All AZZA Decoration stencils on SALE until Sunday!


Just a quick reminder that all the AZZA decoration stencils are on sale until Sunday.

Decoration stencils are beautiful on the page and quick to do.

Often I hear Ladies say ‘I am not artistic’ – but with the decoration stencils you already have the shape, all you need to do is bring it to life with chalks, inks and pens. The Ladies who attended the Masterclasses last year with Christine Houbrechts will have seen how to do this – Christine made it look so easy!!
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium

Christine used the Frosty Lake decoration stencil to create the Christmas tree above. She used AZZA brushes and inks in a few different shades of green and brown and finished it off with her pens. Note the strip of glitter tape below and the inked edges of the card.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium

Christine then added a second decoration from the same decoration stencil.

An example of the Snowman on the same decoration stencil:

Decoration by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium

This time Christine has used a single colour in different tones and brought it to life with pens. Note how he has been grounded on two strips of paper, the top decorated in the same way as the rest of the paper cut outs on the page.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium

I used the decoration stencil above on one of my pages in my Loire album:

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

I inked the image with my Pom poms and then completed the decoration with pens. I used three colours in pens, the darker brown, copper and white. I used pom poms as I did not want a strong outline.

The Loire decoration stencil is great as it has both a decoration side and a texture side. If you travel overseas and love the historic sites, this one is for you.

Page by Deb Byrne. Tasmania.
page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

This is one of my favourite pages in the album. I have used the decoration stencil on both paper and the page itself. I have also used an image inked onto a circle cut from AZZA cork.

Tropical decoration duo stencil is rather lovely as it has so many different images. I have used the pineapples on my page below. The row of pineapples are lovely as they can be used on a strip of paper or below/above a photo to fill a gap. AZZA always brings out a theme across the products, so I have teamed the decoration stencil with the figurines for a decoration inside the AZZA frame.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

A beautiful bookmark and card made with the decoration stencil above.

This has to be one of my favourite: Lucky Charms

Decoration by Audrey Vast. France
Decoration by So Scrap. Europe

Again, the decoration stencil has been teamed up with a figurine and a stamped image
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

Audrey brings feathers to life with pens and a little glitter.
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium.
Page by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium

The Universe decoration stencil is a good one to get as it can be used with any theme on the page. Christine has used her Pom poms with ink to incorporate this decoration into the page. She has complete the decorations with pens.

Another decoration stencil that can be used in so many different ways and with any theme: Ethnic Motifs.

Decoration by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia
AZZA Europe
Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

Although this is a Christmas stencil – I love the music on it. Here I have used it on an Accordion sheet on a page – very quick! I inked a background for it to sit upon with inks and a sponge then inked the decoration stencil with an AZZA dauber and made sure it was dark in some places and lighter in others to give it a little character.

Decoration by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

Don’t just scroll past the circles, squares and ovals. These can be used on any page and can set a beautiful background for other decorations.

Created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.
Decoration by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.
Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

If you don’t want just circles, this one is a good option with circles, ovals and decorations.

You can have fun with the Art and Craft decoration duo.

Decoration by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

Different Azza product create different effects on the page. Try the image with your brushes, daubers, sponge or pom poms. The pom poms are beautiful for creating a shadow effect on images created with decoration stencils. Always finish them off with a few details using your pens/writers.

I will end with Easter. Firstly, a beautiful layout by Mimouscrap in Europe. She has used the new AZZA Zurich stencil and created a multi-page layout.

These Easter products have been used on a set of pages by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Her beautiful set of pages have been created with the AZZA Verlaine Stencil and pre-cut pages.

If you feel you have missed out on Easter this year, get out your photos from last year and scrap them!

Created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria. Australia
Created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria. Australia
Created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria. Australia

Happy decorating ……. if you would like to learn more about using your decoration stencils with the AZZA sponges, pom poms, brushes and daubers please contact your Consultant. Some Consultants are available online as there are no classes running at the moment.

Stay safe and continue scrapping it will keep you sane!


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Happy Easter

Normally we would all be out and about taking photos to scrap later in the year, but this year we are home scrapping photos from holidays we’ve been on before.

I don’t know about you, but when I scrap photos it takes me back to when they were taken and I enjoy the moments of being back with family or being in a place I have visited. Many happy, happy memories come flooding back.

For all those of you who are behind on your kids or grandkids albums, now is the time for a little ‘catch up’!!

As I mentioned to you before, I created a mini album that I saw in the AZZA Magazine Scrap & Moi, No 54. You can subscribe to the magazine for 4 regular editions a year or you can get a Gold subscription which includes two bumper issues. Unfortunately for Australia, it is all in French but as I always say, the pictures are in English.

This lovely mini album was created with the Loire stencil and is so easy to put together.

For the front page I mounted the card onto a transparent sheet. I have used the shape of the stencil to cut out the grey card and the white card. I used inks to match my set of photos and the Loire texture stencil for decoration. I then embossed a strip of the darker card I used and cut a frieze with the Loire die.

Mini Album by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.

I used a light and dark colour page to match my photos and alternated the page colours.

Mini Album by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.

I also added a few of the AZZA Circle stickers as per the sample in the magazine.

Mini Album by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.
Mini Album by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.

On this page I once again used the embossing folder through the middle of the grey card cut out. I also used the Stamp-die set Frosty lake on the page with a Copper circle sticker in the middle.

The page above has the strip at the top cut out so you can see the photo on the page behind. Make sure that the Frieze strip does not block out anything important on the photo behind.

If you don’t want to place a decoration on the bottom half of this page, you can include a second photo. The stamped image is from the stamp/die set released in Australia this month. They are fun for your winter holidays.
RJS – AZZA Europe

These lovely stamped images are so easy to ‘dress up’ to match your photos.

RJS – AZZA Europe. AZZA Zurich stencil
AZZA Zurich stencil – AZZA Europe
AZZA Zurich stencil – AZZA Europe.

On the pages above I love the ‘shadow’ of the image on the page – great idea for the AZZA stamp/die sets.

Mini album crated by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.
Mini album by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.

I put my album together with a ‘Zutter’ and added a few ribbons.

This would make a perfect gift for someone special.

If you would like the instructions in English, do get in touch and I will send them out to you.

Don’t forget to use your AZZA products for your Easter baskets:

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

A small tip to end with. This is how to keep your AZZA Glitter tape from unravelling.

Happy Scrappin’


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Video – AZZA Zurich Stencil

Sorry Ladies, I am having so much trouble with the internet – I think it is everyone working from home now.

Herewith the correct video of Dominique showing you the basics of creating a page with the Zurich stencil:



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Keep calm and scrap on!

First day of the month and we present you with themes to scrap your wonderful holiday photos – we may be in ‘lock down’ but we can enjoy ourselves as we remember holidays past. Whether you went fishing or skiing there is something for you this month.

Our stencil of the month will be a very popular one – Zurich. I lived in Zurich for 7 years, wonderful memories and a lot of snow photos to scrap! A little later in the week I’ll show you the latest project with my photos in the snow!


The studio contains a few pages of the newest colour in our CLASSIC Essential range – Dolphin.
Page created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania. Australia

Deb has created this magnificent page above using the Zurich stencil, two stamps from the winter range and silhouette figurines. Note how Deb has used her Silicone stamping pad to get the reflection in the top left-hand corner decoration, it is beautiful. Both stamped images have been completed with chalks, inks and pens to bring them to life.

Christine has also used the little figurine in the bottom right-hand corner on her page below. Again, see how beautifully she has brought it to life with inks, chalks and pens. The little background of trees is created using the Decoration stencil, AZZA pompoms are just perfect for snow!

Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.

Christine has used the trees without the house – remember you do not have to use the image as a whole. Christine has also used the new transparent Resin dots released this month.

Page by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.

Deb’s second page was created with the ZURICH stencil but she used last month’s LOIRE themed products for her decoration and our very own AZZA Australia Figurine heading “Capturing the moment”. We have had a range of headings produced especially for us in a smaller size that is in keeping with the AZZA way of scrapping.

Page created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania. Australia

The beautiful LOIRE stamp is a must if you are a regular visitor to Europe and love to explore the history. Note how Deb has used the same stamp twice – using only part of it in her smaller ‘space’. She has chalked the papers beautifully to match the tones in her photographs.

A few of you have found it difficult to find our little headings – here is the link.
Page created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria. Australia

Hilary has created the beautiful page above, she has added a few perfect seagulls!

As you can see Zurich does not have to be all about the snow …. April brings a little bit of summer too. The AZZA River themed products released this month are just beautiful. Below Lauren has created a lovely double page with the Zurich stencil and the RIVER themed products. This is a double page, the front page has been cut with the shape of the stencil and the little photo of the duckling in the centre is actually on the back page, that shape has been cut out of the front page as can be seen further in the blog.

Page created by L’escrapade
Decoration by L’escrapade

How cute is this little guy fishing ……..

Page created by L’escrapade

With the page open, you can see the gap that has been cut out of the front page.

Decoration by L’escrapade
Decoration by L’escrapade

The shapes have been shaded in with chalks and the stamped images brought to life with chalk pencils and pens. If you do not have the chalk pencils you can always use your AZZA pompoms and your chalks to get colour into the smaller areas.

Zurich is a good stencil for multiple pages. Carole Rosso of Europe has created this multi-page layout below.

Page created by Carole Rosso, France.

Lastly, a striking single photo page:

AZZA Europe

The Butterfly and Tags AZZA cutting dies have been used on this page.

Valerie has also used the Butterfly dies on the page above created with the Zurich stencil.

With Consultants being unable to hold classes, AZZA Australia has made all pages available to purchase in packs of 5 on their website. These can be posted directly to you so you don’t even have to go out to collect them. Please remember to nominate your Consultant when you place an order.

Pop along to our NEW PRODUCTS on the website and see what has been released in Australia this month.

To end, a video from Dominique Spirlet to show you how to use your Zurich stencil. Dominique always has something interesting to show us …

Happy Scrappin’


Decoration by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia
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Quarantine = Scrapping

Always look on the bright side of life – as the lyrics go!!

Without all the other pulls on our lives at the moment, most volunteering positions have fallen away, no lessons/sports venues to drive the kids to and on and on it goes, we all have hours to fill! So I thought I would send you a few beautiful layouts that have been coming out of Europe as the ladies encourage one another to scrap.

AZZA is alive and well – our beautiful ladies in Queensland pack by themselves so as long as we have stock coming in and on the shelves, we will send out your orders. For now, the warehouse in Europe is also large enough for the packers to work and as long as they can source the product they can continue to send. Place your order online and it will be sent directly to you, don’t forget to list your Consultant so that she can receive her commission. AZZA online shop:

I thought I would post one layout per stencil – dig out your older stencils and decoration products and create a page with the product you have.


A beautiful page by Nadia using the AZZA Aqua stencil. Nadia has used the Texture stencil from the Azza Scrap Kit Plus – NATURE. She has stamped the lower circle on her piece of paper with a circle stamp and she has inked or chalked a little 5mm line from the bottom of the paper up. She has then placed 2 circles which she has raised with 3D foam and decorated them with the lovely AZZA cords. Finally she has placed 3 of the newer Resin dots to complete the page.

Tip: An easy way to chalk or ink your little 5mm line – place a strip of re-positional tape along a strip of card. Cut the strip of card to 5mm with your guillotine then peel the 5mm strip of re-positional tape off the card and use it on your page.

As you can see Nadia has used the stencil tool so she can get perfect chalking along the shape of the stencil. If you are not sure how to use your tool stencil, please contact your Consultant for a lesson.


Jenny has created an amazing page with the Bali stencil using paper to complete the stencil shape. Jenny has completed her page with gentle chalking in the same tones as the photos and an oval decoration using the Beside the Sea stamp set.

Page by Jenny Finley, Victoria – Australia


The tones on this page are just beautiful. Nadia has used ink on either ends of her paper cut-outs and in the centre added the lovely die cut Art & Creation with a little AZZA ribbon and a Resin dot. Nadia has used the Texture stencil released with Boston – Art and Creation.

Both these Art and Creation products are great as they can be used with any theme on the page. Perfect to go with your Title without taking the attention away from the Title itself.


Don’t think you have to save this one for Christmas – if you have that little STAR in the family – this is the stencil to highlight them. Theresa Dean, AZZA Consultant in Tassie created this lovely page below. Theresa has chalked the inside of her star and completed the ‘frame’ with beautiful inking straight onto her page.

Page by Theresa Dean, Tasmania – Australia
Page by Christelle Nevejans Gouhier, Europe

Lovely page above by Christelle using the Celestial stencil, the Art and Creation Die, AZZA Cord, Wooden frame, papers embossing folder, figurines and pearls. Once again, not a Christmas page. Christelle has used the AZZA Geometric embossing folder.


Sabine has used the AZZA Texture stencil: Spring Tree; it is an A5 stencil so can be used over larger areas. The ‘Nature’ die is in the Big Shot Starter kit pack. I always like Sabine’s tones on her page, they are always perfect. The AZZA Branch die is no longer available.


Rachel’s page shows that the stencil can be used very simply – Rachel has used paper, AZZA sand (Mixing colours) and chalking. Beautiful in its simplicity.


Page created by Barbara Rae – Western Australia.

Only in Australia I say …. great wine too!! Barb created this lovely page using the Seasonal Papers “Weather” – they go with any theme. I love the way she has left the cut-out on the left-hand side of the page for her decoration – AZZA Stamp and die set Weather Frog. Barb has doubled up the image to fill the space and she has brought the image alive with chalks. Barb also chalked her paper corners to keep the frame of her lines. A beautiful page Barb.


I had to show you these pages created with the new AZZA Loire stencil created by Nathalie Lestrat. Nathalie has attached an A4 page to the normal 30 x 30 page to create this compilation. She has used the AZZA Cogs and Mechanisms theme for her page. She has also used the AZZA Sport embossing folder, both so good for a masculine page.

Page by Nathalie Lestrat, Europe

I just had to show you this page created by Nadia Martin using the Art and Creation texture stencil used on her Boston page above and the same AZZA themes on the page as Nathalie above. This is a such a striking page!!


This was actually the stencil that gave me the idea to do this blog as the ladies in Europe have posted some beautiful layouts with the Marine stencil.
A compilation of pages by Martine Verhaeghe, Europe

A great challenge if you would like to get ‘One story’ onto multi-page.


Barbara Rae, AZZA Consultant in Western Australia created the lovely page below. Barb has used the AZZA Texture stencil Plants on her page. Note Barb has a double fold on this page, you can see the fold lines in the lower picture.

Page by Barbara Rae, Western Australia
Page by Barbara Rae, Western Australia


No longer available

I like the extension of the lines in the page below. Note how the lily pad has been grounded with chalks – remember to always ‘ground’ your images if they stick out beyond your cutting line.

AZZA Europe


This page made me smile. Roz has used the AZZA Home Sweet Home texture stencil, ribbon and glitter tape. The little scooter is from the AZZA Holiday destinations range, a die and stamp set.

Although an older theme, these are still in stock in Australia. The layout below using the AZZA BAHAMAS STENCIL uses the same stamp/die set.

Page by Scrapons sur le bassin d’Arcachon

This page caught my eye, WOW – what lovely decoration! The extended scene in chalks is perfect and the circle of decoration in the centre with just enough red not to take your eyes off the photos ! What fun.

Page by Ros McQueen, Esperance – Australia

Ros has used the Cosmos embossing folder. I like this folder as it can be used with any theme! She has also used three strips of the AZZA Wreath die instead of just using it as a single wreath. Great idea.

Remember you do not need to emboss your whole piece of paper. Here I have placed ink onto the embossing folder and then only stamped part of my paper cut outs. Check which side of the embossing folder you want to put the ink onto, they have a different effect on the paper.

Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

Lastly, an AZZA 4 x 4 page you can create without a stencil. Nice clean lines created with paper and inks.

A big ‘Thank You’ to the ladies whose pages I have used, it so wonderful to see such creativity available to inspire us.

Stay home, stay scrapping happily and most of all STAY HEALTHY!

Happy Scrappin’


Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.
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How our world has changed ……

Well, where do I begin, I am sure most of us cannot believe that the world is in ‘lock down’; we are all affected. I do hope wherever you are, you are in isolation and have all you need. Look out for one another in these difficult times.

On the brighter side of life – we are all ‘stuck’ at home and what better way of using our time but to scrap. Now is the time to drag out all the old projects you never finished (or began) and get working on them. I am sure most of you have enough photos to keep you going for a while having just had the Harvey Normal sale. I know, I got over 300 printed.

In Western Australia we managed to sneak in our planned Retreat over the weekend. All the ladies were happy to come and we had the venue to ourselves. Not far from the beach, not that we got time to enjoy the view, but we had plenty of room for a trestle table each (keeping that distance).

The Scrap room

The ladies worked on their Loire albums. On the first day we worked on single pages and then went on to the more difficult sets of two and three pages.

The first page we worked on was a simple page with two landscape photos and decoration. We worked through the different effects you could create on your paper with the AZZA Silicon Stamping pad.

Page by Barbara Rae – Western Australia
Page by Carole Rutter – Western Australia

Page by Jane Sander – Western Australia

Sandy created a beautiful page showing how the Silicon pad could be used to ‘mirror image’ your stamp. Sandy used the Swan from the AZZA Frosty Lake range.

Page by Sandy David – Western Australia

Those of you that receive Mail Out will receive this Silicon stamping pad and instructions of how to use it in April (if our shipment arrives from Europe, if not May). If you don’t get Mail Out and want a lesson on the Silicon stamping pad get hold of your Consultant. A list of Consultants can be found on the AZZA website. If you are interested in receiving the monthly Mail Out from AZZA Australia or would like to know more about it, please e-mail me:

Our evening meals were enjoyed with a little drop of Rose from the Loire Valley in France.

On Saturday we moved on to the double page, using the beautiful Loire cutting die. This page was created by Tracy Burn. Apologies for it not being straight, the photo was taken at the Retreat.

Page by Tracy Burn – Western Australia

The triple page brought a little confusion and we soon realised the stencil could be used in two different positions along the top flipping page. It was important to get it right with this one as the chalking lines matched throughout the three pages. If you are not doing the chalking ‘visual’ it would not matter. Sorry Ladies, a little stressful this one was!! The lesson I learned, always note where the ‘AZZA’ logo on your stencil goes then you will get the right orientation. I will include this in the instructions next time.

Page by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia
Page by Trish Webster – Western Australia

As you can see on the page below, the vertical lines do not run one below the other. Once you have cut your pages, it is up to you where you put your photos/paper/chalking or inking and decorations.

Your first step in planning the triple page is to see how many photos you want on your page. Next is to see where you will be cutting your pages – the most important step with this process is to see what extends out from behind your flipping pages. With the set of pages below the front page and lower page are all market product so it flows:

Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

You can also use your flipping page to have someone or something ‘peek’ over or under the flap:

Mini album by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

The albums were then completed either with the Zutter and ring binding or with the AZZA MDF covers. For a larger album the MDF covers are lovely and can be decorated easily.

Cover by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

Anita Day in Queensland made a beautiful family album decorating it with the AZZA Australiana products:

Cover by Anita Day – Queensland

Here you can see Anita has placed the lovely bronze corners on both the back and the front cover.

Album by Anita Day – Queensland

Anita continued the Australian theme through the album – above she has used the lovely Gumnuts embossing folder on her plain paper.

It is easy to find our Australiana products on our website – go to All Categories and you will see the ‘Australiana’ section.

Another of Anita’s pages featured ‘school’. Anita has used the Seasonal papers from the Home Sweet Home collection and a micro stamp for the books.

Page by Anita Day – Queensland. Australia

With the AZZA papers please note that we have our Patterned CLASSIC Essential range which are the colours that remain in the catalogue, the pattern is always the same, new colours are released. The Patterned SEASONAL range is brought out for a season and when they are sold out there are no re-runs.

Don’t go thinking that the A4 Loire stencil is only for an A4 page. The stencil can be used easily on your normal 30 x 30 scrapping page. Susan Talbot, our NSW Consultant created this page from her Spanish holiday.

Page by Susan Talbot – NSW

Sue has used the Loire stencil, die, texture stencil and the Seasonal patterned papers.

When I saw her lovely ‘Hola’ it reminded me of our AZZA Micro stamps for the Travellers out there:

Lastly a few more 30 x 30 pages created by Rosalie Seguin-Noel in Europe, both these pages a beautiful! Thank you Rosalie for sharing them with us.

On the page above Rosalie has used a stamp from the AZZA Floral Large stamp set and the Floral embossing folder.

These stamps are lovely on the page and also perfect for cards.

Cards by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria

AZZA Australia do have stamps with a selection of words:

On the page above Rosalie has used the Loire embossing folder:

The March Texture Basket has both the Loire die and embossing folder, you can save a little getting them as a basket.

That should be enough to keep you going a while. I have a mini album to show you created with the Loire stencil – watch this space.

I will blog a little more often as I am sure a lot of you will be scrapping more than normal – hopefully you can find something new and inspirational for your pages.

Happy Scrappin’


Page by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.
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A lovely little project awaits ……

March brings with it a new size of AZZA page – 30 x 21 cm. The March release can be used to create that ‘Special little album’ of a celebration or a trip you have made or you can create a beautiful gift for someone special.

The March basket contains all you need to make one or two projects:

If you only want to make one album you can order the items separately and the pages in a smaller number.

The MDF Covers are light and can be used both back and front of the album or one at the back with a clear cover in the front which would allow you to make two albums from the March basket. Hilary has used the newly released Texture stencil and Die on her cover below.

Cover by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

The stencil itself can be used on both the new A4 size page or the normal AZZA Scrapping page. Below is a layout with four photos, so just because it is a smaller page, don’t think you are limited to one or two photos per page.

Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

Below you can see samples of pages that flip open vertically or horizontally.

Page by Yvette, Europe
Page set by Yvette, Europe

The top page has been flipped up, below with the bottom page flipped down, so a set of three pages can then be seen ….

Page set by Yvette, Europe

Yvette shared a second set of pages with us too, they are lovely, she has used more photos on her pages this time.

Pages by Yvette, Europe

Above is the front page of the set. Below the front page has been flipped up to show the inside, but with the bottom page still in place.

Double pages can also be created easily. Below is the front page of a double page I have created using the papers, cutting die and texture stencil from the Val de Loire theme.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

The image below is the front flap open:

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

Below is the inside page with the open flap to the right.

Another sample I found of a double page by Sophie in Europe. I love Sophie’s work, always beautiful.

Page by Sophie Juvigne, Europe. So Scrap.
Page by Sophie Juvigne, Europe. So Scrap.

Note the gap cut out of the double page so the photo on the inside page can be seen when the page is closed.

The stencil can be used easily on the normal sized AZZA scrapping page. Below is a page created by Anita Day, both Director and Consultant in Queensland. Anita has kept the inside of her double page a secret so far ….. so watch this space!

Below Christine Houbrechts, back in Belgium, created a page of her Australian memories using some of our lovely NEW AZZA Australia products. Christine shows how she placed her stencil on the page below.

Page by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

Aren’t the little kangaroos just so cute on the page ….. you get both in the set!

There are just so many wonderful ideas out there…how about a pocket with the Azza Scrap kit Promenade?……. thanks once again to Sophie for sharing her ideas.

Sophie has used the new Val de Loire die, papers and Silhouette figures. Take a look at our Catalogue below and see all the new product released in March in Australia!

This month is all about travel. If you have been in search of Ancient Civilisations there is something for you here!

Hilary Hamilton our Director and Consultant in Victoria created a beautiful travel album, the cover I have shown you, here are her pages. Firstly, a lovely set of three pages that fit together well using the new Val de Loire die and papers. If you would like to find out just how to put these pages together or make an album please get in touch with your Consultant for a class. If you don’t have a Consultant, get in touch and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia.
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia.
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia.
Decoration by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria – Australia

Hilary couldn’t resist having a little fun with her son-in-law using the AZZA Silhouette figures:

I have also created a set of three pages but included some of the images from the Sketch sheet.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

To cover all travel, the Postcards Seasonal papers are a must have. If you look closely you will see the colours cover a large range that will fit in with all your photos.

These are a MUST HAVE for any travel album. Here I have used them on a page with the Val de Loire stencil. Being ‘Seasonal’ they will not be in the range forever, so buy them whilst they are still available.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

That should give you all a good idea of what can be done with the new stencil LOIRE.

The Loire Valley sits almost in the middle of France and the stencil was named after the region as this is where the AZZA Retreat took place last year.

The Loire river runs through the Loire valley and many visit the Chateau de Villandry, a country house known for its beautiful gardens.

The Loire valley is also know for its wine …….. don’t sigh my fellow Australians …… guess what, you can scrap with your Loire stencil whilst sipping on a glass of ‘pink’ from the Loire valley bought right here in Australia.

So happy, happy scrapping this month!!!


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Australia – Our beautiful land ………

This month AZZA Australia have released a range of Australian decoration products. We have spent many months selecting products to add to our AZZA range in Australia that would compliment the AZZA way of scrapping. We do hope our Ladies overseas who have visited this beautiful country will love them and use them to scrap their holiday pages and of course for all our Australian Ladies to scrap pages of their backyard! How lucky are we to live in such a diverse country.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

The first page I scrapped with the new products was using the AZZA Scrap Kit: Family. I love windmills – we have both Silhouette figures and stamps to match.

The Silhouette figures are made from very thin chipboard so slightly thicker than our paper Silhouette figures but they sit on the page beautifully. They are coloured with AZZA inks and then given a little more character with pens.
Page by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

The beautiful pages above and below were created by Hilary using the AZZA Scrap Kit: Promenade and decorated with the new AZZA Australiana products.

Created by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.
Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

This is a page I created with the new Silhouette Figures – the Kangaroos go beautifully with the AZZA sand, the sand also gives the page texture. I too used the AZZA Scrap kit: Promenade.

Page by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

Using the same stencil Hilary created the page above using the new AZZA cutting dies, embossing folder and ‘Australian Phrases’ Silhouette figures. I have to say the embossing folders are some of my favourite:
Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania – Australia

Above is a beautiful page by Deb Byrne using the AZZA Stockholm stencil and the embossing folder shown above. Deb has also used our little Kangaroo and Eucalyptus dies. Note the lovely grounding of the Kangaroos – if you don’t think you have that ‘Artistic flair’ this little stamp is perfect for you …..
Card created by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia

I was very honoured to receive this card from Hilary – WOW – now for your 2020 Christmas cards, you can begin with this one!!

Hilary has used the Tree, Windmill and Hilly Horizon stamps and the Kookaburra and Eucalyptus dies, all mounted on a sheet of paper embossed with the Gumnuts embossing folder.
Page by Jennie Banks. Townsville – Australia

Jennie Banks, AZZA Townsville Consultant, created the page above using the lovely papers that were released over Christmas. Jennie has used both the Silhouette figures and cutting dies, she has cut the Kookaburra out of the same paper then decorated with pens. Jennie has used the Stockholm stencil to create her page, she has matched her decorations perfectly.
Page by Susan Talbot. Sydney – Australia.

Our very talented Consultant in Sydney, Sue Talbot created the page above using the AZZA Stockholm stencil and the new AZZA Australiana dies. She has dressed up the Eucalyptus branch beautifully with dots out of AZZA Citrine paper. The Kangaroos are both on the same die – don’t try to separate them – cut them out as is and you will get two kangaroos and a few little pieces of grass:

Do not try and separate the die – it is made as one piece!

The Kangaroo with the patterns can be used straight onto your page or as Sue has done above, with a backing piece of paper. On the page below I cut them out of some of the background of a photo I had, this always gives you a perfect colour tone match on the page.

Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

The little guy at the bottom of the page is just gorgeous:

There is also a lovely range of imitation stamps ….. these fit perfectly in the corner of two photos on the page. Just chalk a background and place your stamp with the 5mm border and your space is filled or stamp onto paper/card then mount the decoration onto your page with 3D foam.

Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Page by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium

A lovely page above, Christine in Australia – we loved having her here. Christine has used the AZZA Stockholm stencil and one of the new AZZA Australiana stamps:
Hilary Hamilton. Victoria Australia.
Hilary Hamilton. Victoria Australia.
Page by Hilary Hamilton. Victoria – Australia.

Hilary used her AZZA Scrap Kit: Promenade for this page, the new AZZA Silhouette figures with the Gumnuts, the ‘Australian Phrases’ shown below and don’t you just LOVE the little Kookaburra sitting on the sign!

I think I have covered almost all of the products – but do pop along and take a look at our February catalogue where they are all shown:

To all my ‘Overseas’ Followers, these products can be ordered and paid for online, they will be sent directly to you. We always send at the cheapest rate of postage so if possible, AZZA will send you a refund on the postage. If you would like for enquire about any of the products or postage please do not hesitate to contact me on and I will sort it out for you. If you have been inspired by my blogs and go to the shop to purchase product please put me down as your Consultant and I will follow up with tips and tricks for the product you have purchased.

Happy Scrappin’


Page by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.
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It’s summer and FLORAL is the order of the day ……

Page by Susan Talbot – Sydney. Australia

Sue has created this beautiful page using the FLORAL dies, stamps and embossing folder. You don’t have to use it only with flowers, here is a similar page I have shown you before with different colours …… that is what I love about AZZA, you can use the same products and create a page that looks completely different.

AZZA Europe.

These dies are perfect all year – with almost any theme. They do not need to be used whole either, you can cut them down or use a double image.

Valerie Mayer

Valerie has used the AZZA Stockholm stencil with the Floral and Sewn Square dies and the Floral Embossing folder. A beautiful page. Here are another two pages created by Sue Talbot in Sydney showing the use of the dies. Sue has created these pages using the AZZA Express kit Floral:

Page by Susan Talbot – Sydney. Australia
Page by Susan Talbot – Sydney. Australia
Lovely page by RJ2S using the AZZA Shell stencil.
Page created by Martine Martin, France.

Martine has also used used the dies, stamps and embossing folder on her page above. As I have said previously note how she has only embossed half of her paper cut-outs. Again, she has used the Sewn squares with her Floral stamps, they go together very well.

Page by Rosetta Girgenti,

The AZZA Stockholm stencil, used above by Rosetta was also released in January. Here is the link to the video if you would like to watch Dominique Spirlet create a beautiful page with this stencil:

I created the following page using the AZZA Stockholm stencil and the Christmas/Winter themed products:

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

To end I will show you some beautiful pages I came across in my ‘Cyber’ travels, sadly I could not find who in Europe actually created these pages. I just love them …..

AZZA Europe – Promenade stencil/Double page
Close up of the new AZZA Resin dots:

The last page I just loved was this one by Isabelle Jolivat in Europe. Note how beautifully she has ‘Continued the scene’ into her decoration.

Isabelle has used the AZZA Neptune stencil and pre-cut pages. She has used the lovely embossing folder I showed you last time and the Frieze Universe die cut that matches the stencil.

Happy Scrappin’


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AZZA – A gift for all seasons …….

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.

AZZA has released a Calendar Express kit this month. In the kit you will receive all the product you need to make the calendar and a pamphlet on how to go about it. If you would like some guidance ask your Consultant about a class you can join.
Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

For the layout above I have used an enlargement. In the Express kit all the layouts use one 6 x 4 photo but you can always use two as I have in the layout below. This is a FUN project and a perfect gift for someone ‘who has it all’. The calendar does not have to begin with January, if a birthday is in June you can always begin the calendar from July to June the following year.

The second kit released this month and another great little project is the AZZA Express kit: Floral.

You have all the product to create a 12 page 20cm x 20cm album. The stencil Amsterdam can also be purchased on its own.

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

I have begun my album of Western Australian wildflowers. I love the newly released texture stencil Secret Garden, it is beautiful on the page.

Secret Garden is an A5 stencil so you can cover a larger space without having to move the stencil.

I have also used the new Floral Cutting dies which are a must for any collection.

They can be used in so many different ways. Here is a magnificent layout by Christine Houbrechts with photos of her trip to Australia. She has used the new Stockholm stencil and Floral theme decoration products.

Christine Houbrechts – Belgium
Christine Houbrechts – Belgium
Christine Houbrechts – Belgium

The patterned seasonal papers are lovely too, the two tones are quite different so cover a lot of colours.

Also released this month are the Circle stickers. AZZA are not into bling at all, but these tie in with a lot of our ‘circle’ themed products and do not take over the page.

If you purchased the Universe cutting die – these stickers are a must.

Note the use of the A5 Floral Texture stencil too.

The Ladies who receive the Mail Out will be receiving a sheet of these Circle stickers and I am sure they will have fun using them.

I created a layout for the Mail Out using the new Stockholm stencil, the Galaxy Seasonal patterned papers, Decoration stencil, Embossing folder and the Circle stickers. I also used the little stamp the Mail Out Ladies received before Christmas as they all go so well together.

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

I do like the Galaxy Seasonal patterned papers – they will be great for Heritage pages. They are also a pattern that can be used with any theme on the page.
Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

I have also had fun with the Galaxy embossing folder used on both pages above. It creates a lovely texture on the page. Remember – as you can see on my page above – you don’t always have to emboss the whole piece of paper.

The new Embossing folder Floral is also beautiful on the page and on a card.

AZZA Europe – AZZA Scrap Kit Promenade stencil
Christine Houbrechts – Belgium

The Floral set of stamps are perfect for both card making and scrapping. Christine has used them on the page above and as you can see they were also used on the card together with the Floral embossing folder. A quick but lovely card to make.

Deb Byrne in Tassie created the page below with the Stockholm stencil and the Floral Cutting dies and stamps. She has used the stamps very delicately on her page, masking off part of the stamp (the watering can) to stamp only the small flowers to match her photos.

Deb Byrne – Tasmania.

Deb used the new stamping tools to colour her stamp – they allow you to colour tiny parts of your stamps. If you would like to know more about these stamping tools contact your Consultant.

Don’t forget the AZZA Summer Sale – still on until Sunday – don’t miss out!

Happy Scrappin’


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