Happy New Year

As Christmas has been celebrated for another year, we look forward to the beginning of 2018.


I would like to thank everyone for their support during 2017, it has been fun putting together blogs that I think will inspire everyone to get their photos onto a page so that memories can be preserved in the most delightful way.

Thank you to all the wonderful Ladies out there across the world who have allowed me to use their beautiful creations to share on my blog.

I would also like to thank the Ladies that have attended my classes over the year, I always enjoy our mornings together and am so happy when each one of you leave with a page that will go into your albums for your family and friends to enjoy over years to come.

My last ‘thank you’ goes to my International Customers who have found me online.   I do hope you have enjoyed your AZZA products and have learnt something new with each blog I post.  Always remember I am available for any advice or help using the products.


Lovely page by Janice using AZZA Marshmallow stencil

Another of Janice’s pages created after a play with chalks and inks.


Page by Janice using AZZA Chalks, inks and stamps

Three pages created by Sue in class using the same stencil – AZZA stencil ‘Objective’ – how different they all are!!



AZZA Objective stencil – GAB 733

Here is a video clip by Dominique Spirlet creating a page with the AZZA ‘Objective’ stencil.  She not only shows you how to use the stencil but her decorations are beautiful.  She shows us how to bring stamped images to life and create a little story with our decorations.

Clip on creating a page with AZZA Stencil Objective

Do pop along to a class near you if you haven’t been already.  They are lots of fun and you can learn so much.  Ask your Consultant about the Chalking and Inking classes where you can perfect your techniques.

Lots and lots of photos will have been taken over the past few days and even more over the next few days, it seems such a waste to leave them in your camera or computer where they cannot be enjoyed to the fullest.

Here is a page I have created using the new AZZA Fairy stencil and the new AZZA Christmas products but with my 2010 Christmas photos.  Those of you who have children that have grown up will understand why I do not have many recent photos as when the camera pops out they seem to disappear.  Especially the boy child!!!  This Christmas I have taken more of the ‘Fur Babies’ but I could not believe it, even they do not like the camera.


My ‘Fur Baby’ Thembi


Page by Lyn Holmes, Australia.  AZZA Fairy stencil

I have used most of the selection of Christmas products on the page, the Silhouette figurines, the Decoration stencil, the wooden frames, the stamps and cutting dies not forgetting the lovely Festive pearls and ribbon.  The figurines and wooden frame have been coloured with ink.


Remember always to bring your stamped images to life with chalks or inks.  Here I have used the chalk pencils:


Enter a caption

Once you have cut your image out and stamped it then you can use your chalk pencils to add colour and your chalk stumps for the blurring.  These you can buy either individually or in a set of 10 with various sizes.  Why not share a packet between friends.

Catalogue – Chalk Stumps


Dominique Spirlet has also created a page using the AZZA Fairy stencil.  Note how she colours her Fairy Figures before cutting them out of the sheet.  These figurines are fun to use, they come in white so it is easy for you to colour them to the tone needed for your page.  For those of you that don’t like spending time on decorating, these are the way to go.  So easy to colour, cut and place on your page.  The figurines will always match the stencil they are released with.


AZZA Silhouette Figures Fairy

Clip on creating a page with AZZA Stencil Fairy

I also created a page using the other side of the Fairy stencil:

azza 1

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Australia using the AZZA Fairy stencil

Now I know the ‘heavier’ photo is to the top of the page (we always suggest the ‘heavier’ photo be to the bottom of the page) but with this set of photos this was the best layout.   I have used a small figurine and a wooden frame for the decoration.  The paper colour I had did not quite match the photos on the page so I used TWO AZZA inks to blend the colours in the decoration to match the photos.


With no family here in Australia Christmas it is a quiet time for us so I had time to give my chalks some loving care.

How many of you have chalks that look like this?



To give your chalks some loving care, place the broken chalk in a small bowl and crush it to a powder.


Add a little water – literally a drop at a time to just to get it to a paste.

Place it back in the chalk tray.


And leave it to dry.


It might not look as pretty, but it works perfectly.


To prevent the chalks breaking in the first place, when you buy them place a few sheets of cardboard under them so when you are using them (pressing down) there is no ‘give’ below them.


That is all I have for you today so it is ‘Farewell’ for the year.


Have a wonderful celebration seeing the new year in, take lots of photos and we will meeting again in 2018.


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Merry Christmas

Our Christmas product has been very popular and flying out the door.  Please remember we only have this week of trading to get your orders in before we shut down for Christmas.

WE WILL BE OFFICIALLY CLOSED FROM MONDAY 18TH DECEMBER 2017 TO MONDAY 8TH JANUARY 2018.  Any order you place with your Consultant up to Friday will be sent out on Monday, 18th December.

To have a look at our December catalogue pop along to:

December Catalogue

We will have our JANUARY SALE when we open, but no sneak peeks.

Our December stencil was ‘FAIRY’:



This is a beautiful page created by Deb Byrne, AZZA Team Leader in Tasmania.  Deb has used the ‘Fairy’ stencil, a stamp from the AZZA large stamp set ‘Happy Holidays’, the cutting die ‘Christmas Wreath’, the decoration texture stencil ‘Return of the Swallows’, the embossing folder ‘Icicles’ and a few of the AZZA ‘Festive pearls’.


Created by Deb Byrne, AZZA Team Leader, Tasmania

The embossing stencil ‘Icicles’ which Deb has used is a great purchase as it can be used with any theme, so too is the embossing stencil ‘Return of the Swallows’ which links up with the ‘Return of the Swallows’ decoration texture stencil she used on this page.


Embossing Folder  – ICICLES


Embossing Folder  – RETURN OF THE SWALLOWS

As part of the ‘Return of the Swallows’ theme, below is the decoration texture stencil Deb used on her page.


Decoration Texture Duo – RETURN OF THE SWALLOWS


Festive Pearls – $8.50

The AZZA Festive pearls we now have in stock in Australia can be coloured with your alcohol pens to tie in with the colours on your page.


Photo:  Hilary Hamilton, AZZA Victoria Team Leader

Hilary coloured both the ribbon and the pearls on her card below with an alcohol pen.


Created by Hilary Hamilton, AZZA Victoria Team Leader

To create this card Hilary has used a combination of 3 AZZA cutting dies, AZZA paper, the festive pearls and AZZA glitter.  Hilary has used one of the ‘Sewn Squares’ dies that have been out for a while, together with the ‘Christmas Wreath’ die and the new ‘Christmas Trees’ cutting die.



Note these are ‘SEWN’ squares so the colour of the underlying paper shows through as stitches.

Hilary also used the second set of Christmas cutting dies released in Australia this month, the ‘Christmas Trees’:



Below are a few decorations she has made with them.

Glitter tags

Hilary used the AZZA double sided glued paper, this is a clear sheet so the colours of paper underneath the glitter or cutting die will show through.  It is not white like the normal Jack paper.



The AZZA Christmas stamps ‘Happy Holidays’ has two different wreaths and two smaller stamps.



These stamps have been used together with the new stencil ‘Fairy’ on the pages below.


AZZA Europe.

Below is a very simple AZZA page, but beautiful in the simplicity.  The wreath stamp has been used on the paper cut outs.  Beautiful chalking finished off with the Festive Pearls.


AZZA Europe

The page below has used the AZZA cutting die ‘Christmas Wreath’.  As you can see, the purple paper lies between the sections of the decoration.  The ribbons look like they have been stamped, cut out with the AZZA cutting die, coloured and then 3D onto the page.


The second Christmas set of stamps released in December was ‘Father Christmas’ Workshop’.  I showed them used on cards in my last blog, here  Hilary has made some name tags for the Christmas table.




Created by Hilary Hamilton, AZZA Victoria Team Leader

To make the tags Hilary has once again used the ‘Sewn Square’ cutting die and then folded it in half  – a perfect size for these tags.  To get the glitter around the edges of the stamped images Hilary used the matching cutting die to cut out the same shape and then slightly off-set the stamped image so the glitter could sit on the edge that the stamped image did not cover.  She has used alcohol pens to colour in the images and the lace figurine.

Now see the stamps used together with the new ‘Fairy’ stencil on a page.


AZZA Europe


AZZA Europe


AZZA Europe

So whether your page is blue, gold or the Christmas green and red these stamps can be highlighted to suit your colours and tones.

Christine Caparros created a beautiful double page using the AZZA Christmas products.



Note the ‘white’ diamond shape on the right is a ‘cut-out’ so when closed you can see the white wreath on the page on the left.

A few close-ups of her work:deco.jpg


Note how she has brought her stamped images to life.

Below is a wonderful idea for Christmas produced by Dominique Pfenning in Europe.


She has used both the ‘Christmas Wreath’ and the ‘Tree and Leaves’ AZZA cutting dies.

Now for a few non-Christmas pages using the Fairy stencil:



AZZA Europe


AZZA Europe


AZZA Europe


On this last page by Sandra, the new AZZA ‘Autumn’ Theme has been used for the decoration too.

The Large stamp set ‘Autumn Promenade’.



The matching cutting dies.



Decoration stencil duo:



Texture stencil:



… and the micro-stamp:




Page by Dominique Pfenning, Europe.

Another beautiful page using the AZZA Evasion stencil and the  decorations from the AZZA Autumn range created by Dominique Pfenning.  Watch out for these products in the new year.

The embossing folder Dominique has used here is the AZZA A6 Embossing folder ‘Autumn Promenade’, also part of AZZA’s Autumn theme.



Our ‘older stencil’ layout this time was created by Claudine Goossens, Europe using the Sofia-Lima stencil.  She has finished it off with the AZZA Large stamp set ‘Wedding’.  Many of you will have bought this set a while ago, please note that there is now a matching cutting die available.


Created by Claudine Goossens, Europe using the Sofia-Lima stencil


Large stamp set – WEDDING



Claudine posted a second wedding page using the new ‘Fairy’ stencil.



To end, a lovely double page layout by Floscrap using the AZZA Objective stencil:

Front page.jpg

The right-hand side of the front page will flip back.  Below is a picture of the right-hand side page on its own so you can see the cut-out sections.



A matching page for the set:


This will be my last blog for the year so I wish you all a very


Don’t forget to take lots of photos to keep your memories alive and keep you busy in the new year.

Lots of exciting news and products to look forward to in 2018.

Happy Festive Season, and possibly a little happy scrappin’


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Just over a month until Christmas ………

With Christmas only a month away I am sure many of you have projects you want to complete to place under the Christmas tree for  ‘loved ones’.  A gift of an album, bound book or Accordion album are all priceless as the person knows just how much work/love has gone into the making of the gift.  (Hopefully)!!

Our Christmas range is due out next week and is beautiful, all products will be available to order in Australia from the 1st December.  Here are a few examples of cards made with the Christmas theme from the AZZA Swiss page:


The ‘wreath’ you see on the cards is an AZZA Cutting Die, the elves are part of the Christmas theme kit of stamps and cutting dies.


AZZA Cutting Die ‘CHRISTMAS WREATH’:  DIE 073 – $38.00



Another new AZZA Cutting Die used on the cards is our AZZA ‘GIFT TAGS’ set.


AZZA Cutting Die ‘GIFT TAGS’:  Die 077 – $25.00




These little guys look so cute whatever colour they are!!


The ‘cut-out’ on the card above is also an AZZA Cutting Die: ‘Winter Windows’


These are used together with the AZZA ‘Lantern’ Cutting Die which is great for Christmas decorations.


AZZA Cutting Die ‘LANTERN’:  Die051 – $75.00

A beautiful example from ID Scrap whose work I share so often:


If you received the special edition of the Scrap & Moi last year you will have this little stamp of Santa already.



The finished size of the lantern is 8cm x 14cm.

Lanterns can also be made for Halloween as seen by these samples shared on ‘Cartes et scrap couleur lavande’ on Facebook.


…. and a lovely ‘off the page’ idea for the Cutting Die ‘Gift Tags’.


I will send out a blog with more about the Christmas Theme and the new stencil available next week.

This Blog I would like to give a ‘shout out’ to all our New South Wales Consultants here in Australia.

Barbara Brown lives is Dubbo and is slowly building up classes in Orange and hopefully Bathurst.  If you are in the area and would like to find out more about her classes, please pop along to  Barb’s Details and get in touch with her.

Denise Harris lives in Lake Cathie, New South Wales and has been a Consultant for many years.  Denise holds classes at home and in Newcastle.  She is always willing to travel to hold classes if there is an interest.  If you are in her area and would like to find out more about her classes, please pop along to Denise’s Details and get in touch with her.


A beautiful page by Denise using Bilbao-Macau  and sand for texture

Lynette Garrett-Preston lives in Woodberry not too far from Denise.  You may have met her at one of the shows.  Lynette is also happy to travel within a one hour radius to hold a class for you and your friends, she is also happy to do one-on-one classes depending on the location.  You can find Lynette’s details at:  Lynette’s Details

Marie Smith is a our Consultant in Blaxland, New South Wales.  She is looking to increase her classes in the area.  If you are interested in finding out more about AZZA, please pop along to Marie’s Details

Pauline Cartwright is our only Consultant in ACT, Australia, she lives in Oxley.   She has been holding classes for many years.  She holds classes twice a month in Oxley.  You can find her details at: Pauline’s Details

Here is a page from Pauline, she has used the Orion stencil and one of AZZA’s lovely Australian Cutting Dies:  Gum Leaves.  Note how she has given her ‘gum leaves’ character once they were cut.



AZZA Cutting Die ‘GUM LEAVES’:  Die 6101 – $15.00

One of my favourite AZZA Cutting Dies is the ‘Square Scroll Frames’, there are 3 different sizes in the set.


AZZA Cutting Die ‘SQUARE SCROLL FRAMES’:  Die 058 – $35.00

Here is a page I had a bit of fun with.  I used the new ‘Objective’ Stencil and the new ‘Tropical’ Decoration stencil.  I am sure many of you have the figures I have used which were from the older ‘Cocktail’ theme.


AZZA Stencil Objective

azza 1.jpeg

Page by Lyn Holmes, Australia – Objective Stencil.

Note how I have used TWO frames mounted together to tie the colours together.  This creates a great effect.


Sue Talbot created a similar page in class using the Objective stencil and a double frame.


Page by Sue Talbot using Objective Stencil


The frame can highlight decorations, a photo or a title.  Below I have used stamped images, one of which I have made 3D for texture on the page.


Lyn Holmes – AZZA Decoration

And don’t forget you can rotate your frame too.


When cutting out your frame you are left with a nice square and another form of a frame, these can be used on the same or another page.


The next page I created using the new ‘Evasion’ Stencil.  I have used the decoration stencils that come with the ‘Souvenir’ kit, they are beautiful.

azza:LynHolmes 4.jpeg

Page by Lyn Holmes, Australia – Evasion Stencil.

I have also incorporated a wooden frame – AZZA has a few different types and a new wooden frame will be coming out next month to match the new stencil.


These wooden frames are a great buy, they are only $13.00 and look how many frames you get.  You will find them under ‘Decorating Products’ on the website. Again, they can be used with a photo, title or decoration in them.

Another page I created with the Evasion stencil, this time using the AZZA ‘Photography’ stamps and die cuts.


Page by Lyn Holmes, Australia – Evasion Stencil

Note how I have chalked the light brown paper to tone it in with the red paper and photos I have used. I used red paper for one of the decorations and white for the other,  just to keep a balance.  As you can see, this stamp can be used to place a title on the page or for a bit of journalling.  I love these stamps and cutting dies as they can be used with any theme on a page.

Below is a beautiful page created by Deb Byrne, our Tassie Consultant using the Evasion stencil.

AU069 Deborah Byrne 3.jpg

Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania – Evasion Stencil.

Deb also created two pages using the new AZZA ‘Souvenir’ Scrap Kit:

AU069 Deborah Byrne 4.jpg

Look how different the two pages look.

AU069 Deborah Byrne 2.jpg

Deb has used stamps from the ‘Holiday Club’ and ‘Sea and Boat’ theme:


TAM 758 – $9.90

These little Micro stamps are very reasonably priced at $9.90.


Ruby Stamp Set ‘Camping Club’ – $13.50


Ruby Stamp Set ‘Holiday Club’ – $13.50

I also created a page with the ‘Souvenir’ AZZA Scrap Kit:

azza:LynHolmes 5.jpeg

What I have tried to show here is how you can keep your photos large on the page if you wish.  Ladies often look at the stencil and say ‘My photos won’t fit’, so in both the Objective layout above and this one I kept the photos almost at the 6 x 4 size, not cutting too much off.  Always place you photos behind the stencil when you are deciding and see how many of the ‘gaps’ you have to use to keep your photos larger.

Below is a layout by Sabine Lebrun, using the Mauritius stencil.  I wanted to show how she has kept her photos large on the page and finished off the shapes with decoration.

Maldives-Sabine Lebrun.jpg

Below a page using the AZZA Aqua stencil keeping the photos larger.


Two pages below using the AZZA Bilbao-Macau stencil keeping the photos large.



Two photos below created by scraptoutdoubs.com  using the AZZA Orion stencil, keeping the photos large:



Beautiful page by Floscrap using the AZZA Scrap Kit ‘Travel Book’ keeping her photos large.


Below a page using the AZZA Objective stencil keeping the photos large.


To end, a layout with an older stencil and a layout not needing a stencil at all.


Chantalouscrap posted this beautiful layout using the older AZZA Sofia-Lima stencil, sadly no longer available.  Do pull yours out and enjoy it again.


Mimouscrap provides out last layout using no stencil but AZZA decoration.

If you are new to AZZA or need some inspiration or just want to work with the product to see how you like it, please get hold of one of our Consultants and pop along to a class.  They are fun as you are scrapping with a group and there is always lots of laughter.


Liz Young created this layout in class this week using the AZZA Orion stencil and the ‘Tree and Leaves’ cutting die.  Note how the decoration was cut from two different colours of paper to bring some interest and balance to the page.  The lighter paper was then inked with the green to tone it down and the green inked with a lighter colour.


To leave on a funny note, my Cuttlebug was sitting on my kitchen counter at home as I was clearing the table and a friend of my daughter asked her if it was my pasta machine!!


Happy scrapping’ ….. and I will bring you our Christmas range next week.



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Deb Byrne, Tranmere. Tasmania Team Leader and Consultant

Hi Ladies

Sorry I gave you the wrong Facebook link for Deb Byrne.


I have corrected it on my blog:

Deb’s Facebook page

It is also listed under the ‘Blogroll’ on the main page of my blog, where it is always easily accessible. (Bottom right-hand corner of the main home page)


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Honey, I’m home ……….

Having had a wonderful 7 weeks in Europe, I am home and wow – what a lot of new AZZA products available in Australia.  With Christmas around the corner we have new Christmas themes to look forward to playing with too.

Classes in Turramurra, New South Wales will be held on Friday 17th November and Wednesday, 29th November.  Do contact me if you would like to come along and find out more about our AZZA products.

In October the AZZA Evasion stencil was released in Australia.



Herewith a few samples that I have found on the internet to share with you.


The page above has been created by idscrap, in Europe.  A very simple, clean page.  She has used the AZZA Die Cut ‘Tree and Leaves’ for her decoration.


The page above is full of fun.  Decorations were created with the new Ruby Stamp set ‘CAMPING CLUB’ below.

The theme of the Decoration stencils, stamps and figures this month are ‘SEA AND BOAT’ and ‘CLUB AND TROPICAL’.  These are great for all the holiday photos you need to get onto a page!!


‘Camping Club’ – Tam 3016.  $13.50

The page below has been created using the new ‘Photography’ theme products.  The Large Stamp set and the Embossing Folder.



Large Stamp Set – ‘Photography’.   $35.00

There is an AZZA Cutting Die that goes with this Large Stamp Set.


Embossing Folder – ‘Photography’.  $12.00

The ‘Photography’ Theme products are excellent to add to your stock as they go with any theme on the page.

The page below was created by Sabine Lebrun, as you know I love her work.  For decoration she has used paper, AZZA texture stencil and the AZZA ‘Tree and Leaves’ Cutting Die.


The A5 AZZA Texture stencil ‘Tree Texture’ has been very popular.


A5 Tree Texture stencil – $12.00

Below is a lovely creation from Nadege Delcour, Europe using the Evasion stencil.


The page below is created with the Evansion stencil using only one photo – how different it looks,  a great look for a Title page too.  Celine has used the Large Stamp Set (Shown above)  and Cutting Die from the ‘Photography’ Theme.


A set of pre-cut pages come with the Evasion stencil.  Herewith a layout using the pre-cut pages.


AZZA Evasion Pre-cut pages – $23.00


On the above layout 2 photos have been used almost whole, without using the smaller sections of the stencil.  Often Ladies in my class will ask if the photos suit the stencil.  Generally you can always work with your photos and the stencil you have chosen by taking time to decide where to place them.  As you can see from these layouts I have chosen to share with you, you can use more, smaller size/shape photos on a page or as above and below, only two photos.


The photo above shows the back of the ‘front’ pre-cut page.  Below is the second page.


The decorations below were created with the Decoration stencil from the ‘Souvenir’ Kit which is available in Australia this month.  Unfortunately this Decoration stencil is only available in this kit, it is not available on its own.



The AZZA November stencil is a kit:  AZZA Scrap Kit:  Souvenir.


AZZA Scrap Kit ‘Souvenir’ – KIT 947.  $70.00


The kit consists of an album, illustrated sheets, 1 sheet with silhouette figures, 1 large decorative stencil (used on the page above), The Souvenir stencil 30 x 30 and 6 album pages.

Herewith a few samples created with the Souvenir stencil.

The first two creations are from Deb Byrne, our Tassie Consultant and Team Leader.  Deb lives in Tranmere.  Deb has been with Azza since March 2014 – since this time her business has grown from strength to strength and this is mainly due to her skills and her personality.  Deborah would love to share her passion with you – give her a call or an email, she would love to help you!

Deb’s Facebook page

AU 069 Deborah Byrne.jpg

Deb has used the AZZA sand in keeping with the theme of the page and to add texture.  She has also used our new little stamp set ‘Beach cabins’ on her page below.  You can colour these little cabins to tone in with your page.

AU069 Deborah Byrne.jpg


AZZA Ruby Stamp Set ‘Beach Cabins’ – $13.50


Page created by Christine Rave, Europe with AZZA Souvenir Stencil.

Below a page created by Hilary Hamilton, our Team Leader down in Victoria.  Hilary lives in Inverleigh and holds classes on a regular basis.  In this layout Hilary has kept two portrait photos almost whole and completed her layout with paper and a simple stamped image.  She has used the AZZA ‘Elegant Flowers’ stamp set and Cutting die.


Lastly a striking page by Nadege again, using the Souvenir stencil and decorations with the Souvenir decoration stencil.  Nadege Delcour has a Facebook page too:

Nadege Delcour’s Facebook page


And now for a bit of ‘Christmas Spirit’.  With Christmas around the corner our Christmas products are about to hit Australia.  These products can be used for both Scrapbooking and to create beautiful cards.  Here are a few samples of cards, it is almost time to ship off those overseas cards so there is no time to waste if you are making your own.

The first set of cards were created by Celine Henchoz (we saw a page created by her earlier):




The second set of cards I found on the Swiss AZZA page.


More on these products closer to their release in December.

I always like to include one layout that is in the AZZA style but does not need a stencil to create.  Once again this is a page by Nadege Delcour.  She has used chalking to finish off the page, then both a Decoration stencil and 3D figures, note the little dots to represent sand and to tie the figures together.


To end the blog I wanted to share with you a little gem of a page from Sabine Lebrun using the AZZA Orion stencil.


I just love the colours on the page and her gentle decorations that bring it all together.  The little leaves are from the Decoration stencil duo ‘Nature’:


AZZA Decoration stencil Duo ‘Nature’ – $15.00


Do pop along to our website:  AZZAWORLD.COM.AU to see all the product that is available, then contact your Consultant to learn more about them or place an order.

Remember orders cannot be placed online, only through a Consultant.  This allows you to create a relationship with your Consultant and get the most out of your product.

Our new NOVEMBER Catalogue is now available :

AZZA Australia November Catalogue

Christmas is not far away so book into a class and create some wonderful gifts for your family and friends.

Happy Scrappin’


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Whilst I am away ….


Just a quick note to remind you that you can still order through me although I am away on holiday.  I will be in Europe this time, not Africa, so am quite sure I will have phone coverage wherever I am.  It is a pity I am not in France or Belgium or I would have contacted some of you lovely Ladies whose pages I have shared on my blog and come for a visit and a bit of scrapping!

If you have any queries or would like to place an order please just send me an e-mail to lynholmes@rocketmail.com.  I will be checking in regularly.

Many Ladies in the States and Canada have contacted AZZA on how to order having seen my blog.  Please e-mail me direct on lynholmes@rocketmail.com and I will help you with all your AZZA needs.  I am always happy to chat and Skype if you would prefer.

I have had a few ladies trying to order through the website.  For both international orders and local orders, these are placed through a Consultant.  The idea is that you will get good service from your Consultant and she will then be available to answer any queries you may have and help you out with using the product you have ordered.  If you are in the same area as a Consultant, do pop along to a class and see how easy it is to use the AZZA stencils, you will always learn something in class.

So, the idea is, you pop along to the Australian AZZA website:

Australian AZZA website

Here you can scroll through the pages at your leisure and then contact a Consultant and place your order.


There are 2 ways to look at the products.  You can either look at the ‘Flipping page’ catalogue or scroll through the products by name.

To go to the Catalogues – you will see Titles in BLUE above the red menu bar – the second one is Catalogues.  Click on this and you will find them.  The September Catalogue has just been uploaded, so if you only want to see the new product this is a quick method.


The other way to look for specific items or see the full range we have – you will click on AZZA products in the red menu bar.


Now, this is where you NEED TO IGNORE THE  ‘How to order AZZA products’.  A lot of Ladies have been trying to create an account, you cannot create an account.

So click on the AZZA Products and it will take you to the various categories:


Please NOTE that the AZZA Cutting dies and Embossing folders are under ‘Accessories and Tools’, quite a few of you could not find them.

So, once on this page you click on the box which has the items you are looking for:

For example, for the Cutting dies and Embossing folders you will click on “Accessories and Tools’, the next screen will look like this:


Click on this and you will see all the individual items.


So if you are looking for the “newest products” – click on the ‘NEW PRODUCTS’ box.


…. and the latest products will be shown.


Now all you have to do is make a note of the products you would like and then contact your Consultant with the list.  If you click on the individual product you will get more information.

If you are looking for a Consultant in your area, look in the red menu bar and you will see the second one is ‘Consultants’


from here follow ‘Find a Consultant’ or ‘View Consultants List’.



On the phone it is slightly different………….





This is what the AZZA page will look like on your phone.  You can see the ‘Navigate to’ bar – you have to tap on the down arrow and then in the bottom of your screen a list will appear.



As you can see in the grey section, all the different categories are listed.  Just scroll down to the one you want, here “AZZA products” then hit done and it will take you to the products to look through.

I do hope this helps those Ladies struggling to navigate our website!

I could not leave you without a few pages created with the new stencil ‘Objective’.


AZZA Objective Stencil

Herewith a lovely page with only one photo using the new ‘Globetrotter’ theme products too.


AZZA Europe

These products will be great for all the travel photos and can be used time and time again.

Below is a beautiful set of pages with the new stencil.



Sophie Minghelli, AZZA Europe


Sophie Minghelli, AZZA Europe

The stamped image used is from the older ‘Ethnic motifs’, no longer available but a great set of stamps that can be used with any theme.


Sophie Minghelli, AZZA Europe

A few lovely pages by Sophie Juvigne, AZZA Europe.




And a close up of her decorations from the new ‘Globetrotter’ theme:



Lastly a set of pages by one of my favourite Ladies, Filomena / Be Creativa:


Her front page of a double page layout.


Inside spread, note the ‘cut outs’ on the front flap.


Back page and below a close-up of her decoration.


Herewith a link to her website for more detail:

Be Creativa

Do pop along to the AZZA website and check out all the new products available this month.

Well, I am off to Europe for a fantastic break but do remember if you need to order anything or need any help with product you have ordered please do not hesitate to contact me on my e-mail:  lynholmes@rocketmail.com.  I will get back to you in-between flights/meals/tours and glasses of good wine!!

Happy Scrappin’


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A little inspiration before I go …….

This will be my last blog until November as I am away for the next two months.  I will try and share great creations I find to my Facebook page, but as I am travelling will not have access to a computer to do a full blog.

To begin with, a few creations with the Orion stencil.

Firstly, two pages by Rosalie with a single photo (and a little piece of string!).  Always great for a frame if you would like to create a gift for someone (Christmas is around the corner) or a Title page.




Rosalie has used the AZZA stamp and cutting die from the ‘Elegant flowers’ theme on the page above.


Large stamp set ‘Elegant Flowers’ – TAM 0034

Below Filomena, Be Creative has used the same stamp with the Orion stencil.  The embossing stencil is from the new AZZA theme ‘Nature’.


AZZA Embossing folder ‘Nature’ – EMB 025

This is a great example of using the full circle in the stencil even though your photo does not fill the shape.  Filomena has completed the circular shapes with the lavender paper.  She has decorated the paper beautifully, keeping the same tones so your eyes are not drawn away from the photos.  She has both stamped and embossed the paper sections, and dare I say, added a little piece of string!


The page below has been created using the Orion and Nature Cutting Dies.  Note how the ‘tree’ overlaps the photo and paper cut out.


AZZA, Europe

A few ideas on stamping.

When you stamp an image that is only the first step, you need to make the image come to life.  All it takes is a little direction and then practise.

The AZZA stamp set below is a lovely little set for the ‘outdoor’ pages.



TAM 3000- $13.50

Here is a link to Sabrina’s blog, she shows you how to bring your stamped image to life with pens:

Little Fisherman

Sabrina has also posted an AZZA Accordion Album which she has created.  I always like to remind everyone about these little albums at this time of year as they make a great Christmas gift.  Sabina has used the AZZA Lune Trio stencil and the decorations from the ‘Perfumes of the South’ kit and the Geometric theme.  She has only put one photo on each section, note the details in her decoration.

Accordion Album




Accortion Stencil Trio ‘LUNE’ – GAB 457



Perfumes of the South Kit – Limited Edition

Another example of bringing a stamped image to life – this time on a card, using the AZZA Orion Cutting dies and the AZZA stamp ‘Weekend in the Country’ which we saw last time using the Scarecrow.



AZZA ‘Weekend in the Country’ – TAM 0042

On the pages below Celine has used the same stamp set, this time using the ‘tree’ for decoration.  She has used the set of pre-cut pages for the Orion stencil and the Orion stencil to create the set of pages.





The embossing folder she has used is the AZZA Embossing Folder ‘Geometric’.  This is a great embossing folder as it can be used with any theme.


AZZA Embossing folder ‘Geometric’ – EMB 018

Below are some pages created by  two Australian Consultants using some of the older stencils.

A double page from Wendy Mongan, in Morwell, Victoria with our very cute Koalas.


Created by Wendy Mongan, Vic using AZZA Galapagos stencil

Wendy has used the Galapagos stencil for this layout and her decorations are from the new ‘Nature’ theme.



Created by Wendy Mongan, Vic using AZZA Galapagos stencil

The following pages are by Barbara Rae, our Western Australia Team Leader.  Barbara lives in Glen Iris, so if you are anywhere near there, do contact Barb for a class.

AU041 B Rae - Aqua - curtin

Created  by Barbara Rae, WA – using Aqua stencil.

Barbara has also used the beautiful AZZA cutting dies: Gum blossom and Gum nuts.  Note the detail Barbara has added to the shape of the gum leaves, nuts and blossom once they have been cut.

Gum Leaves

AZZA Cutting Die:  Gum leaves


AZZA Cutting Die:  Gum blossom

RAE AU041 - Macao - Camillia

Created by Barbara Rae, WA –  using Bibao-Macau stencil. 

Beautiful decoration on her paper cut-out.  Note how she has not stamped the whole shape but just the one side, gives a great visual.

RAE Barb - AU041 - 4WD

Created by Barbara Rae, WA using the the AZZA Bahamas stencil

Barbara has used the AZZA sand in the top right and bottom left of the page, this together with the embossing on the paper has added texture to the page.

RAE Barb - AU041 - Ecole - Tribal Indian+Mandela

Created by Barbara Rae, WA using the AZZA Eole stencil.

Barb has used the AZZA ‘Tribal Indian’ theme for her decorations above.


AZZA Decoration stencil ‘Tribal Indian’ – GAB 590

RAE Barb - AU041 - Mauritius - Lilly

Created by Barbara Rae, WA using AZZA Mauritius stencil.

Note how Barb has brought the colours of the photos into her decorations.  She has used pens, chalks and inks to bring her decorations to ‘life’.  A lot of you will have these older decoration stencils at home, do get them out again.


AZZA Europe

I loved this page I found on the net, created by AZZA Europe using Bilbao-Macau.  Note the inking on the page in red and matching inking on the paper cut-outs in black.  Very effective.

A few pages created using the ‘Perfumes of the South’ stencil:


AZZA Europe

How cute is this page using the little fisherman stamps I showed you earlier.


Page by So Scrap, Europe

Beautiful page by So Scrap above using our AZZA wooden circles and string to connect the decorations together.


AZZA Europe

The Orion cutting dies have been used on the page above and pages below as part of the decorations.


Page by Audrey Vast, Europe.


Rosalie has used the Cutting Die and embossing stencil from the ‘Nature’ theme on the page above.

And lastly a small decoration I found using the latest ‘Nature’ theme.


AZZA Europe

The ‘tree’ stamp has been used in the centre in 3D and in the corner of the decoration behind.  The AZZA Cutting die has been used on a photo – keeping the same colour tones throughout.  It is beautiful.

Two more examples of decoration – this time ‘sitting’ on a strip cut from one of the AZZA cutting dies.


AZZA  Cutting Die – Openwork Frieze

Simple decorations, but beautiful on the page.


AZZA Cutting Die – Baroque Frieze

Lastly a page using the AZZA 4 x 4 method – cutting the photos but not using a stencil.


I do like the decoration on the page.  The lines done with the pens using both the thicker nip for the initial line and then finishing it off with smaller lines and dots with a much thinner pen.  Very effective.  I also love the little vine around the lines, these can be done freehand or you can use one of the decoration stencils.

Hopefully this leaves you with enough to play with.  AZZA Australia has a new stencil coming out soon, so something to look forward to.

If you are stuck on a layout – do pop along to my PINTEREST page where I have a gallery for each stencil with lots and lots of layouts to give you ideas.  The link to the page is on the home page of this blog, look at the bottom, right-hand side.  There are also links to blogs of some of the AZZA ladies in Europe whose work is excellent.

Chat to you all again in November,

Happy Scrappin’


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