A lovely little project awaits ……

March brings with it a new size of AZZA page – 30 x 21 cm. The March release can be used to create that ‘Special little album’ of a celebration or a trip you have made or you can create a beautiful gift for someone special.

The March basket contains all you need to make one or two projects:


If you only want to make one album you can order the items separately and the pages in a smaller number.

The MDF Covers are light and can be used both back and front of the album or one at the back with a clear cover in the front which would allow you to make two albums from the March basket. Hilary has used the newly released Texture stencil and Die on her cover below.

Cover by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

The stencil itself can be used on both the new A4 size page or the normal AZZA Scrapping page. Below is a layout with four photos, so just because it is a smaller page, don’t think you are limited to one or two photos per page.

Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

Below you can see samples of pages that flip open vertically or horizontally.

Page by Yvette, Europe
Page set by Yvette, Europe

The top page has been flipped up, below with the bottom page flipped down, so a set of three pages can then be seen ….

Page set by Yvette, Europe

Yvette shared a second set of pages with us too, they are lovely, she has used more photos on her pages this time.

Pages by Yvette, Europe

Above is the front page of the set. Below the front page has been flipped up to show the inside, but with the bottom page still in place.

Double pages can also be created easily. Below is the front page of a double page I have created using the papers, cutting die and texture stencil from the Val de Loire theme.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

The image below is the front flap open:

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

Below is the inside page with the open flap to the right.

Another sample I found of a double page by Sophie in Europe. I love Sophie’s work, always beautiful.

Page by Sophie Juvigne, Europe. So Scrap.
Page by Sophie Juvigne, Europe. So Scrap.

Note the gap cut out of the double page so the photo on the inside page can be seen when the page is closed.

The stencil can be used easily on the normal sized AZZA scrapping page. Below is a page created by Anita Day, both Director and Consultant in Queensland. Anita has kept the inside of her double page a secret so far ….. so watch this space!

Below Christine Houbrechts, back in Belgium, created a page of her Australian memories using some of our lovely NEW AZZA Australia products. Christine shows how she placed her stencil on the page below.

Page by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

Aren’t the little kangaroos just so cute on the page ….. you get both in the set!


There are just so many wonderful ideas out there…how about a pocket with the Azza Scrap kit Promenade?……. thanks once again to Sophie for sharing her ideas.

Sophie has used the new Val de Loire die, papers and Silhouette figures. Take a look at our Catalogue below and see all the new product released in March in Australia!


This month is all about travel. If you have been in search of Ancient Civilisations there is something for you here!

Hilary Hamilton our Director and Consultant in Victoria created a beautiful travel album, the cover I have shown you, here are her pages. Firstly, a lovely set of three pages that fit together well using the new Val de Loire die and papers. If you would like to find out just how to put these pages together or make an album please get in touch with your Consultant for a class. If you don’t have a Consultant, get in touch and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia.
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia.
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia.
Decoration by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia

Hilary couldn’t resist having a little fun with her son-in-law using the AZZA Silhouette figures:


I have also created a set of three pages but included some of the images from the Sketch sheet.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

To cover all travel, the Postcards Seasonal papers are a must have. If you look closely you will see the colours cover a large range that will fit in with all your photos.


These are a MUST HAVE for any travel album. Here I have used them on a page with the Val de Loire stencil. Being ‘Seasonal’ they will not be in the range forever, so buy them whilst they are still available.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

That should give you all a good idea of what can be done with the new stencil LOIRE.


The Loire Valley sits almost in the middle of France and the stencil was named after the region as this is where the AZZA Retreat took place last year.

The Loire river runs through the Loire valley and many visit the Chateau de Villandry, a country house known for its beautiful gardens.

The Loire valley is also know for its wine …….. don’t sigh my fellow Australians …… guess what, you can scrap with your Loire stencil whilst sipping on a glass of ‘pink’ from the Loire valley bought right here in Australia.

So happy, happy scrapping this month!!!


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Australia – Our beautiful land ………

This month AZZA Australia have released a range of Australian decoration products. We have spent many months selecting products to add to our AZZA range in Australia that would compliment the AZZA way of scrapping. We do hope our Ladies overseas who have visited this beautiful country will love them and use them to scrap their holiday pages and of course for all our Australian Ladies to scrap pages of their backyard! How lucky are we to live in such a diverse country.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

The first page I scrapped with the new products was using the AZZA Scrap Kit: Family. I love windmills – we have both Silhouette figures and stamps to match.


The Silhouette figures are made from very thin chipboard so slightly thicker than our paper Silhouette figures but they sit on the page beautifully. They are coloured with AZZA inks and then given a little more character with pens.

Page by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

The beautiful pages above and below were created by Hilary using the AZZA Scrap Kit: Promenade and decorated with the new AZZA Australiana products.

Created by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.
Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

This is a page I created with the new Silhouette Figures – the Kangaroos go beautifully with the AZZA sand, the sand also gives the page texture. I too used the AZZA Scrap kit: Promenade.

Page by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

Using the same stencil Hilary created the page above using the new AZZA cutting dies, embossing folder and ‘Australian Phrases’ Silhouette figures. I have to say the embossing folders are some of my favourite:

Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania – Australia

Above is a beautiful page by Deb Byrne using the AZZA Stockholm stencil and the embossing folder shown above. Deb has also used our little Kangaroo and Eucalyptus dies. Note the lovely grounding of the Kangaroos – if you don’t think you have that ‘Artistic flair’ this little stamp is perfect for you …..

Card created by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia

I was very honoured to receive this card from Hilary – WOW – now for your 2020 Christmas cards, you can begin with this one!!

Hilary has used the Tree, Windmill and Hilly Horizon stamps and the Kookaburra and Eucalyptus dies, all mounted on a sheet of paper embossed with the Gumnuts embossing folder.

Page by Jennie Banks. Townsville – Australia

Jennie Banks, AZZA Townsville Consultant, created the page above using the lovely papers that were released over Christmas. Jennie has used both the Silhouette figures and cutting dies, she has cut the Kookaburra out of the same paper then decorated with pens. Jennie has used the Stockholm stencil to create her page, she has matched her decorations perfectly.

Page by Susan Talbot. Sydney – Australia.

Our very talented Consultant in Sydney, Sue Talbot created the page above using the AZZA Stockholm stencil and the new AZZA Australiana dies. She has dressed up the Eucalyptus branch beautifully with dots out of AZZA Citrine paper. The Kangaroos are both on the same die – don’t try to separate them – cut them out as is and you will get two kangaroos and a few little pieces of grass:

Do not try and separate the die – it is made as one piece!

The Kangaroo with the patterns can be used straight onto your page or as Sue has done above, with a backing piece of paper. On the page below I cut them out of some of the background of a photo I had, this always gives you a perfect colour tone match on the page.

Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

The little guy at the bottom of the page is just gorgeous:


There is also a lovely range of imitation stamps ….. these fit perfectly in the corner of two photos on the page. Just chalk a background and place your stamp with the 5mm border and your space is filled or stamp onto paper/card then mount the decoration onto your page with 3D foam.

Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Page by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium

A lovely page above, Christine in Australia – we loved having her here. Christine has used the AZZA Stockholm stencil and one of the new AZZA Australiana stamps:

Hilary Hamilton. Victoria Australia.
Hilary Hamilton. Victoria Australia.
Page by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

Hilary used her AZZA Scrap Kit: Promenade for this page, the new AZZA Silhouette figures with the Gumnuts, the ‘Australian Phrases’ shown below and don’t you just LOVE the little Kookaburra sitting on the sign!


I think I have covered almost all of the products – but do pop along and take a look at our February catalogue where they are all shown:


To all my ‘Overseas’ Followers, these products can be ordered and paid for online, they will be sent directly to you. We always send at the cheapest rate of postage so if possible, AZZA will send you a refund on the postage. If you would like for enquire about any of the products or postage please do not hesitate to contact me on lynholmes@rocketmail.com and I will sort it out for you. If you have been inspired by my blogs and go to the shop to purchase product please put me down as your Consultant and I will follow up with tips and tricks for the product you have purchased.

Happy Scrappin’


Page by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.
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It’s summer and FLORAL is the order of the day ……

Page by Susan Talbot – Sydney. Australia

Sue has created this beautiful page using the FLORAL dies, stamps and embossing folder. You don’t have to use it only with flowers, here is a similar page I have shown you before with different colours …… that is what I love about AZZA, you can use the same products and create a page that looks completely different.

AZZA Europe.

These dies are perfect all year – with almost any theme. They do not need to be used whole either, you can cut them down or use a double image.

Valerie Mayer

Valerie has used the AZZA Stockholm stencil with the Floral and Sewn Square dies and the Floral Embossing folder. A beautiful page. Here are another two pages created by Sue Talbot in Sydney showing the use of the dies. Sue has created these pages using the AZZA Express kit Floral: https://shop.azzaworld.com.au/collections/whats-new/products/express-kit-album-floral

Page by Susan Talbot – Sydney. Australia
Page by Susan Talbot – Sydney. Australia
Lovely page by RJ2S using the AZZA Shell stencil.
Page created by Martine Martin, France.

Martine has also used used the dies, stamps and embossing folder on her page above. As I have said previously note how she has only embossed half of her paper cut-outs. Again, she has used the Sewn squares with her Floral stamps, they go together very well.

Page by Rosetta Girgenti,

The AZZA Stockholm stencil, used above by Rosetta was also released in January. Here is the link to the video if you would like to watch Dominique Spirlet create a beautiful page with this stencil: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/299770918950202226/

I created the following page using the AZZA Stockholm stencil and the Christmas/Winter themed products:

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

To end I will show you some beautiful pages I came across in my ‘Cyber’ travels, sadly I could not find who in Europe actually created these pages. I just love them …..

AZZA Europe – Promenade stencil/Double page
Close up of the new AZZA Resin dots: https://shop.azzaworld.com.au/collections/whats-new/products/resin-pearls

The last page I just loved was this one by Isabelle Jolivat in Europe. Note how beautifully she has ‘Continued the scene’ into her decoration.

Isabelle has used the AZZA Neptune stencil and pre-cut pages. She has used the lovely embossing folder I showed you last time and the Frieze Universe die cut that matches the stencil.

Happy Scrappin’


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AZZA – A gift for all seasons …….

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.

AZZA has released a Calendar Express kit this month. In the kit you will receive all the product you need to make the calendar and a pamphlet on how to go about it. If you would like some guidance ask your Consultant about a class you can join.

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

For the layout above I have used an enlargement. In the Express kit all the layouts use one 6 x 4 photo but you can always use two as I have in the layout below. This is a FUN project and a perfect gift for someone ‘who has it all’. The calendar does not have to begin with January, if a birthday is in June you can always begin the calendar from July to June the following year.

The second kit released this month and another great little project is the AZZA Express kit: Floral.


You have all the product to create a 12 page 20cm x 20cm album. The stencil Amsterdam can also be purchased on its own.

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

I have begun my album of Western Australian wildflowers. I love the newly released texture stencil Secret Garden, it is beautiful on the page.


Secret Garden is an A5 stencil so you can cover a larger space without having to move the stencil.

I have also used the new Floral Cutting dies which are a must for any collection.


They can be used in so many different ways. Here is a magnificent layout by Christine Houbrechts with photos of her trip to Australia. She has used the new Stockholm stencil and Floral theme decoration products.

Christine Houbrechts – Belgium
Christine Houbrechts – Belgium
Christine Houbrechts – Belgium

The patterned seasonal papers are lovely too, the two tones are quite different so cover a lot of colours.

Also released this month are the Circle stickers. AZZA are not into bling at all, but these tie in with a lot of our ‘circle’ themed products and do not take over the page.

If you purchased the Universe cutting die – these stickers are a must.

Note the use of the A5 Floral Texture stencil too.

The Ladies who receive the Mail Out will be receiving a sheet of these Circle stickers and I am sure they will have fun using them.

I created a layout for the Mail Out using the new Stockholm stencil, the Galaxy Seasonal patterned papers, Decoration stencil, Embossing folder and the Circle stickers. I also used the little stamp the Mail Out Ladies received before Christmas as they all go so well together.

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

I do like the Galaxy Seasonal patterned papers – they will be great for Heritage pages. They are also a pattern that can be used with any theme on the page.

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

I have also had fun with the Galaxy embossing folder used on both pages above. It creates a lovely texture on the page. Remember – as you can see on my page above – you don’t always have to emboss the whole piece of paper.


The new Embossing folder Floral is also beautiful on the page and on a card.

AZZA Europe – AZZA Scrap Kit Promenade stencil
Christine Houbrechts – Belgium

The Floral set of stamps are perfect for both card making and scrapping. Christine has used them on the page above and as you can see they were also used on the card together with the Floral embossing folder. A quick but lovely card to make.

Deb Byrne in Tassie created the page below with the Stockholm stencil and the Floral Cutting dies and stamps. She has used the stamps very delicately on her page, masking off part of the stamp (the watering can) to stamp only the small flowers to match her photos.

Deb Byrne – Tasmania.

Deb used the new stamping tools to colour her stamp – they allow you to colour tiny parts of your stamps. If you would like to know more about these stamping tools contact your Consultant.


Don’t forget the AZZA Summer Sale – still on until Sunday – don’t miss out!

Happy Scrappin’


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AZZA Sale in full swing ……..

Pop along and take a look at the Sale Catalogue:


Lots of lovely products you may have missed during last year.

Two AZZA Cutting dies on sale at less 30%

The Coast Die 129 is one of my favourite for Seaside themes – beautiful cards:

Card by Carole pereira Bastianon
Card by Corinne Lemaitre Cosquer
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

The MDF Reindeer and stamps would be great for some ‘Craft time’ with your kids or grandkids in the Christmas holidays. Be prepared, buy now and put them away until later in the year.

The stamps and die sets are so easy to use, quick decorations and a lovely 3D effect.

More highlights tomorrow ……..

Happy scrappin’


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Summer Clearance Sale on Monday

We have given you a few weeks to settle into 2020, now prepare for the AZZA Summer Clearance sale.

The AZZA Sale begins on Monday 13th January – Eastern Standard Time. Remember …… different times for different zones! I won’t even begin with Europe.

Hope this helps a little within Australia …………

For the Perth Clients this is great news, we can access the sale at 9pm on Sunday night ….. so depending just how eager you are, or how much of a ‘late night owl’ you are, do pop along to the shop and see what has been marked down. We have discounts of up to 50% on some products.

There are two ways to order product: You can order on the website and it will be sent directly to you, or you can contact your Consultant with your order and they can place the order for you, together with others – hopefully if there are several orders in an area, you can share the postage.

There will be a SALE CATALOGUE you can access on our website, you can page through this and see what is on sale, if you know what products interest you, go directly to the product in the shop and you will see all the details.

Some of these products are ‘End of line’ products so will not be stocked again. If you are after something in particular ask you Consultant for information.

Our JANUARY Catalogue will also be posted for you to begin ordering from Monday. Robyn and Rachel have had a break from posting off all your orders, but not quite a complete break, as they both undertook a change of venue for the AZZA stock and did a stocktake at the same time – so BIG THANKS to both Rachel and Robyn for all the work they do behind the scenes.

I will give you a sneak peek at the January stencil – it is called Stockholm. It is a beautiful stencil and easy to use. Easy to keep your photos large in this one ….. You’ll have to wait to see the stencil itself, I will just show you a few pages created with it.

This first page is created by Christine in Europe with only one photo:

Created by Christine – Europe

The second page was created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium. Christine has used two photos and the AZZA Christmas die ‘Crown’ and used the ‘Frosty Lake’ Texture stencil to emboss her brown paper. If you do not know how to do this, do contact your Consultant for a class.

Page by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium.

The next page using three photos was created by Jill Attrill, our AZZA Consultant in Victoria. Jill has used the lovely AZZA Sewn squares as part of her decorations.

Created by Jill Attrill, Portland – Victoria. Australia

This stencil lends itself to a ‘Waterfall’ on the page – I know many of you Ladies do craft across the board so will be familiar with the Waterfall card. Here are two examples: How to get lots of photos onto you page ……

L’atelier Scrap de la Lutine

All the products used on the page above are available in Australia this month, the Texture stencil is A6 and is beautiful. The dies can be used throughout the year with almost any theme.

The second waterfall page was created by Audrey, Europe.

Audrey – LM le Scrapbooking AZZA

Audrey has used the December Christmas themed products, showing how they can be used with a forest setting, not only Winter and Snow.

Once the new products are available I will post my pages and a video you can follow to create a page.

I have shown you the AZZA Calendar recently – this is a wonderful gift throughout the year as you can begin with any month …. here is a January page by Scrap a Puy to get you going. Do remember that in Australia you will receive the decorations and months for your Calendar in English.

Scrap a Puy

While on the subject of the calendar here are a few dates for AZZA Retreats:

Western Australia

Barbara Rae – WA Consultant

Barbara Rae will be running a Scrap Retreat on Friday 20th March to Sunday 22nd March. This retreat will be held in Shoalwater and will be a great event. Those attending will complete an A4 size Album, they will receive the new stencil and pages needed to put the album together. It will be a lot of fun. Pop along to Barbara’s page and see the details : https://scrapwawithbarbara.blogspot.com/p/azza-retreat.html

14th August – 16th August. This retreat will be held in Redgum Retreat in Dwellingup, Western Australia. More on this once the March Retreat is over, but do get the date into your diaries.

Jackie Keeble – Victoria.


Jackie Keeble our AZZA Consultant in Blackburn, Victoria will be running the following Retreats through the year:

26th-29th March: Inverloch Scrap Retreat.

30th April – 3rd May Warburton Scrap Retreat.

14th – 16th August Ocean Grove Scrap Retreat.

Pop along to the link for more information or get in touch with Jackie if you would like to attend: https://www.facebook.com/Cre84meandu.AZZA/

Finally had time to get a few more photos printed …. with all the festivities over I can get down to some scrapping!

Happy scrappin’


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Wishing you all the very best for the New Year.

As the new year draws near I would like to thank you for your support throughout 2019 and hope that I have been able to inspire you with some ideas for your pages and cards along the way.

I would like to wish you all a very joyful 2020 with lots of free hours to spend in your craft rooms around the globe.

We have seen some beautiful Christmas cards over the last month so to kick off I will show you some of the lovely table decorations you can create for your family feasts you may have as you celebrate the coming of the New Year. This lovely collection below was created by Sue Talbot our AZZA Consultant in Sydney. Sue used her AZZA Circle dies to cut all the circles out (makes life a lot easier) and the AZZA Christmas Ambiance cutting dies. She has used Christmas stickers to finish them off, you could also use your AZZA Alphabet stencils and place names on the little decorations for place settings.

Table decorations by Sue Talbot, NSW. Australia
Table decorations by Sue Talbot, NSW, Australia

Sue Talbot is our AZZA Consultant in Castle Hill in New South Wales. Sue creates beautiful pages and holds classes in her home. We do not have many Consultants in and around Sydney, but if you would like a class please contact Sue. Her details are on our webpage.

Sue Talbot, Castle Hill NSW, Australia

A few of Sue’s pages below using AZZA Orlando, Boston and Berlin Trio stencils.

Page by Sue Talbot, NSW, Australia
Page by Sue Talbot, NSW, Australia
Page by Sue Talbot, NSW, Australia

I do love the AZZA lantern cutting die, it can be used for all occasions. AZZA releases various ‘window’ dies that fit the lantern over the year. Here are a few samples from AZZA, Europe.

AZZA Europe

The AZZA Christmas Star ‘window’ from last year’s range is still available.

The Alpine ‘window’ is a lovely winter scene:

AZZA Europe

The stamp used was one sent out with the Scrap & Moi magazine. You can see the AZZA embossed paper was used to make this lantern; I do love the texture.

I am sure you will all have many, many Christmas photos to scrap so here are a few pages to give some ideas. The first page was created by Sabrina using AZZA Celestial stencil and Christmas stamps from last year. The chalking is beautiful.

Page by Sabrina, Du scrap chez les cigales, Europe

Another lovely page from AZZA Europe using the same Celestial stencil and Christmas themed products from last year’s range.

AZZA Fairy stencil was another of my favourites:

Lescrapdelena29 – AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

AZZA Europe posted this lovely Single photo layout using the AZZA Verlaine stencil and last year’s Christmas range of products.

AZZA London Rio Special edition stencil.

AZZA Europe

AZZA Marine Stencil.

AZZA Europe

AZZA Aqua stencil.

The following pages were created by our Director/Regional Manager in Tasmania – Deb Byrne.

Deb Byrne, AZZA Tasmania

Deb created this page with the AZZA Bahamas stencil. She stamped her images onto an AZZA Wood sheet. Note how she has also used a Christmas image under a Resin pellet to highlight it. The Christmas tree stamp, Wooden sheets and Resin pellets are still available in the AZZA shop.

Page created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania, Australia.

Deb also created the following page using the AZZA Scrap Kit Promenade and the latest Christmas themed products. She has embossed her paper with the Festive branches embossing folder and then used a little ink on the images to highlight them.

Page created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania.
Album created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania.

Deb also created this mini album above using the Arches Trio stencil. These are lovely little gifts and reminders of celebrations.

Sue Toogood and Jennie Banks, Townsville, Australia

AZZA has a wonderful ‘Team of Two’ in Townsville: Sue Toogood and Jennie Banks. Sue has been with AZZA for 5 years and Jennie is about to reach her 10 year milestone.

Jennie created the following Christmas pages with the smaller 25 x 25 AZZA Shell stencil.

Page by Jennie Banks, Townsville, Australia
Page created by Jennie Banks, Townsville, Australia

I also loved this page Jennie created with the AZZA Celestial stencil and last year’s Christmas products.

Page created by Jennie Banks, Townsville, Australia

AZZA Australia will re-open on Monday 13th January. There will be a January new product release and the AZZA AUSTRALIAN SALE will also begin in January. Orders for the January product can be placed in the shop online but they will only be shipped the week of the 13th January.

The sale will only last until the end of the month. We have a few great items that are very low in numbers in the sale and these will be in a separate section as they will go very quickly. If you have any queries about the sale please contact your local Consultant.

Enjoy the last few days of 2019 – with all the cricket on I know I will get quite a bit of scrapping done. So hopefully you will see some of my Christmas pages in the new year.

Happy Scrappin’ and more importantly ……..

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Christmas fun with AZZA …….

AZZA Europe

There is still time to make your Christmas cards this weekend and get them into the post on Monday. This collection above from AZZA Europe has been made with last year’s products which are still available; do pop along to the AZZA Shop if you have missed anything.

This year the Christmas papers are beautiful and can be used throughout the year. The colour theme is brown and blue. Each pack has 8 papers, 4 in the blue and 4 in the brown tones. Papers are double-sided for 4 of the patterns below in blue and 4 in the browns.


With the temperatures in Perth at 40 today and staying up there for four days I am not going out the door so have had time today to play with some of the Christmas products. It’s not too late to get an order in before Christmas.

AZZA does have Christmas Gift Vouchers so you could always get your loved ones to pop online and buy you one to place under the tree.

The first card I made this morning was for a member of the Mail Out – I wanted to use products that they had already been sent. I used the Card stencil released last year and started with white ink to get the idea of the shape.

Next I created a star shape on white paper by marking and cutting on the OUTSIDE of the inner star shape. I then used the new Cherry ink and placed the ink on the tips of the star straight from the pad and used a narrow dauber to ink the shape of the stencil. The star was very ‘white’ so I very gently dabbed the ink pad over the whole shape to give it an ever so light mottled look. I didn’t want the red too dark in the pattern so used a Pom Pom with white ink to finish with.

Place the star onto your card:

I cut a 2cm strip and inked the ends, again with the ink pad so that I got the darker shades to the ends (I used the AZZA copper ink). Now you have a canvas to place any decoration on – I used the lovely Deer head from last years products as the Mail Out had received these both stamped and unstamped last year. You can use ribbon or the AZZA cord behind your image to add some texture.

Don’t forget the inside of your card, I used one of the shapes from the lovely cutting die set released by AZZA last year. These are still available ….


You can make very elegant cards with this cutting die set as seen below.

AZZA – Europe

Now to a few cards with the new AZZA Christmas products. With the first two cards I used the AZZA Embossing stencil Festive Branches which is a 15cm x 15cm embossing folder. On the red card I used white ink in the embossing folder before I ran it through the machine. I then cut a hole out the centre with the AZZA Sewn Circle cutting die. I then cut 2 of the new shapes, Christmas Ambiance and coloured them with inks and pens.

Card by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

I used a white gel pen to dot the berries on the front of the card and attached the die shape using the AZZA dots, perfect for a image that is so fiddly.


As I had cut a circle in the front of the card, I cut a smaller circle out of white card, inked the edges and used the second die cut, but the trees only.

The next card I made I used the same embossing folder and cutting die but also used the Christmas texture stencil and the beautiful little Snow globe stamp off the large set of stamps.


As you can see there is a blank circle in the middle of the folder so I cut a circle out of AZZA Scarlet paper and a smaller circle out of white card upon which I stamped the Snow globe. I then decorated the Snow globe with the AZZA duo Frosty Lake.


Lastly I cut out the Christmas trees in the AZZA mid-green paper and constructed the card.


For the last two cards I used the AZZA large set of stamps (above): Christmas Ambiance. It is BEAUTIFUL and I just loved working with it. The first card I used the Christmas Ambiance paper; this paper is double-sided, both sides quite different. The ‘tree’ side matches well with the Embossing stencil Frosty Lake.

Card by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

I cut a square of white paper that would fit behind the ‘Window’ die and decorated it with two of the stamps. For the reindeer I used both the copper and chocolate ink. I used a torn piece of paper and the ink pad to colour the picture top and bottom. I used the NEW AZZA thin strips of 3D foam to mount the frame onto the picture. I then mounted it onto the card with double sided tape. I completed the inside with another of the stamps from the set and pens.

Card by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

For this card I used the Frosty lake paper mounted on a blue AZZA card. I cut a piece of white card and then used the same stamps as above. Firstly, I stamped the fine writing twice with a strip of tape down the middle so I could then chalk either side of it for a different effect. You could just use the stamp as it is and chalk over the stamped image. By doing it the way I have, I manage to draw out the image to cover a larger area. I then stamped the trees and lastly the 2 reindeer. Note how I covered the stamp in the copper ink first then added a little chocolate ink for depth. I love these stamps as they have a fleck in the deers which gives them such character straight away. All you need to do is add the eye and darken the hooves a little and they are perfect. Finish your card with a little chalking below their hooves. I decided not to use pens as I wanted a lighter finish.

Another AZZA Christmas product I would like to draw your attention to is the Calendar that has been released this month. It is a wonderful gift, when I lived in Europe I made a calendar for my family every year. As you make up the months, you can begin in whichever month you like so can be used as a gift throughout the year.


The calendar comes with all the product you need to complete the project and plans for each page. AZZA Australia will send you the months in English – if you want to re-use the calendar the year after; you just need to change the sheet with the month on it. Here are a few of Anita Day’s pages from the calendar she has created.

Page by Anita Day, Queensland, Australia

Page by Anita Day, Queensland, Australia

Page by Anita Day, Queensland, Australia
Page by Anita Day, Queensland, Australia

The little titles and images for the birthdays are also included (in English) or you can use any of your AZZA stamps or dies.

There are TWO baskets for November/December. The first is Woody Winter in the shades of brown including the lovely stamp set I have used above, this is priced at $47.00.


The second basket in shades blue: Frosty Lake – $59.50.

An Express Christmas Card Kit. The kit contains instructions for 7 different Christmas cards.


It’s not too late to get your order before Christmas, but you will need to have your orders in by close of business (Brisbane time) on Tuesday 17th December. I say Brisbane time as being in Perth – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne all have different time zones for me now and just far too complicated. With each of the four Directors in a different state you can imagine trying to set a meeting time!! Lunch time for me and dinner time for the others!!!

Now I have time, I hope to share with you a little more on Christine’s visit and the Masterclasses to come.

Happy Scrappin’


Celine Capelle – AZZA Cutting Dies (When you cut too many!!!)
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A busy few months ……..

The AZZA Consultants in Australia gathered together for their annual conference which took place in Ballarat. This year Christine Houbrechts, a member of the AZZA Creative Team in Belgium, came out to Australia to train the Consultants. Consultants were shown new ideas out of Belgium and trained on the latest techniques so they can then pass on this information to their Clients.

Christine Houbrechts
In the front row Barb (Dubbo), Irene (Ballarat) and Pauline (ACT) – hard working Consultants all around

The Consultants worked hard, but also had fun.

The Tassie Bunch Deb, Ellen and Theresa with Petra from South Australia
The Fab Four: Jackie, Wendy, Jenny and Rebecca (Victoria)
And in the naughty corner: Rachel, Hilary and Robyn

…. and some scrapped well into the night …..

Robyn: Team Leader Queensland

After the conference Christine went straight onto Masterclasses in Ballarat, Sydney, Launceston, Hobart and Perth. Poor Christine climbed onto the plane homeward bound a few hours after the last Masterclass but we had managed to give her a wonderful evening on the beach in Perth with a perfect sunset the evening before.

Christine Houbrechts
Fiona, Barb, myself, Christine, Ros and Katrina – Western Australia

Our Consultant conference featured the AZZA Scrap Kit – Promenade, now available. All the Consultants received the same squirrel photos and were asked to make a page – we wanted to show was just how versatile AZZA stencils are.

Page by Jill Attrill – Portland, Victoria

Jill used the ‘full’ stencil with a small decoration in the middle using the figurines that came in the kit and a few AZZA pearls.

Page by Rachel Timms, Chambers Flats, Queensland

Rachel’s page is a beautiful example of AZZA chalking on both the page and the paper – it fills the space but does not take your eyes off the photos. Her decorations are created with the products in the kit.

Page by Jackie Keeble, Blackburn, Victoria.

Jackie placed her decorations within circles using the new Sticker circles in the copper colour that matched the page so beautifully. Jackie has also used AZZA glitter tape, pearls and a few figures from the kit.

Page by Theresa Dean, Perth in Tasmania (Yes, we do have TWO Perths)

Once again a completely different page, Theresa completed her page with a strip of paper upon which she placed her decoration. I love the way her chalked line has continued off the paper onto the page. Theresa has used AZZA glitter tape, cord and ribbon. Love the little acorn in the punched out circle.

Below, a page by Anita Day. Anita Day is one of the Australian Directors but is also a Consultant and runs classes in Maleny, a beautiful part of Queensland. Anita has used a stamp from the AZZA Scrap Kit PLUS: Promenade and then given it character with the new Chameleon pens. If you would like to know more about how to use the Chameleon pens contact your Consultant for a lesson. Anita then used the AZZA Wow transparent ink pad and Clear embossing powder to give the image a different texture on the page. She finished off the page with a border of Chalks.

The following pages are mine. On the first page I wanted to use product from the AZZA Scrap Kit: I have used the decoration stencil and a few of the figures too. Note how I have extended the photo with Chalking pencils to the right of the top photo. Do remember you can cut outside of your lines as long as you have a solid line; I have shown you this in the top photo to the left and with the decoration stencil on the paper shape at the bottom of the page.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Perth, Western Australia

On the next page I have used the A4 Sketch sheet, paper and stamp from the AZZA Scrap Kit PLUS: Nature.

Page by Lyn Holmes – Perth, Western Australia

If you use the stencil this way remember you will have to have the photos top or bottom and on either side a little shorter (or both) to fit onto your page.

Lastly, Christine’s page with the squirrel photos. Christine has used the AZZA glitter tape on her page together with strips of the AZZA Kraft paper. She has inked her Copper and Kraft paper and used the same ink on her page. I just love the lines of the paper, glitter tape, ink and pens on this page.

Page by Christine Houbrechts, AZZA Europe

The AZZA Scrap kits are wonderful gifts (thought I’d remind you this time of year) as you have all you need to begin an album. It is a great gift for someone new to AZZA Scrapbooking or anyone beginning a new album.

Page created with the AZZA Scrap Kit Promenade. AZZA Europe

Below, using a single photo.

AZZA Europe

The AZZA Scrap Kit: Travel (above) creates beautiful pages. Here is one I saw recently uploaded onto Facebook created by Jacqueline Tamborini  in Europe.

With Christmas in mind – do pop along to our November/December catalogue.


You will see all the beautiful Christmas products to make Christmas cards as seen below:

Card created by Nadia Martin, Europe

A very elegant card by Atelier Scrap’Emotions, Europe.


Have fun with the Festive Branches embossing folder, it is a new size for AZZA embossing folders, it is 15 x 15cm to fit the AZZA cards:

Card created by Dominique Forcet, AZZA Europe
Beautiful blue and white selection from AZZA Europe
Card by Sylvie Haenel, AZZA Europe

The Christmas branches cutting die used above are beautiful and most of them can be used throughout the year for both cards and pages.

AZZA Europe

Once Christmas is over, you can use the same products to scrap your Christmas pages:

Page by Christine Houbrechts using the Neptune stencil.
Page by Christine Houbrechts using the Neptune stencil.
Page by Christine Houbrechts using the AZZA Scrap Kit: Promenade.
Decoration by Carole Pereira Bastianon
Christine has used the AZZA Boston stencil.

On Christine’s page below note how she has used the snowflake on her paper as well as in the 3D decoration. The decoration on the paper creates interest but it is still gentle on the page.

Page by Anita Day, Maleny, Queensland

A beautiful page above by Anita using the Christmas products, but the page is not Christmas at all. This shows how versatile these products are.

The decoration below shows how the AZZA products can be used together. The AZZA die, stamp and decoration stencil have been used together to create this decoration.

Christine created this beautiful Christmas page whilst we were scrapping together. She used the AZZA Scrap Kit Promenade and both the Frosty Lake decorative and texture stencil seen below.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, AZZA Europe.

I always talk about bringing your image to life. Christine has done this so beautifully both above and below. Note how the basic image is also not just one colour; give it character with different shades or colours. Once you have your basic image you then need to bring it to life with finer details.

December Mail Out is all about using the AZZA Decoration stencils. I tried to show the ladies the many, many ways to use the decoration stencils and how to bring them to life.

Having looked at the new products, don’t forget to pull out last year’s products too; use them in a different way. Here are a few ideas I have seen in cyberspace this year and through I would share with you. The first selection from Celine Capelle, AZZA Europe.

The lovely little stamp/die sets from last year (shown above) are still available to order in Australia. The card below combines last years star shape with this years products.

And below, the same combination of last year and this year’s Christmas products with a little bit of colour from Virginie Spicher in Switzerland. Celine (above) was inspired by these creations.

On that beautiful note, I’ll sign off and leave you browsing the AZZA Christmas range. Do get your orders in soon if you want to play over the Christmas season as AZZA Australia’s last orders will be packed on Wednesday 18th of December. This means your orders will have to be in Monday 16th by the latest.

AZZA will be open for business again on Monday, 13th January 2020.

Happy Scrappin’


A beautiful pouch for a Christmas gift using the AZZA Cutting die: Gift Bow set
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Neptune and Universe ………

There will be no cleaning the house this month – Neptune and Universe have hit our shores and they are beautiful!


The new colours are Copper and Cherry, so rich and the Universe products are fun! I love circles so I am in my element.

October Baskets on offer:

The October NEPTUNE Basket at $127.00. This basket includes both the Neptune Studio and the Focus book with the pre-cut pages.


The October UNIVERSE Basket at $48.90. This includes the AZZA Decor book with lots of wonderful ideas on what to do with the products, a Decoration stencil and Micro stamp both featured in the book.


All these products are available to purchase individually.

Hilary Hamilton our Director/Team Leader in Victoria has used a set of the pre-cut pages with photos of our Sunburnt country – they match beautifully. Hilary has used an AZZA Alphabet die for her title.

Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria, Australia
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria, Australia

Deb Byrne AZZA Director/Team Leader in Tasmania also created a few beautiful pages:

Deb has used the embossing folder Cosmos, the new Resin dots that have not yet arrived in Australia, ink and a white pen on the page above.

Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania, Australia

On the page above Deb has used one of the stamps from the Large stamps set Universe, inks for shading and finished off her page with the new Copper gel pen together with a gold gel pen and brown writer.


Deb’s third page is of her beautiful family, a proud Mum indeed.

Deb has used the Neptune stencil, black/white/copper/cherry papers, resin dots, ribbon and part of one of the new Universe wooden frames.


The Resin dots have not arrived on our shores yet, but will be here shortly.

If you do not want to purchase the pre-cut pages you can still have fun with the new Universe cutting die:


This beautiful page by Sabine above shows the die on the page. Sabine has used the AZZA Zoo Patterned Seasonal papers. Note how she has chalked the 5mm lines onto the paper. Sabine has also used the new Resin dots. Sabine’s tones on her pages are always amazing.

COPPER and CHERRY are the two new colours in the AZZA range. We have both colours in our 30 x 30 page and 30 x 60 (Double pages) range together with stamp pads to match. The double-sided paper is a good buy as you can use whichever side suits your page.


If you would like a little inspiration from Dominique Spirlet, a member of the AZZA Creative Team here is a little video for You:

As you will see in the video a quick way to get the shape you have cut with your AZZA die onto your page is with the AZZA E-Z re-positionable dots. This is so much easier than applying little dots of glue from your glue pen. This runner is also great for little strips of paper/photo or pieces of paper/photo with little ‘pointy’ ends.


In August AZZA Australia ran a competition for both Consultants and Clients to win the limited edition Tennis stencil.

Our Client winners were Jo Green in Queensland and Jane Sander in Western Australia. Congratulations to you both.

Our Consultant winners were Petra Jaynes in South Australia and Sue Toogood in Queensland. Consultants had to submit a page using our August products, I have posted them in my blog before but here they are again:

Page by Sue Toogood, Queensland, Australia
Page by Petra Jaynes, South Australia.

Sue used the AZZA Orlando stencil and Petra used AZZA Eole stencil. Both used the Sport themed decorations on their pages. Congratulations your pages are beautiful.

At the end of this month many of you will be ‘Trick or Treating’ so I thought I would remind you of our Halloween products we have on sale this month. You can also make a few Halloween cards.

The above kit is on sale for $42.00 instead of $48.00 but we have a few fun products that are still in our catalogue.


I had fun with these products creating a little AZZA Mini-album. I used the AZZA Berlin stencil. The AZZA Magazine Scrap & Moi features these little books quite often. If you have subscribed take a look at one of the older editions: Number 37, page 44. It uses the AZZA Serenity Trio which is no longer available, but you can adapt the idea to any of our AZZA Trio’s or some of the larger stencils.

Mini-album by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
Mini-album by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
Mini-album by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

Creating the stamped images on the page above I used the AZZA large stamp above. First I stamped the spider web on the left placing a sheet of paper over the photo so I didn’t stamp onto the photo.

I then stamped the same spider web onto plain paper and blocked the first image with that cut out image before I stamped the second spider web.

I then stamped the two little spiders. This is where the Stamping plate is so handy, I had to stamp them quite a few times to get them dark enough that you didn’t see the ‘web’ lines through them.


If you would like to make a Mini-album like this one or the one in my previous blog do get hold of your Consultant for a class.

Don’t forget the Masterclasses in Ballarat, Sydney and Perth coming up later in the month and beginning of November. You will get a pre-release stencil to work with and will be shown how to take your decorations to the next level. Christine Houbrechts will be coming over from Belgium to spend some time with us. I can’t wait to see her again. Don’t miss out on any classes in November with your Consultant either – she will have been at our annual get-together and will have spent a few days with Christine. Classes will be full of new techniques on decoration and of course our 2019 Christmas products.

I’ll end with two lovely layouts I came across on the net that I wanted to share with you.

AZZA Europe

I love the tones in the layout above using the AZZA New York stencil and the Home Sweet Home themed products. The decorations are done so well, connecting all the elements.

AZZA Europe

This 4 x 4 page appealed to me too, lovely use of inking and the simple decorations using the Winter Song cutting dies and AZZA pearls:


Enjoy the new products.

Happy Scrappin’


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