Winter is here ……

I think I have finally got my computer sorted – had to buy a new one – so here’s hoping all my problems are solved!  Back to regular blogs, but no wait, I am off on holiday tomorrow for 3 weeks, so this will be ‘it’ until August.  In the northern hemisphere all my friends are off on ‘Summer holidays’ thank goodness the weather has been kind this year and here in the Southern Hemisphere, everyone is off skiing!  What does this mean – LOTS of beautiful photos to scrap in the next few months.

I am loving the new Orion stencil as I am sure you are too.  Some of my Ladies were a bit taken aback with the size of the Orion cutting dies, but I am sure once you have worked with them you will see they work out very nicely on the page.  They both have a 10cm circle within.  Do play with them on your older AZZA stencils too.

Scan 5

Orion stencil- Page by Lyn Holmes

I used them in this layout above:   pre-dinner cocktails on our Wedding anniversary hence the little picture in the centre!!  Here I only used ONE cut-out die of the Orion cutting die – the two pieces worked perfectly.  I needed to fill the little gap on the left-hand side of the small photo in the middle and used the rest of the circle to frame my ‘Title’.  I also decided to hide one end behind the photo and bring the other on top of the photo ending against a solid edge (the bottle).  I also used a colour to blend with the photos as the photos are quite ‘busy’.

A few more pages to show you the Orion Cutting Die:


AZZA Europe

What a lovely layout – the little leaves in the middle are from the AZZA Nature theme, only being released in Australia in September.  A beautiful range to look forward to.


Two beautiful cat pages by Catherine Clouvel in Europe.


Scan 7

Orion stencil – Page by Lyn Holmes

On the layout above I have used the Orion stencil and the Geometric stamps.  The alphabet stencil I have used is Leon.  Note the double chalking in the top right-hand corner, the initial chalking was in line with the photo so the second chalking just gives the layout another dimension so it is not exactly ‘square’.

Below is a lovely page by Scrap de Roz, using the Orion stencil with only one photo.


….. and a simple creation by Irene Volont below.


Last blog I also showed you the AZZA Hula Hoop stencil.  This is a 25 x 25cm stencil but can easily be used on the standard 30 x 30cm page.  Below I have created a page with the Hula Hoop stencil on the 30 x 30 page, as you can see it can be drawn out to a larger size easily.  These stencils are great and at only $14.00 a stencil, very reasonable.

Hula Hoop GAB729

AZZA Hula Hoop – $14.00 

Scan 6

Hula Hoop Stencil – Page by Lyn Holmes

For decoration I have used chalks, the AZZA Cutting die ‘Openwork frieze’ and the ‘Ethnic’ decoration duo.  I used the AZZA ‘Circles’ set for the chalking around the photo, it makes it so much easier.  The set is shown below, it does make decoration so much easier, both on the inside of your circles or the outside!


AZZA tools Stencils ‘Circles’ – $33.00


Sorry about the close-up of ‘me’!!

Herewith a few more samples of the AZZA Hula Hoop stencil I found on Pinterest. Sorry I couldn’t trace the original ‘Creator’ for all of them.


Isn’t this layout pretty – love the chalking on paper cut-outs.  The decoration on the page above and below are from the AZZA theme –  ‘Return of the swallows’.


Large stamp set – Return of the Swallows.


Embossing folder – Return of the Swallows EMB 023.  $12.00

The embossing stencil has been used on the layout below.  The AZZA figurines from the same them have also been used and coloured.  Aren’t they gorgeous!



And lastly, some older stencils  ….  for those of you that love a simple layout – just photos and no decoration, below I have used AZZA Mauritius stencil.


I have used 5 photos here, the top right-hand side is an enlargement.  What I LOVE about AZZA is that you can get rid of all ‘that space’ that is not needed on a photo!


….. and for those that like to add decoration to the page:

Scan 9

Page by Lyn Holmes – Mauritius Stencil

This did not take me long – I stamped the two anchors from the ‘Nautical’ stamp set in black, punched 2 little holes in the top and looped the ‘rope’ around and stuck it to the page.  Above the photos I used the ‘Nautical’ Decoration Duo stencil and white ink and a Title I cut off a postcard.  Too easy!!

I also came across this layout using AZZA Mauritius stencil, beautiful tones, again using the AZZA Nautical theme for decoration.


Another page I came across and loved and wanted to share with you:


A page by Megan Bielska in Europe using the Bilbao-Macau stencil and decorated using the AZZA ‘Birth’ stamps.  This stamp set is on sale at the moment:


AZZA stamp set Birth – $25.15

I love this stamp set, you can use it for so many themes with babies and kids.  I have used the little flowers and hearts on a lot of pages other than babies and kids too.

A page by idscrap using Essentials I just loved:


Lastly a few photos from some of the classes I have held.  The Ladies produced some wonderful creations:

A  beautiful page by Hazel, once again using the Mauritius stencil.


Page by Hazel Iveli, NSW

Front page of a double page layout by Sue using Caribbean.


Page by Sue Talbot, NSW

Inside double page using AZZA Mirage stencil.


Double page by Sue Talbot, NSW

From the wonderful Ladies in Penrith, thanks for sharing your pages …..



Page by Nikki, Penrith

A close-up of Nikki’s  page, created with the AZZA Maldives stencil.


Two beautiful pages (and Ladies) both using texture stencils over chalking for decoration.  On the left-hand side is Adriana using the Travel stencil and on the right Lizzy using the Perfumes of the South stencil.


Page by Nancy, Penrith

Nancy created a wonderful page using AZZA Toronto stencil.


Page by Laurene, Penrith

Lovely page by Laurene using AZZA Aqua stencil incorporating a postcard from the place she had visited.


Page by Jenny, Penrith

Beautiful double page by Jenny using the AZZA Brussels-Mexico stencil.  Love the amount of photos she managed to fit on the page together with the ‘tickets’ from the day in the top left-hand corner.


Page by Debbie, Penrith

And of course, Elephants may favourite.  Debbie did a double page layout with Eole stencil and little AZZA figurines as decoration.  Lovely chalking to finish the page.

Hopefully the Ladies have inspired you to get scrapping.  All these pages were created in a class, so you can see how diverse the end results are but all so beautiful!

Happy Scrappin’


Reading through – a lot of ‘loving’ going on BUT  –  I LOVE WHAT I DO!!

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Winter Downunder

Winter has arrived in Australia whilst I see it is a wonderful summer in the Northern Hemisphere!  In Australia, with the colder weather, we have a good excuse just to ‘rug-up’, stay indoors and scrap.  Further north, you are out and about enjoying the sunshine and taking lots of photos to scrap when your winter arrives.

A new stencil is about to hit our shores on 1st July – Orion.


The July Basket will consist of the Orion Studio Kit, the pre-cut pages and a book of ideas on ‘Window pages’.

The stencil can be purchased as part of the July Basket, Studio Kit or simply the stencil itself.

As you can see, this stencil comes with pre-cut pages, so a lot of extra ideas and fun.


An example from idscrap in Europe showing the use of the pre-cut pages.


An example from Les Scraps d’Yvette of the second stencil using the pre-cut pages.



You will see she has also used the delightful, new cutting die that has been brought out with Orion:  Orion Frames:


Cutting Dies: Orion Frames DIE 084   – $49.00


These Orion Frames will be so versatile as they can be used with so many of the AZZA Stencils.


Page by Les Scraps d’Yvette

Below Natalie has used it for her Title.

Nathalie Macioszek Orion 1

Nathalie Macioszek Orion 2


Above you can see the use of the new embossing stencil:

Embossing stencil emb019

Embossing Folder ‘Weekend in the Country’ – EMB019 $12.00

Floscrap of Europe has created a lovely title page and double page with the Orion stencil:




The Hula Hoop stencil was released in June.  It is a 25×25 stencil but can be used on the 30×30 pages as outside of the circles you can use 6×4 photos to increase the size of the layout created.

Hula Hoop GAB729

Hula Hoop – GAB729 – $14.00


Lovely page created with the Hula Hoop stencil.

The new Theme of stamps released in Australia is ‘Weekend in the Country’.  They are lovely and can be used with so many themes.


This is my favourite:

Microstempset Well

Micro stamp set ‘Well’ – $9.90

The larger stamp set:


Weekend in the Country – $35.00


Do note that the frames do not always have to be used as a complete circle.  They can be cut to various sizes to fit your layout.  Below is a page by Christine Houbrechts, Europe.


Above, Christine has used a punched circle to ‘carry’ one of the titles, below I have used it to carry my decoration for the page.  I have also punched a circle from the paper that I have used with the AZZA Cutting Die – to balance the page.

Scan 4

Lyn Holmes – Essentials stencil

A punched circle is an easy way to lift your decorations.  Below you can see a punched circle has been used in 3D on top of decorated paper and an AZZA die-cut strip to highlight the chillies and the oil.  The oil bottle is stamped and the chillies are lace figurines from the ‘Perfumes of the South’ range.


Below Celine has used both a scalloped circle and a plain, smaller circle which has been stamped.  Remember as with the above Orion Frames, circles do not always have to be whole, or cut in half, but can be cut to whatever size enhances your layout.



In the layout above by Marie, the semi-circle ‘carries’ the decoration above.


Bilbao-Macau stencil and Japanese theme stamps

I love the small holes punched in this ‘cut circle’ with the lines running through.  Lovely decorative lines.


Porto-Valparaiso stencil


Celebration Stencil


Celebration stencil

On the page above both semi-circles and full circles have been used.


Floscrap has used circles with the Essential stencil.  The higher circle has been embossed and coloured with inks and the lower one has been placed behind an AZZA wooden frame to highlight the decoration.  A lovely layout.

The AZZA Wooden frames are a great little addition to your products to pop on one of your pages where you want to highlight a photo or a decoration.  They are very reasonable at $13.00.  Found under decorating products in the catalogue.


Page by Lyn Holmes using Toronto stencil.

On the page above I have used a wooden circle as part of my decoration.  I have coloured it with inks.

In the lovely layout above, Natalie has cut her circle and threaded the stamped strip through it.  Just another idea when using your punched circle for your decoration.


Don’t forget the ‘reverse’ – punch your circle out of your paper cut-out.  May take a few goes to get it in the right place!   This is great as you don’t have to look for a matching colour, if you punch through your paper, the background colour ‘shines’ through.



Titles11a- LynHolmes

Page by Lyn Holmes using Mauritius stencil

Here I have used the figurines from the nautical theme with my cut-outs.


Page by Lyn Holmes using Essentials stencil

On the page above I have used the Essentials stencil and have used my AZZA Scalloped punch to punch out part of a circle in my paper cutout and my embossed circle.  I have then used stamps within/on these punched circles.

Lastly, use you circles with you inks and chalks.


Page by Lyn Holmes, Mauritius stencil

On the page above I have inked circles and then decorated within.  The inked circles create a ‘frame’ to hold the decoration.

chalked circle

I found this little decoration on Pinterest.  The circle in the stencil has been chalked and then the decoration has been created within the chalked circle.


Sabine Lebrun created this beautiful page with the same idea – you can hardly see the bottom circle is a decoration.  She has continued the lines of her photo through the decoration.


Lyn Holmes – Marshmallow Stencil

Lastly, I thought I would share my double page using the Marshmallow stencil.  I wanted  to show you that you do not have to use the ‘cloud’ shape of the stencil all the time, you can keep your photos larger.

Well, hope I have sent some inspiration your way.

Keep warm and keep scrapping.


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March – New Products in Australia


Above is the link to the March flyer – all the new products now available in Australia.


Perfumes of the South is the new Kit being released.  There are only a limited number of kits so do get your order in early.



A beautiful page created by Myriam Brisbois using the new ‘Perfumes of the South’ stencil and a decoration from the new ‘Winter White’ Theme.  I love her use of the Japanese cherry blossom stamp – turned into a wonderful winter decoration.  The AZZA embossing folder she has used is ‘Icicles’.

Another amazing page I came across was by Chantal Rapin using the AZZA Aqua stencil.


A beautiful Title Page using quite a few different AZZA decorations.  She has used the Scrolls Cutting Die, twine and lace figures.


Another page using the Aqua stencil, showing some of the new products available in the Geometric theme.

Some of the products are available in a ‘Kit’ form with a Studio booklet.  The booklet gives you lots of ideas, but they are also available individually.


Geometric Theme Kit


A decoration using the new AZZA Geometric Stamp Set.


Page by AZZA, Europe using the new Geometric Cutting Die, papers  and set of stamps.


Geometric Wide Frieze – DIE 074


Page above using a combination of the new products with the ‘Perfumes of the South’ stencil.


I came across a set of pages by Floscrap using some lovely decoration ideas.  She has used the AZZA Marshmallow stencil, the new ‘Openwork Frieze’ cutting die and the ‘Square Scroll Frames’ cutting die.


Cutting Die ‘Openwork Frieze’ – DIE 069


Note how she has used parts of the frame as decoration and then as a window – there is so much you can do with this cutting die – don’t just use it as a  frame.


Thanks for sharing this page with us ‘Floscrap’.

So, with all these amazing new products get hold of your Consultant and book into a class where you can try them out and have fun with like-minded Ladies.

In my class last week Liz Young created some beautiful pages using the Marshmallow stencil.


Here is her double page using AZZA papers and a stamp from the ‘Elegant Flowers’ set.


Page by Liz Young.  Australia

Once stamped, she brought the stamped image to life with her pens!



Page by Liz Young, Australia

Front page  above of a double page layout below.


Page by Liz Young, Australia

Liz used the ‘Small Dots’ embossing folder on her paper cut-outs.


Joy and Hazel ended up using one of the old favourites – Paris-Istanbul.


And Sue produced two great pages with older stencils too.


Page by Sue Talbot, Australia

Kit Respire above and Brussels-Mexico below.


Page by Sue Talbot, Australia

Don’t forget to get out your older stencils – they still produce great pages!

Happy Scrappin’









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Summer is almost over ….

Summer is almost over, 7 days to Autumn.  After the summer we have had in Australia I am sure everyone is looking forward to the cooler weather.

I love Autumn, the colours in the photos that are scrapped, no matter where in the world you are, are amazing.

With the holidays over,  I am sure many of you have fallen back into your scrapping routine.  I have been playing with the AQUA stencil and have fallen in LOVE  with the new release PERFUMES OF THE SOUTH.


Kit 2047 – AU$142.00

Remember this stencil is only available in KIT form, the stencil will not be available on its own.  It is also a limited edition, so do get in early with your order.

This is my first page using the PERFUMES OF THE SOUTH stencil.  I decided to do a double page as I had a lot of photos from this beautiful morning as we entered the Milford Sound off the coast of New Zealand.


Kit – Perfumes of the South and Leon Alphabet Stencil – Lyn Holmes

This is the front ‘flap’ on its own so you can see where it begins and ends. I cut it out using the stencil.


Leon Alphabet Stencil, Scrolls Cutting Die and Scrolls Embossing Folder – Lyn Holmes


With the flap open …


The Cutting Die ‘Scrolls’ shape fits perfectly with the flow of the photos.  I have also used the ‘Scrolls’ embossing folder on the paper cut-outs.


A lovely page by AZZA, Europe using the embossing folder ‘Chillis and Olives’ and one of the stamps that comes with the kit.


This nice ‘clean’ page by araviscrap.  She has used one of the stamps from the new AZZA Cruising Stamp set.  It is little anchors but can be used with any theme.  Love the use of the little bits of twine on the two circles, adds a bit of fun and texture to the page.  Twine and cord is now available in the AZZA range, a little more on that later.


This decoration can be used with any theme, lovely idea.


Beautiful page by Rosalie using the Lace Figurines and the Decoration stencil.  Again using twine with the lace figures gives the page a little more texture.


Lastly a page by Rosetta Girgenti.  Her colouring of the decorations is beautiful.  As you can see from the stamp set below, she has stamped, coloured and cut out out her decorations.  Beautiful.


TAM 0036 – Herbs of Provence  AU$35.00


Beautiful creation  by Sandrina Delvoye, Europe.

Sandrina has used the stamp and lace figures that come with the Kit.


A double page by AZZA, Europe.




Dominique Spirlet has released a video on the AZZA AQUA stencil.  This is great to watch especially for those Ladies new to AZZA.  You can follow her and see how to use the AZZA stencils and then the chalks and pens for the decoration.





AQUA stencil – Lyn Holmes

Above is a page I created using the AQUA stencil.  Decorations using inks, pens and the Pearl Makers.


I liked this page by Jannik Roosens using the AQUA stencil, keeping the photos large.


A double page by Estelle Segonds.  She has used the AZZA Die – ‘Arabesque’ on her page.


Cutting Dies ‘Arabesque Windows’ – DIE 012.  AU$27.00

Inside double spread below.


A beautiful layout by Sabine Lebrun, Europe using the new Mesh Texture embossing folder to be released in March in Australia.


Sabine Lebrun.

Page by Rachel Timms, AZZA Team Leader Queensland.  Rachel’s Blog

I love the use of the dark blue paper cut-out through the photos.


Rachel Timms – Qld, Australia



AZZA Europe

AZZA, Europe – the decorations on this page are great. Decorations from different themes have been used, one stamped onto the page the others stamped then cut out.  They  have have been placed upon a sheet cut with the AZZA Cutting Die  – ‘Baroque’ creating a 3D effect.


AZZA Cutting Die- ‘Baroque Frieze’ – DIE 064.  AU$35.00

I have used this Frieze a few times.  It is great as you can cut it to the size you require.

In the accordion album below I have used it twice, different lengths each time.


Accordion Album with Everest stencil – Lyn Holmes


Above, I incorporated it into a decoration.

Below I used it to cover the ‘blank space’ in the photo.



AZZA Mirage stencil – Lyn Holmes

Here I have used it on a page together with the AZZA Die – Cushion Frames and the Embossing Folder ‘Spinning Top’.  I thought the shapes went well together.


AZZA Cutting Dies ‘Cuhion Frames’ – DIE 067.   AU$35.00

Whilst on decoration I thought I would share with you a striking page I came across in my ‘internet’ travels.


This page is by Floscrap, using the Noisette stencil and one of the AZZA Cutting Dies.

Below I have used the AZZA Cutting Die ‘Round Lace Frames’.  These are a great set as there are three different sizes.  I have used the AZZA Essential stencil and the new Leon Alphabet stencil.


AZZA Essential stencil – Lyn Holmes

I also came across a set of lovely Marshmallow pages – a set of double pages by Christine Houbrechts.


AZZA stencil Marshmallow – Christine Houbrechts

Front page.


Double layout – open

Page with the flap open.  Beautiful decorations too.


A closer look at the top page with the flap dropped open.


Page by Les Scraps d’Yvette

… and a little bit of winter from Les scraps d’Yvette – using AZZA Marshmallow and Noisette stencils.


Page by Les Scraps d’Yvette

Another page created with the AZZA Noisette stencil that I loved by Yvette using a single photo and the new colours added to the AZZA range.


Page by Yvette Jouetre, Europe.

A little more winter with our AQUA stencil, the ‘Wood’ Texture stencil Duo and some AZZA twine.



‘Wood’ Texture stencil duo – GAB 1200

Audrey Vast has also used the Wood texture stencil in her layout using the Marshmallow stencil – I love the way she has coloured the stencil shapes – the two applications of the decoration stencil are both striking in their own way.



AZZA Australia now has a range of twine, cords and ribbons.  Do take a look in the catalogue.



The link to our online catalogue:  AZZA Ribbons, cords and twine

To end, I made a 4 x 4 page as shown in one of the AZZA books for those of you who have 3 photos you would like to keep to the full size.  A quick AZZA layout to copy.  I have used the AZZA cord/twine in this layout.



4 x 4 layout – Lyn Holmes

Begin with your 3 photos, cut your paper to size.


Punch your paper to get your ‘Frame’.


Cut your Title strips and punch 2 small holes for the twine to go through.


I used twine on the wooden frame to bring the page together.  The photo in the paper frame is punched from the new AZZA range of printed sheets.


In the catalogue you will find them under Decorating Products, Figures, Printed Picture A4 sheets.  The one below is from the Wood Texture theme.


Wood Texture

Hoping this has given you some new ideas to play with.

I have uploaded classes in Turramurra, Sydney to the calendar up to June.  Please take a look and remember to let me know if you would like to pop along.  You can also gather a group of Ladies together and I will come across to you for the class.

Thanks to all those Ladies whose pages I have shared, it is wonderful to see these beautiful creations that inspire us.  I do apologise if in some cases I do not have the name of the person who created the page but it is not always easy to find following the threads on the internet.

Happy Scrappin’




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A lot of photos to scrap …….

With all the festivities behind us I thought I would begin with ideas for placing more photos on the page.  AZZA has wonderful double pages that enables you to get a whole ‘story’ onto a set of pages.  There are both vertical and horizontal double pages.

Do go along to our Website and check them out – AZZA Double pages

Using the double pages and the Travel Kit Stencil:


AZZA, Europe



Below, a beautiful page by Jouselou cutting out part of the stencil to show the back page.





I thought I would put the following page in to show how you can keep your photos a little larger if you wish.


Note the beautiful embossing on these pages, they have used the AZZA Embossing Folder ‘Scrolls’


Embossing folder ‘Scrolls’ – Emb006.  $12.00

In one of my last blogs I showed you the AZZA Cutting Die ‘Scrolls’, these two work well together on the page and are versatile as they can go with any theme.


Cutting Die ‘Scrolls’ – Die 027.  $30.00


Here Marie has entwined them with paper – I love this idea.


In this decoration by So Scrap, Europe she has used the AZZA Wooden Scroll, but the same decoration can be done with the Scrolls Die.  A beautiful decoration, you can use this idea on any page with circles just change the figurines to those that suit the page!

On to more double pages, this time using the NEW AZZA Colours Lavender and Violet, they are beautiful, would work well with black and white photos too.  A beautiful creation by idscrap, Europe.



Using the Marshmallow stencil, again you will see the AZZA Scrolls being used for the decoration.



Note, the lighter page is an extra page on top of the double ‘pink’ page.


Marie will have used enlargements on this page to get the great ‘vista’ of the scene.


The small vertical flap above is opened below:



Flap open above, closed below.


Some of you may have bought Vienna-Beijing in the sale.  Here Chantalouscrap has joined 2 double pages – the top page is on the right, the bottom page is on the left!  Hope you can work it out.



Above is the page to the right (the centre spread it below)


Below is the page to the left. (Centre spread above)


Another way to get more photos onto you page is with the AZZA pre-cut pages that go with the AZZA stencils.  Here I have used the Noisette stencil with the pre-cut pages.


Page by Lyn Holmes, Australia

Opening the pages to the top:


Page by Lyn Holmes, Australia

…. and to the bottom.


Page by Lyn Holmes, Australia

And a page with the other pre-cut pages for the Noisette stencil by Chantalouscrap.



Using the pre-cut pages for the AZZA Stencil Essential, a beautiful set of pages by Christine, Europe.






Another idea to get more photos onto a page is with a ‘flap’, here is a sample using the AZZA Fiji stencil.


Page by Nicole Gabillat Recouverur, Europe.


Below, a double page using the Bahamas stencil, still one of my favourite!


…. and lastly, don’t forget the AZZA Accordion pages.  These are so easy to use and they add so many more photos to your page.


I love the circle ‘cut-out’ on the sides of the Accordion page to allow for the decoration in the centre.


So with double pages, pre-cut pages, flaps, accordion pages – there are so many options to add more photos to your 30×30 pages.

As it is Valentine’s Day today, I found this lovely page using the AZZA Canaries stencil – with lots of lovely hearts.  Don’t forget your older stencils – do pull them out from time to time.


Looking for some nice winter pages to cool us all down in Australia I found this lovely page by Mimouscrap using the Bilbao-Macau stencil.  I love the way she has punched out the paper decoration to allow for the little circles.


Still with Bilbao-Macau, Marie created a fun page using the Japanese Theme kit for decoration, the pearl markers do pop up the decorations.


A beautiful page using the Galapagos stencil, the new AZZA colours and Cutting Die – ‘Openwork Frieze’.


Page by ScrapdeRoz, Europe


Note how you can thread paper or ribbon through the Frieze.


Openwork Frieze Die – Die 069.  $35.00

The set has an embossing stencil to match:


Embossing folder ‘Mesh Texture’ – Emb015.  $12.00

Whilst on decoration I just had to post this FUN page by Isascrap.  I love the colours she has used.  Once again, she has used the Japanese Theme kit, this time with the AZZA Madrid-Sydney stencil.


Decorations using the ‘Scrolls’ Die again, this page by Marie using the AZZA ‘Eole’ Stencil.

By now I am sure you realise the ‘Scrolls’ Die Cutters are a MUST!


Lastly, I had to show you this page where the same little stamp I showed you last time was used – but just look how different it looks on the page.  Monique has used her own set of ‘clothing’ on the line and has used the two flowers on their own.


Monique has used the AZZA Essentials stencil.


Page by Monique, Europe.

This little stamp is on SALE at the moment and is only $4.95.


I always like to bring you a page with a Single photo layout and a 4 x 4 page as we call them at AZZA, a page that can be created without using a stencil, but still in the AZZA style.


This 4 x 4 page was created by Aline Chevalier in Europe.  She has used the new AZZA embossing stencil ‘Drawstring’ on her paper cut-outs.


Embossing folder ‘Drawstring’ – EMB 016. $12.00

and for our single page layouts ……


Beautiful page by Rosalie using the AZZA Essentials stencil and the new AZZA Violet page.

She has also used the AZZA Texture stencil ‘School’, great for school photos.


School Texture Duo stencils – GAB 259.  $16.50

And a page by Christine Ronsin using the AZZA Mirage stencil.  Would be lovely in a frame too.


And now to the new stencil available in Australia in March:

Perfumes of the South – Limited edition.  $142.00  KIT 2047


This will ONLY BE AVAILABLE IN THE KIT FORM.  As with the Celebration stencil AZZA will only be bringing in a set amount, so once they are gone, there will be no more.  So, do get in early with your orders if you would like one.

A few samples to get you excited –


SigiScrap, Europe.


Christine Houbrechts, Europe.


Francoise Robin, Europe


AZZA, Europe


AZZA, Europe


Christine Houbrechts, Europe



Note the use of Accordion pages on this page.



Double page by Christine Houbrechts using the Lavender and Violet pages.  Note the cut-outs in the open flap below.



Double page by Sylvie too.


Pop along to our Website to view the product that will be released with the Perfumes of the South, some lovely stamps and decoration stencils.

Just to show you a few:


The large stamp set:  Herbs of Provence – TAM 0036.  $35.00


Mini Stamp: Provence – TAM 558.  $28.50


Decoration Stencil Duo:  Herbs of Provence GAB 1303.  $15.00

That should keep you going for a while.

Happy Scrappin’




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Happy New Year

We are into February already, but I am sure most of us have just got back into the routine of life after all the celebrations.  In Australia we have had Australia Day – 26th January – to add to our festivities and now many of my friends are celebrating the Chinese New Year!  Soon we will have Valentine’s Day and Easter ……  (just SO many photos to scrap)

Today the AZZA 2017 Catalogue has been uploaded to our AZZA Web page.  Please pop along and take a look, it is so easy to page through with all the new products available up to April.  This catalogue will be updated as we go through the year, no hard copy catalogues will be printed by AZZA Australia any more.

AZZA Australia do put out a newsletter, if you would like to receive it, you can sign up on the AZZA web page –  (On the bottom of the home page).  Keep up to date with the latest product releases, tips and tricks, spotlighting consultants, shows and events.

What’s new in 2017

AZZA Mail-out Club

Each month, subscribers will receive a package containing a selection of products and instructions on how to use them.  New skills and knowledge are thus developed.  You can then contact your nearest consultant for more advanced instruction.

Contact for more information and to begin your subscription.

AZZA Design Projects

Selected new stencils will have projects created with supplementary products and detailed instructions to allow you to complete an advanced page.  These projects will start where the AZZA Studio leaves off.  Some Consultants may offer classes specifically on these projects.  Watch the AZZA newsletter for more information.

FEBRUARY – New Products

AQUA is the new stencil released today in Australia.


GAB 726

It is a stencil together with the ‘tool’ stencil.  If anyone does not know how to use the ‘tool’ side of the stencil, do go along to a workshop or contact your Consultant.

Herewith a few lovely pages to inspire you:


AZZA Europe


Audrey Vast, France


AZZA Europe


AZZA Europe


AZZA Europe – using new Cruise decorations


AZZA Europe


Beautiful decoration – page by Regine Blanchard, Europe

As you can see, this stencil like all the others can be used with ONE photo or many.  It would also be a great stencil for enlargements.

The AQUA Stencil comes with pre-cut pages.  These can be bought together with the Stencil in the FEBRUARY BASKET – $70.00, or one their own.


AQUA February Basket – $70.00


PAP1202 – $22.00


AZZA Europe

Two new colours were added to the AZZA 30 x 30 range of pages:

Lavender and Pale Violet – seen above.

In my last blog I showed you the new ‘Trio’ stencil – Everest.


I have had a bit of fun with this stencil – creating 2 Accordion albums for my new ‘Great’ Nephews in Africa.


I decided to decorate the covers this time as I had photos I wanted to use.



A small trick when you have dark photos on a dark colour:  This is not an AZZA technique but I do use it often.


To make the photo ‘pop’ a little, I sand the edges of the photo to create a small white border.  You can see this same technique on the covers of both albums.


As you can see, it certainly makes the photo stand out.  All I use is a small sanding block I bought from Bunnings.  Place the photo on the edge of your mat, on the edge of the table and go around the photo with your sanding block about 45 degrees.


Wooden Frames – Scrolls – $11.00

AZZA Wooden Frames are also great to get more photos on your page – photos that have a lot of excess on, which you can remove to highlight part of the photo:


Loved his little face on this photo, but there was a lot in the photo I did not want, so a frame comes in handy.



The frames are wooden, so easy to colour to the tones of your page.  Do not be afraid to mix two inks on the frame or just lightly go over your lighter colour with the darker one.  Here the blue was not dark enough, so I used a black ink pad very lightly to darken it.



Remember with your stamping, always bring your stamped image to life with pens, chalks, chalk pencils and inks.



You can see what a difference it makes.


and a few dots bring it all together!


Lastly a page with both little babies on for my Mum using the Sophia-Lima stencil, this stencil is now only available in a Studio Kit.


I have used the new Elegant flowers stamp set for the decoration.


This is a great stamp as it can be used with many different themes on your page.


The Elegant Flower set also has a Decoration Duo:


Elegant flowers – GAB 1300

Today AZZA Australia also posted the CLEARANCE SALE items on the web.  Products do go quickly to order as soon as you possible can.

I am sure you will be rushing to classes to scrap all your Christmas photos.  There are some great new products on the way too.

Don’t forget to see if there is anything you would like in the CLEARANCE SALE!

Happy Scrappin’








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As we jump into the Festive Season …..


As we all prepare for Christmas and the holidays I am not sure how much scrapping has been done, but I know there will be many photos taken in the next few weeks and these will keep us busy in the new year.

I thought I would share a few pages I have created using some of the newer stencils.

Below is a page using a pre-cut page, the ‘Noisette’ stencil and some of the Wood Texture paper.  This is a great little pack as it can be used with any theme.


Wood Texture paper pack (8)



Having completed the page I wondered how I could have missed the bright orange cone in one of the photos – nothing is beyond ‘fixing’ in scrapping so  …..



A small circle punch in the same colour card as the background, embossed with the same embossing folder (Spinning Top) and chalked.  To balance the page I added a second one on the left-hand side of the page too.  The circle had to be cut into two sections to accommodate the fold in the pre-cut page.


Voila – now I am  happy.

The next page I created was to show how items brought back from a holiday can be incorporated into the page.  I am often asked how this can be done.  Of course, it depends on the size of the item too.  Here I have done a page at the beginning of the album with the idea of incorporating the ‘Voyage’ information we received on the trip.


I created the front page using the ‘Travel Kit’ and cut the page into the shape for the flap.  I used general photos of the ship for this cover.  I used the AZZA metallic paper and the embossing folder Icicles – EMB 003.


For the inside spread I used the same stencil and incorporated the ‘items’ where I could.


A second page using one of my favourite stencils Porto-Valparaiso.


Here I incorporated one of the ‘Swizzle sticks’ from the bar.  The little stamped image is one of the stamps included in the AZZA Travel Kit.

This last page of mine I only had two photos to work with and neither were of really good quality, but I am happy with the result.


I have used the ‘Dessert’ tag off one of AZZA’s new A4 Printed Sketch Sheets, they are great to incorporate onto a page.

The ‘Childhood Memories’ sheet below is very versatile and can be used on so many different themed pages.

Childhood memories.jpg

Childhood Memories – A4 printed sketch sheet $3.15

And for Christmas – Christmas magic.

Christmas magic.jpg

AZZA Christmas Magic A4 Sketch sheet

The new one out in January is part of the new School Theme Kit:



AZZA Printed Sketch Sheet – School

These are so easy to use, you literally cut them out and pop them onto your page!

With Christmas around the corner a few pages from Europe:


Beautiful page by Valerie Rots using the Essential stencil and the AZZA Christmas Theme decorations.


Christmas Patchwork stamp set – TAM1014.  $33.50


A page by Isabelle Thunus using the Noisette stencil and the ‘Christmas Magic’ Theme Kit – Kit 3008.  $70.00


AZZA Christmas Magic Theme Kit

I have found a lovely web page on AZZA creations, I was looking for some card ideas and came across it.  Unfortunately I cannot find the name of the Creator, but here are a few samples made with the AZZA Christmas Magic Theme products.




Do pop along to the website and take a look, she also has a link to ‘videos’ for AZZA.

AZZA Ideas From Europe

Our new stencil for January is ‘Everest’ – a new Trio Stencil.


As with all our Trio Stencils, these are for use on both the large scrapping pages and the AZZA Accordion sheets.

Audrey Vast has produced a great little number with this The Everest Theme Kit.  For a full view do go along to her website.


The cover she created using the new Autumn Theme products:




All products she has used are to be released in Australia in January.



A lovely page created by Vanessa Bronckart, Europe using the Everest Trio.

On that note, with snow in the Northern Hemisphere we celebrate Christmas in Australia with the sun :


I would like to thank you for your support during the year and hope you have all enjoyed the creations I have shared with you.  I would also like to thank those whose pages I have shared on my blog, so many very talented Ladies out there.

I send you Christmas Blessings wherever you may be:




See you all in the New Year


Greetings from Sydney, Australia




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