with your AZZA products.

Below is what Fi McKay’s table looked like – Fiona is our Western Australian Team Leader and these are the cards she made for her customers. As you can see Fi has used products that have just been released for Christmas but has also used products that were released last year and are still available in the AZZA online shop. They really are beautiful.

I couldn’t help but begin with this lively, colourful page by
Fabienne Curet, using the Celestial stencil. Note how the red and yellow papers have been inked to create different tones, I think this blends the bright colour of the papers in with the page.

Page by Fabienne Curet, Europe

The following two pages have kept all three photos relatively uncut. I know this stencil looks very busy, but these pages show you don’t need to cut your photos into the star shape.

On both these pages the star shape has been kept for decoration.

Page by Fabienne Curet, Europe

AZZA Embossing stencils have been used on all the pages above. Note how inking and use of gel pens can enhance the embossed image.

Sample by Celine Capelle
Embossing Folder: Snowflakes

These AZZA Embossing folders are very reasonably priced at AU$12.00. If you have signed up to the AZZA Mail Out Series, you will have received the Christmas Star Embossing stencil this month. I am sure you will have been amazed at just how much you can do with an Embossing stencil. Fiona gave you a lot of ideas to play with when you next scrap. This stencil lends itself to AZZA Pearls on the ‘dots’ or use the AZZA Pearl pens you may have purchased last year.

The AZZA Mail Out is sent out each month with both product and instructions on the many ways the AZZA product included can be used. The Mail Out costs AU$20.00 – for our ladies in New Zealand AU$26.00, and is a great help if you do not have a Consultant near you, or cannot get to class. You will learn the many different ways to decorate your pages the AZZA way. If you would like to sign up, please contact me: lynholmes@rocketmail.com. There is no ‘lock in’ for the Mail Out, you can opt in or out at any time. If you are a group of ladies that get together and scrap, why not share the Mail Out and get creative with the product you receive each month, you can take it in turns to pay for the Mail Out but share it during class get-togethers. A few of our Consultants run classes for ladies who receive the Mail Out which is a great idea as you get to use the products right away, with the guidance of the information you have received and from a Consultant. Some Consultants allow ladies to attend a class to see what the Mail Out is all about, so if you are interested please get in touch with your Consultant

AZZA Embossing Stencil: Christmas Star
Page by Myriam de Leenheer, Europe

As you can see, the AZZA Gold paper looks good embossed with either of the embossing stencils …. and yes, the Celestial stencil was used for the page above.


On the page above the AZZA Texture stencil has been used to finish off the page together with the AZZA Cutting Die: Windows/Christmas Star. The tips of the larger cut-out Star have been decorated with the new AZZA Foils and stamps.

AZZA Cutting Dies: Windows Christmas Star

You can also create your own Christmas labels with this Window die, lovely samples by Virginie Spicher, Europe. Whatever colour card you place behind the ‘Window’ cut-out will shine through.

Christine’s page above once again shows how a page can be kept simple.

The page above has used the lovely AZZA Silent Night stamp with a music theme, showing that it can be used throughout the year, not just with your Christmas photos.

AZZA Large Stamp Set: Silent Night

Page by Carole Pereira Bastianon, Europe
A beautiful layout by Christine Houbrechts, Europe.

This lovely page was created by our Consultant Jennie in Townsville on an AZZA Dolphin Grey page. The smaller stars have been embossed with the WOW Clear ink and glitter and have light and dark blue pearls in the middle. The larger full star has one side embossed and has been stamped from the Christmas range on the other.

Jennie is holding an AZZA Experience Weekend 2nd/3rd February: If you are interested do get in touch: https://www.facebook.com/events/281548825826349/

If you only have a single photo to place on the page:

Below, a double layout with the AZZA Celestial stencil and a Safari theme by Nadine Gilbert. She has used the Christmas texture stencil for her decorations.

Lastly, the latest video from Dominique on a page created with the Celestial stencil:


Now don’t forget the product you bought last year. You can still have fun with them. This bauble below I just loved – it has been made with a combination on the new AZZA Silent night dies and the AZZA Christmas stamp/die set from last year.

Celine Jeansen, Europe

While I am chatting about last year’s AZZA Christmas products – I found this AMAZING XXL Christmas card by Audrey Vast using all the products together. What a festive little scene.

Audrey used the AZZA Card stencil from last year, AZZA Gold paper which she has embossed, the lovely AZZA stamp and die set Father Christmas which is still available and of course the Alcohol pens to finish off the stamps.


To end with – I thought I would show you some table decorations you may want to create for those get-togethers over the Christmas holiday. Christine Ronsin has a beautiful collection of ideas above using the AZZA Christmas products. Even just the coloured stars lying on the table look lovely.

Creations by Les Creations d’Honorine

If you have purchased the AZZA Cutting Dies: Gift Bow set, get cutting for your Christmas creations.

Dominique Pfenning, Europe
Dominique Pfenning, Europe
Celine Capelle, Europe.
Celine Capelle, Europe

Don’t forget that Lantern Die you have, to be used on ALL occasions!

Celine Capelle, Europe.

Celine Capelle, Europe

Herewith the information on more AZZA Experience Weekends being held to celebrate our 10th Year in Australia. This is your opportunity to learn the techniques behind the style, or advance your skills.


Bribe Island. 22nd February – 24th February or you can stay an extra day – 25th February. Contact your Consultant or Anita at Anita.azza@me.com for more information.

AZZA Scrapping Townsville: Jenni Banks. 2nd/3rd February at Weir State school.


Contact: jennieb@optusnet.com.au for more details and to book.

AZZA Tasmania are holding 3 x ‘Day’ events, please get in touch with your Consultant or Deb Byrne: deborah.azza@gmail.com to find out more information.

Unfortunately our Western Australia Weekend Away is fully booked.  


If you have run out of ideas for a friend, or your husband or partner has not come up with anything on your Christmas ‘Wish list’ yet, remember that you can purchase an AZZA Gift Voucher. Pop along to the online shop or contact your Consultant. Please remember that these vouchers will only be redeemable in the new year: 7th January. These vouchers can be redeemed against product or classes.

Wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS from Perth, Australia.


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Koalas and Kangaroos at Christmas …..

Having only arrived in Australia in 2007, all my family and a lot of friends live in both Africa and Europe so I like to send ‘Australian’ Christmas cards.  I combined the AZZA Christmas products and the AZZA Australian stamps recently released to produce the following cards:

Cards by Lyn Holmes, NSW. Australia

This little set of AZZA Ruby stamps I have so enjoyed, there is so much you can do with them.  If you are on our Mail Out list you will have received them in October so together with your November Mail Out you too can make these cards.

Lyn Holmes, NSW. Australia

For the card above I used an AZZA Card, the beautiful AZZA Christmas papers and a sheet of the Silver paper.  I cut one sheet of the Christmas paper and the Silver paper with the AZZA Sewn Squares die.  I then used the Christmas Bauble stamp off the large set of AZZA Christmas stamps and stamped them in various colours.  I know I mentioned the Stamp Plate available from AZZA in Australia and this is how I got the fading shades on the bauble in the middle on the left.  Firstly I stamped the bauble in a lighter shade of blue, re-inked the stamp a few times on one side and kept stamping.  By using the Stamp Plate you are assured of getting the stamp back in the same place.  I then stamped the baubles with the Koala stamp.

I finished off the card with 2 colours of AZZA Cord, AZZA pearls and 3 Resin pellets on the two baubles on the silver paper and the one in the middle on the left-hand side.  Lastly, I chalked the little corner at the top of the card.

Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

For this card I used the AZZA Green card, the AZZA Card Stencil ‘Star’  together with AZZA Seasonal papers and the Australia and Christmas stamps once again.  

Firstly, I stamped the 2 larger kangaroos and the star onto white card using the Stamp Plate.  The star I used the colours of the sun as it is Australia after all!

Always stamp the lighter shades first.  I then added the darker colour ink to the stamp with a brush: 

… and so you build up your stamped image.  Once you are happy with your colours, cut the kangaroos and star out.  I finished off the kangaroo images with a a few dots of gold to blend in with the colours of the card, the star got a few golden pearls.

Next, I placed the card stencil onto the card and only cut out half the star.

 I used a ruler and Gold gel pen to create the border.  I then stamped the Christmas trees using the same method as with the kangaroos.  Being a dark green card, I stamped the light green colour first then added a bit of the darker green for texture.

Once I was happy with the trees, I popped on a few pearls – then stamped the small kangaroo.  Next I stuck the kangaroos and the star down.  I placed 3D foam behind only one kangaroo, so created a bit of texture with the small kangaroo stamped straight onto the card, one ‘cut-out’ kangaroo stuck straight onto the card and the third with 3D foam tape behind it.  The star also has 3D foam behind it.

For the inside of the card I used the stencil with both inks and paper.

And now for the Australian version of the Silent Night Cutting die:

Ros McQueen, WA.  Australia

The card above was created by Ros McQueen, AZZA Consultant in Esperance, WA.  This is Australia on a card and does not even have to be a Christmas card.

Hilary Hamilton, Victoria.  Australia

Hilary created this card using the Wreath cutting die from last year together with the Silent night die and the clouds from our ‘Weather’ theme.  The windmill and tree are not AZZA dies.

Lastly on Christmas cards, a wonderful Christmas tree of ‘creation’ by Sylviane Dournes for you to see using product from both last year and this year.

Sylviane Dournes, Europe

Now on to our Scrapping pages with the new Celestial stencil.  What amazing pages have been uploaded onto the net.

Firstly, here is the link to the AZZA – How to create a page with the Celestial Stencil.

I have to begin with the Christmas colours – a page created by Sabine Kohen-Zeyen.

Sabine has used the Christmas texture stencil and the beautiful little Stamp and die set:  Silent Night.

A double page layout by Fabienne Graulich-Lorge.

Another double page layout by my special friend Christine Houbrechts.  Christine was so good to us at the AZZA Stage de Scrap at Pamyre in France.  She checked in each day to see how we were doing and spent a morning scrapping with us.  Just not enough time to spend together!!

Christine Houbrechts, Europe
Christine Houbrechts, Europe

Beautiful combination of stamps, paper and pens to finish off the pages.

This page by Scrapons Sur le bassin d’Arcachon is lovely, hiding an extra photo under a little flap:

Scrapons sur le bassin d’Arcachon

Sue Talbot, AZZA Consultant in Castle Hills in New South Wales created this page using the Snowflake embossing folder and the Snowflake cutting dies.

Susan Talbot, NSW.  Australia

The page above was created by Jennie Banks, AZZA Consultant in Queensland, Australia, the page below by Ros McQueen WA, Australia.

…… and a few pages without using the ‘Star’ in the stencil. 

Hilary Hamilton, Victoria.  Australia
Denise Harris, NSW.  Australia

I did say I would write a little more about our trip to La Palmyre in France to attend an AZZA Stage de Scrap.  It was an amazing experience and we hope to take a few Australian Clients to one in the future.  If you are interested in going, please contact your local AZZA Consultant for information.  The venue was beautiful and with about 400 ladies and a few men, we got to meet so many people.  I was excited to meet ladies I have met through highlighting their pages on this blog.

The venue
Hilary, Deb, Anita and Lyn

We represented Australia with these beautiful jackets – I don’t think anyone could miss the Australians!!

The AZZA Creative Team were always on hand to help out.  Each day we had half the day scrapping and half the day on an excursion to a place nearby.  Photographs of the places we went to were what we were given to scrap during the week.

Each year the Stage de Scrap is in a different venue, so we look forward to seeing where the next one will be held.  The Stage de Scrap is a week long, 4 days shared between scrapping and excursions and one day free.  On the free day you can either explore the area or continue to scrap.

On our return we ran our Australian Annual Consultant ‘Get – together’ where we showcased what we had done in Europe.  Unfortunately, I cannot show you the wonderful layouts we did as this stencil will only be released at our Australian Retreats in February next year.

The stencil is a 25cm x 25cm stencil, but we held a competition at the Convention for the ladies to produce a 30 x 30 page with the stencil and the three winners were:

Theresa Dean, AZZA Consultant in Tasmania.

Theresa Dean, Tasmania
Jill Attrill, Vic Australia

Jill Attrill, AZZA Consultant in Victoria, Australia and below, Petra Jaynes, AZZA Consultant in South Australia.

Petra Jaynes, SA – Australia

We are celebrating our 10th Anniversary in Australia so there was lots of fun and laughs.  The two Consultants who have been with AZZA for the full 10 years are both Hilary and I.

… and the party continued.  The girls were dressed beautifully – the theme – a ’10 year old’ birthday party.

Petra (SA), Ros (WA), Theresa (Tassie) and Barb (WA)
Denise (NSW) and Barb (NSW)
Anita, Kay and Rachel – Queensland 
Robyn (Qld) Deb (Tassie) and Rachel our amazing Logistics Lady and QLD Consultant 
Barb (NSW – Dubbo), Amber (NSW – Albion Park) and Lynette (NSW – Woodberry)

Scrapping did get done from time to time ………. above part of the New South Wales team, below part of the Victorian team.

Wendy (Vic -Morwell) and Rebecca (Vic – Keilor Downs)

All the Consultants brought with them one of their favourite pages and the one that caught my eye was a beautiful Heritage page by Theresa Dean from Tassie.  Theresa has created this beautiful page of her Mum using the Toronto stencil, Alize Texture stencil and A4 sketch sheet and Pearls..

Page by Theresa Dean, Tasmania

Enough of fun and games for now, on to a Scrap Kit that may have appeared in our Catalogue that you missed:  AZZA Scrap kit – Unique Moments.

The shape is very similar to the older Paris-Istanbul that was so popular but sadly, was discontinued.

A double-page layout by Deb Byrne, AZZA Team Leader in Tasmania.  On the first page has she used the AZZA Scrap Kit ‘Unique moments’,  on the inside spread she has used the AZZA Scrap kit ‘Nature’.  Deb has used the ‘Add on’ kit AZZA Scarp Plus ‘Nature’ for her decoration.

Deb loves her AZZA Resin pellets – here she has highlighted a circle punched out of one of the photos together with leaves from the Starter kit cutting die.

AZZA, Europe

A lovely, simple layout above. The cutting die used in both these layouts will be available in Australia in January.  It is beautiful and well worth adding to your ‘stock’ as it can be used on any page.  A selection of pages by our very creative AZZA Consultants in Europe.

This one reminds me of Paris-Istanbul stencil
This ‘Retro’ embossing folder will only be available in Australia in January

Lastly, a lovely inter-active page by Valerie Rots, Europe with a Halloween theme.  Valerie has used the AZZA Halloween ‘Window’ die.

Beautiful, and adds so many photos to your page!

Still on the Halloween theme, you may still have some pages to scrap.  I found a few lovely Halloween cards but you could use the same decorations on your pages.

How talented are these ladies.  I do think one NEEDS the Lantern die – it can be used on every occasion. 

Hot off the press as I finish my blog – 2 Christmas cards (can also be used as decoration on the page) by Deb Byrne, AZZA Team Leader in Tasmania.

Deb Byrne, Tasmania

I have had a few enquiries about the ’10th Anniversary’ Retreats that AZZA is holding around the country early next year.  Here are details of a few:

Victoria – Luxury AZZA Experience Retreat.  Country Place, Dandenong Ranges.  15th March-17th March.  Cost $450.00 (includes AZZA Kit)

Contact Hilary Hamilton:  0418 348 110

South Australia – West Lakes Resort.  24th-25th February.  Cost $350.00.   Day session available (not staying overnight)  $275.00.

Contact Petra Jaynes:  0430 001 049

Happy Scrappin’


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Christmas is around the corner …..

How fast did Christmas arrive!!  The shops are full of decorations, carols are being played, I love this time of year.  I also love the creations I have seen using all the new AZZA Christmas products.

There is so much I want to share with you but I think in this blog I will concentrate on Christmas cards as they need to be sent out soon to arrive in time for Christmas.  (Unless your family live in Africa, if I sent them out now, I think they may arrive in time for next Christmas)!!

The first sample is by Celine Henchoz, a very elegant card.  Celine has used the Snowflakes Embossing folder for her background.  She has used the stamp found in the Christmas Card kit and the AZZA Snowflakes cutting die.  She has finished off the page with AZZA pearls, Marine ribbon and Silver glitter tape.

The next card is by one of my favourite ladies, Sabine Lebrun.  Sabine has used the Christmas Card stencil to create this card together with the Christmas paper and the Window Cutting Die:  Christmas star.

This card was created using the AZZA Christmas Card stencil, Window cutting die  Christmas papers, Silver Glitter Tape and Pearls.
This card was created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria.  She has used the AZZA Silent Night Cutting die together with the AZZA Concentric Circles die, Christmas papers, Ribbon and Pearls.

The card above is one of my favourite.   This was made by Carole Pereira Bastianon.  Carole has used the AZZA Christmas paper and the Christmas stamps which I have shown below, together with the Cutting Dies:  Sewn Squares.

She has finished off the page with the lovely AZZA Cord, Glitter tape, a picture from the A4 Sketch sheet and AZZA pearls.

The following collection I found on Facebook, they are beautiful and I am sure many of you will be making a copy of at least one of them.  The cards were created by Ashild Myhren Pegoraro.  


Ashild has used the AZZA Circle Cutting dies, the Cutting dies Starter kit 2 for the ones at the top and the Christmas products for the one at the bottom.  For the one on the bottom she has used the Christmas texture stencil, the Christmas Star cutting die mentioned before and the beautiful little Stamp and Die set:  Deer.  For the cards at the top and shown below,  Ashild has combined the Cutting Dies Starter kit 2 and Deer cutting dies and added a little of the AZZA cord.  Note on the card below how she has off-set the cutting of the circle on the white card, something I would not have thought to do but it produces a very attractive card.  She has inked the leaves ever so slightly with blue.


The next card Ashild has used the Christmas stamp set:  Christmas Star.  She has used a white marker to decorate the card with snow.  This lovely Burgundy ink pad will be available in Australia in January.  You can see how she has shaded the stamp darker on the one side for a ‘shadow’ effect.  This is easily done with the Stamping Plate.  You ink the side of the stamp a second time in the areas where you want the shadow.  With the Stamping Plate you are assured to get the stamp back in the exact place on the card.


The Stamping Plate available from AZZA:


For the card above the new AZZA Burgundy and Pink colours have been used, these will be released in Australia in January.  She has finished off her card with Silver glitter tape,  pearls and cord.  The shapes are created with the AZZA Cutting dies Starter Kit 2 and Snowflakes.  Again the white cut outs have been coloured ever so slightly on the ends with the Burgundy ink.

They just keep getting better and better …….  you can see the Snowflake Embossing stencil and cutting die has been used in the card on the bottom.  The paper has been torn instead of being cut which does give a lovely effect.  The card on the top right has been stamped with the AZZA Silent Night stamp combined with the Snowflake cutting die,  Burgundy ink and AZZA pearls.

This card has been created using the new (red) Christmas paper, Gold glitter tape, Snowflakes cut outs and of course the NEW Foil and Foil Stamps that AZZA is now stocking.

Don’t forget the product you purchased last year!  These little cards were made by Celine and Christine using last years Christmas release Christmas Wreath Cutting Die and Christmas stamps.

This card was made with the AZZA Christmas ‘Window’ cutting die released last year
A few more samples of cards made with AZZA products released last year.

And if you want an interactive Christmas card – take a look at this one:https://www.facebook.com/parAZZart/videos/2322700751346358

And so to end, a few “off the page” ideas:

Now I know this is not AZZA, but I found this little bit of information on Pinterest and thought I would share it with you.  If you have the AZZA Cutting Die:  Tags, this is something you can create using the set.

Too easy.

Using your tags together with the Starter kit 2, Christmas papers and stamps you can make this lovely card above.

A lovely little ‘Name Tag’ created with the  BEAUTIFUL AZZA Silent Night cutting die released this year – how good would those look on your Christmas table.  You need the new cutting dies: Sewn Concentric Circles  (your plain Circle cutting die will do) and Silent Night and a little AZZA Cord in the colour of your Christmas theme.  Voila!

Or you could keep it simple.
Christmas Baubles created with the AZZA Scalloped Concentric Circles and the Christmas Star die I have shown you earlier.  You only use one side of the plastic bauble, the other you can use to make the one below.
Here your Christmas Bauble (actually only half of it)  sits onto a Scalloped circle cut and stamped with a Christmas texture stencil with a few Snowflakes glued on top.

On that note, I’ll leave you to get started.

Happy Scrappin’


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Where to begin ….

What a busy couple of months I have had, where to begin to tell you enough but not too much to bore you!

The Directors of AZZA Australia travelled to Belgium to meet with the Folk at AZZA Head Office in Nivelle, the wonderful team at the AZZA warehouse in Tournay then on to the AZZA Stage de Scrap at La Palmyre in France.

AZZA Head Office, Nivelle.  Belgium
Laurence showed us around Head Office and introduced us to the team.

Having spent the morning with Laurence, we travelled down to Tournay to visit the warehouse.  We were like children in a candy store.  The wonderful  Michelle below packs all our orders so we were very happy to finally meet her and all the ‘Behind the Scenes’ staff.

Our time was short and we were whipped back to Brussels where I enjoyed the only meal one should eat when in Belgium:

Mmmmmmm …..  wonderful – Moules-frites

From Belgium we travelled down to Bordeaux and on to La Palmyre where we attended the Stage de Scrap with 400 other Ladies from across Europe.  It was wonderful to meet so many Ladies (and a few gentlemen) – some Ladies I have been chatting to via the internet for years.  You have seen many of their pages which they have shared with Australia: So Scrap, Floscrap and Be Creativa (Below).  It was just so sad that as the schedule was very busy we did not get too much time to spend together just chatting!  (Maybe next time)

The team also met up with Christine Houbrechts who creates such beautiful pages, she managed to spend time with us scrapping, what a wonderful morning.

The products that were showcased at Stage de Scrap were on pre-release so I cannot reveal too much just yet.  They will only be released in Australia in the new year – AZZA Australia will be holding ‘AZZA Experience’ retreats to celebrate AZZA being in Australia for 10 years.  These retreats will be held towards the beginning of next year, if you are interested, please contact your Consultant.  If you do not have a Consultant, go along to our website:  


Here you can find a Consultant close to you,  contact the Team Leader in your area or send me an e-mail and I will get the details to you.

Having returned from Europe, we arrived in Brisbane to complete the preparations for the Annual Training Retreat for the Consultants in Australia.  We celebrated our 10th year in operation in Australia!

I will report more on our Retreat and all the little ‘gems’ of information I would like to pass on to you in my next blog, but today I would like to showcase the AZZA Christmas products that are now available in Australia.  With almost 6 weeks to go until Christmas …… we need to get creating.

This month AZZA Australia has 2 Baskets:

Silent Night Basket – $81.40

The Silent night basket consists of a Theme book with a lot of wonderful ideas to inspire your Christmas creations, the beautiful Christmas stamp set, Christmas texture stencil duo, A4 Sketch sheet and figurines.

Star Basket – $64.30

The Star basket includes the AZZA Christmas CARD stencil, the ‘Star’ AZZA Christmas stamp set, a Texture stencil, Christmas paper, A4 sketch sheet and gold and silver glitter tape.  All you need to create your Christmas cards this year.

AZZA has now included the Go Press and Foil sets into their range.  The Christmas dies are beautiful for both cards and pages.  AZZA Australia will not be bringing in the Go Press machine itself, but we have wonderful AZZA  Foil stamps:

AZZA Foil Metal Stamp:  Christmas Star  

The beautiful creations posted by Laurence Chabbey show how these stamps can be used on both cards and a Scrapping page.

The Stencil released for Christmas this year is Celestial.  This stencil is available both in the Studio Kit and as a stencil duo.

AZZA Studio Kit – Celestial

Although at first sight this stencil looks quite ‘busy’, remember you don’t need to use the whole stencil.  It is also not just a Christmas stencil, it can be used though-out the year with many different themes.

The first page I’d like to share with you is created by Christine Houbrechts, who we met in Europe.  It is such an elegant page …

Page by Christine Houbrechts, Europe

Christine Ronsin – AZZA Europe
Francoise Robin:  AZZA Europe

Valerie Martinussen:  AZZA Europe

Then on to pages that do not have a Christmas theme:  Any ‘Stars’ can be highlighted with this stencil.

Claudine Goossens:  AZZA Europe
Holiday Memories:  Sylviane Dournes

A beautiful little ‘Star’ puppy
A page of ‘Dancing Stars’:  Mimiscrap

Below is a page using a single photo with the Celestial stencil used for the decorations.  Lovely chalking to finish off the decorations.

Single photo of a ‘Star’ performing:  Vanessa Bronckart

So as you can see, the stencil is very versatile and can be used throughout the year.

Now to a few ideas for our Christmas card stencil and Christmas products.  These beautiful samples were given to us at AZZA Head Office.

AZZA has a wonderful Christmas Card Kit box set you can purchase to make your cards.  This is great as you get a booklet with samples to guide you too.

Special Order:  Christmas Cards Boxed kit
Ideas for cards that can be made with the Box Kit.

Card using the Go Press and Foil stamps together with other AZZA Christmas products
This card has been stamped our the AZZA Wood sheets
Christmas card using the AZZA Christmas Wreath released last year
Card created using the AZZA ‘Silent Night’ stamp and die set
AZZA Stamp and Cutting Die:  Deer Head

AZZA Stamp and Cutting Die:  Silent Night

AZZA Cutting Die:  Snowflakes

This is one of my favourite:  AZZA cutting die:  Winter Scenes

This Winter Scene when put together does fit into a Christmas Bauble as shown below.

Do get your orders in for Christmas as soon as possible.  New stock arrived from Belgium this week so hopefully Backorders will be fulfilled this week!

Christmas closure dates:

Friday, 14th December will be the last date to place orders for 2018.

Monday, 7th January will be the first day in 2019 that orders will be actioned.

Do get your orders in for products to create your Christmas cards, orders for ‘Christmas presents’ you can give away to your Scrapping friends and orders for product to scrap your Christmas photos.

As I have not blogged in a while, I have a lot to share with you but don’t want to make this too long …..  so that is all for now, more to come soon.

Happy Scrappin’


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