2018 Catalogue …….

I do hope you have all had a good break over Easter, either taking lots of photos to scrap or finding a few relaxing days to actually scrap your photos!

Azza Australia has uploaded the 2018 Catalogue onto the Website.  Do pop along and take a look.  You will find both the new APRIL 2018 Catalogue and the updated Catalogue for the year.

AZZA Australia 2018 Catalogue ….

If you have loved some of our products that are no longer there, do ask your Consultant about them as we do still have various items in our stocks that are no longer stocked in Belgium so will not last the year in our Australian Catalogue, but we will have them for sale until stocks run out.

Our new stencil is Alize.  The AZZA Studio Kits now have a new and exciting style.  The Studio Kit will now contain:   The AZZA stencil duo, pages in the latest colours, papers to match and an A4 sketch sheet to create stunning decorations in a fraction of the time as the work is done for you.  If you are a member of our ‘Mail Out’ Club you will have seen Fiona’s card creations using these A4 Sketch sheets.  If you are not a member and are interested in receiving our ‘Mail Out’ each month with new ideas of AZZA do contact your Consultant.


Studio Kit – $59.00

As it has been released in winter in Belgium we have some amazing winter pages which has been lovely for the Australians to see, to cool them down as we have had a rather hot summer!!

The first few pages created use the full stencil shape.  Here the shapes have either paper or photos in them.  The new paper/page colours are beautiful – Denim and Blue Jeans.


Robin Francois – AZZA Europe


The following pages have only used part of the stencil ….


AZZA Suisse – Europe

Using 3 photos, this layout looks quite different from the rest, but just as beautiful.  Thank you Christine, your pages are always inspiration for me to get scrapping with the new layouts.  Christine has used the Wooden frames that were released with the Fairy stencil.


And on to using only 2 photos:

b2c0c9c1434f191b5180e87b4acbccca copy.jpg

On the page above you can see the use of the new Embossing stencil, the figures and the new papers that will be released in Australia closer to our winter.


… and lastly, a few pages with only one photo.



Robyn Francois – AZZA23

So, as you can see, you can get as busy or as simple as you like with this new AZZA stencil Alize.

These are the new papers available:


Essential Blue Jeans – $9.90

The new Texture stencil:


Texture Stencil – Alize

… and my favourite the Ruby Stamp set – Alize.  At $13.50 this is a great addition to your collection as these stamps can be used with any theme.


Enter a caption

Please note the dates for the April classes in Sydney.  These are on the Calendar.

Wednesday – April 4th, Friday – April 20th and Saturday – April 21st.

Please remember if you would like any of the new product waiting for you when you come along to class you need to let me know as soon as possible so I can order them in.  I always have a bit of stock but it doesn’t always last.

To end, a lovely 4 x 4 page using the AZZA Scrapping method.  Lovely simple decorations too.  Note how she has used a stamped image (you can use a texture stencil too) over her chalking in the corners.

Page 1.jpg

Happy Scrappin’


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Middle of March matters ……

Summer is behind us already and as we head towards winter, scrapping time is on the increase.  I love it when rugby starts up as that gives me so much more time on the weekends whilst my family watch I can scrap from afar! As long as they are ‘fed and watered’ whilst they watch, they don’t miss me!

AZZA Australia has a FLASH SALE on at the moment.  This features the ‘Walk in the Park’ Theme.  Pop along to our website to see the 2 bundles on offer:

Special Event Sale


The Sale is only for one week, if you don’t have these products, now is the time to purchase them.  Please remember to contact your Consultant with your order so she can place it on the website.

I featured the stamp set in my last blog as Chantalouscrap had made some lovely pages using the Marine stencil and these ‘Walk in the Park’ stamps.  I have created a few little decorations to show you how they can be used on your page:


In the decoration above I have used the stamped lamp post and the bicycle was created using the Deco stencil, coloured in and then cut out and placed in front of the lamp post.


In this decoration, again I have stamped the tree and then used the Deco stencil for the boat, which I cut out and placed in front of the tree.  Wave lines were also from the Decoration stencil.

With the decoration below I wanted to show you how you can use an image from the Pre-printed A4 sheets even if you don’t want the French words :


Or …….


The little birds on the Decoration stencil are fun when used together …..


Or ……


The lamp posts can be coloured in to suit your page/photos:


And lastly a bit of fun with the little Ducky off the figure sheet:


This Figure sheet is complimentary when you purchase the stamp set.

Also note the lovely Cutting Die I have placed it on.  This Cutting Die is on Sale at the moment, if you still have AZZA Club Cards to use – you can purchase the set for 5 AZZA Club cards or purchase it for $20.00.



Here are a few more samples of decoration using the Round Lace Mat Cutting dies:




Decoration2  ….. using it for a comment or title.

Another product that is still available on the sale  are the pre-cut pages.  These are great if you have the stencils.  They are out of stock in Belgium so now is the time to grab a few at a very good price and keep them to make another page down the line.

You can purchase them for both AZZA Club Cards or $$ or a combination of both.

There is only one Bilboa-macau left:


$12.00 or 3 AZZA Club Cards



There are also Noisette pages available ……


$12.00 or 3 AZZA Club Cards



and only a couple of the Porto-Valpariso pages.  These sets are only $8.00 or 2 AZZA Club Cards each.



Page by Marie Christine Crombag, Europe


Herewith a double page I created using the pre-cut pages:

Lastly, a few Mexico Tequila pages remain:



If you have AZZA Club Cards left, do pop along and redeem them as they are only valid until the end of April.

Now for a new Fairy layout I found on the net with some lovely decoration by L’escrapade.  She has used the AZZA Cutting die Baroque Frieze and the stamp she has used is part of the Alpine range coming to Australia closer to our winter.


… and a close up of her decorations.  Note how the shape below is in 3D.



Love the use of the Pearls on the decoration.  AZZA Australia now have a great colour range in these Pearls.

AZZA Pearl selection

She has also ‘lifted’ her stamping by highlighting with a black pen.

A few more ‘Fairy’ decorations:



Loved these 2 on a page using the Tree and Leaves cutting die.


… and incorporated with a strip from a Figure sheet.

To end, two pages from Hilary Hamilton, AZZA Team Leader in Victoria, Australia using the products in our ‘Special Event’ Sale, firstly with the AZZA Souvenir stencil.


Page by Hilary Hamilton, Vic. Australia


Decorations by Hilary Hamilton, AZZA Australia

I wanted to show the same decoration in muted tones and then in colour.  They are so different.


Decoration by Lyn Holmes, NSW Australia

and then with the Marine stencil …..


Page by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria.   AZZA Australia


Decoration by Hilary Hamilton, AZZA Australia

and on this note,

Happy Scrappin’






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March products …

The March Catalogue is up on the website – do pop along and see what is new.

AZZA March Catalogue

The stencil out this month is a ‘Trio’ – three smaller stencils which can be used on both AZZA Accordion pages and Accordion albums but looks just as beautiful on the normal 30 x 30 pages:


GAB 458 Trio Arches – $28.00

It is also available in Kit form with a sample booklet for $42.00.


Arches stencil and book – ALI 6105.  $42.00

AZZA has released a beautiful shade of Blue Accordion album inserts with this stencil – Frost Blue.


We have a wonderful selection of Accordion album inserts available – herewith the link to the website to see all the colours:

AZZAAccordion album insert pages

Herewith a few creations from the Ladies in Europe – winter reflections!


On this page 2 Accordion sheets have been used.  The decoration was made using the AZZA winter texture stencil but this will only be released in Australia closer to our winter (not too far now)!


Above you can see the pages with the Accordion sheets open.

A second page where only one Accordion sheet has been used:



The Accordion sheets allow for a lot more photos to be fitted onto the one page.

Now for a few normal 30 x 30 pages from Europe using the same stencil:




This lovely little Cable car cutting die will also be released in Australia closer to winter.


Chantalouscrap also created a double page using the Marine stencil.  She has cut the front page using her stencil.


For decoration she has used the AZZA ‘Walk in the park’ stamp set and the Mosaic Cutting die.  Don’t forget your older stamps and decoration stencils when creating your pages.


This is what the page looks like with the double page open.


Tam 0020 – Walk in the Park.  $35.00

This stamp set can be used in so many ways to create a decoration.  Here is a sample below I made using two of the stamps and a small section from the figurines.


Decoration by Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

You can also decorate your paper shapes.  Below I decorated a shape from the Orion stencil.  The leaves hanging down are created by using only part of the ‘tree’ stamp.  You can then colour in your little boat to match the colours/tones of your page.


On my Facebook page you may have seen a lovely album I posted from ID Scrap, where she had posted some wonderful pages created with the AZZA Essential stencil.  I will post the link to her page and show you my favourite here:


Just a single photo, but striking.  The stamps she has used are from the Photography stamp set.  On the page below, note how she has used the stamp in 2 parts:  top part stamped onto the page and the lower part cut with the matching cutting die to make it 3D.



Do take a look at her full album:

IDScrap’s full Essential Album

Also new out this month are the Scrap Kits Plus.  These have amazing collections for decoration of your pages.


The add-on package for the Family kit in shades of blue.


The add-on kit for the Souvenir Kit in shades of brown.


The add-on kit for the Holiday Kit in lovely bright tropical colours.

These kits are available for $52.00 in Australia.

Also available a new colour block of chalks: Chestnut


Chalks and inks are so important on your pages.  They can fill in that corner or space between photos and also just give a colour to the background behind your decorations.  Below are two pages Liz did in class – I took a photo of the two pages before she chalked the second one so you could see what a difference chalking makes.


Once she had finished the chalking, she added some decoration.  She used the new AZZA Ruby Fireworks stamps:


Page by Liz Young, NSW. Australia 


TAM 3021 – Fireworks. $13.50

Below is a lovely little card I found on the internet where, once again, you can see the use of chalks.


Below a page by Pat’Scrap using AZZA Bilboa stencil and chalks to complete the page.


A page with a single photo using the AZZA Evasion stencil created by Rosalie.  I love this page, the chalking just completing the shape of the stencil without taking your eye away from the photo.


Lastly a page without using a stencil but scrapping the AZZA way.  Note how she has used chalks on her paper as well as her page.

No template amisd'AzzaJacquelineMarchal.jpg

I have uploaded my classes into the Calendar on the blog.  Please pop along and keep the dates.  I have included one Saturday morning a month from now on, but this will depend on how many Ladies I get booking in.  Please remember to let me know if you are coming.

Happy Scrappin’


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Back to normal ….

My table confirms  I am back to normal …..


I have had fun creating another layout with the Marine Stencil and Pre-cut pages.

I have used some fun photos I took at the Guggenheim in Bilboa.

Scan 1.jpeg

Page by Lyn Holmes, NSW Australia

This is the front page using the Marine stencil and the Mosaic Cutting Die for a decoration around the circle in the centre.  Note how I have cut out part of the decoration so that you can see my face on the back page.


I have also used the new Dolphin ink on the decoration to bring it in line with the tones on the page.


Mosaic Cutting Dies

For the decoration I have used the new Glitter tape that is available in Australia and the ‘Mesh’ texture stencil.  Have a look in the catalogue, there are some lovely colours in the Glitter tape range.  If you want to keep your decorations simple, straight lines, the glitter tape is good.  It is also not too shiny.


To begin with I masked off the strip and gave it an ‘inked border’ top and bottom.

Then I masked off the strip in the centre with a strip of card stock – this is where I wanted to place my glitter tape.


Scan 9

The finished product.  Once flipped open, the inside spread is shown below.

On the top page, held in place with small AZZA Magnets is the insert page where I could get another 6 photos into my story.  The strips holding the page in place are cut from the Mosaic A4 Printed page.  These are great for those who do not like to spend time decorating as it is all done for you – all you have to do is cut them out!

Scan 5

Page by Lyn Holmes, NSW. Australia

Below is the back page with the pre-cut page removed:

Scan 7

Page by Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia


Page by Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

On the flap above I used the AZZA Dolphin paper which I embossed with the AZZA Geometric embossing folder.  This always adds texture to the page without taking your eyes off the photos.

The two stamped decorations are from the AZZA ‘Photography’ Theme and I stamped them straight onto the page.  I then added a little character with chalk pencils and a gel pen.  I also them chalked along both sides of the enlargement.

To do the chalking I used the ‘tool’ side of the stencil set – this gives me a nice clean line along the photo.





The little piece of white velcro is what I use to keep them in place in my file when they are not in use.


To complete the pre-cut page I placed three photos on one side.  I chalked the base and once again used a picture from an AZZA pre-printed A4 page (this will be available in March)


Scan 2

Page by Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

On there reverse side I just used photos:

Scan 3

Page by Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

So as you can see, you can make your pages simple or use decoration depending on how much time you like to spend on each page.

Below is a sample I found on the net using the Marine stencil and one photo:


It is beautiful in its simplicity.  They have embossed the paper and used the Mosaic figures for decoration.

Another beautiful creation I found on the internet using the pre-cut pages:


Marie has used both the AZZA Mosaic and the Trees and Leaves cutting dies.

The use of two colours in the Trees and Leaves cut outs is beautiful.



Simple elegance.

Below a page with a pocket.  The sides are sealed and it does not open.



Lastly for Marine, I thought I would show you this page below using the ‘drawn-out’ circle, almost getting the shape AZZA had in the Paris-Istanbul stencil.

Marine sunset.jpg

With the Fairy creations below – you will see they are from Europe so a lot of winter decoration themes.  These ‘Winter’ Theme products will be released in Australia a little closer to our winter months.


A beautiful winter page by Chantalouscrap with a smaller flap – I do like the contrast of the red on the page.





The AZZA Christmas Wreath Cutting Die has been used on this page.  This can be used throughout the year, not only at Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, a page using only 2 photos and the little elves from the Christmas Theme kit.

Fairy christmas

Hopefully that will give you all some ideas to whip up a page with your Fairy and Marine stencils.

In March we have some beautiful ‘Add-On’ kits for our AZZA Scrap Kits.  Those of you that like to decorate your pages  …….  you will LOVE these.  I am busy working with them to have some sample pages for you next month.

To end with, one of our older stencils, but still available – Fiji stencil:


I like this page, clean and bright.

Happy Scrappin’



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Playing ‘Catch Up’ ……

Hi Ladies

I do apologise for the long gap between blogs but I have been called to do Jury Duty.  I am travelling into Sydney every day (not used to having to go to the City every day 8am – 5pm) so you can imagine, not much scrapping is happening.

Anyway, I have a lot to share with you.

The Clearance Sale is now over but as AZZA Australia is phasing out the AZZA Club Cards, a Catalogue has been set up where you can use both your Cards and $$$ to purchase product.  The idea behind this, is that if you don’t have enough cards to purchase something you like, you can add the $$ and thereby purchase it.  The AZZA Club Cards have always been redeemable against product that was in the AZZA Club Catalogue only, this way Clients will have more choice.


This is the link you look for on the website for product you can redeem with your Club cards.

A few weeks ago I ran a class and we were going to spend a bit of time on ‘Decorating’,  by the end of the class we all seemed to have used a Texture stencil so I thought I would show you some of the beautiful creations.

Texture stencils are often overlooked – but they come in very handy if you don’t want to spend too much time on decoration.  They fill that corner or very ‘open’ space that you need something in.  They can also be used as a background on which to build your decoration.

This is the link to the Background Texture Stencils on the AZZA Australia website:

Texture Stencils


Hazel was working on a page with pinks and blues – note she used the Texture stencil with the ‘Circle Tools’ (along the curve) to create the small border between ‘texture’ and photo.  She used re-positional on the straight sides.


…. how it looked on the page ….


Hazel added a little blue to match the colour of the dress and a few AZZA figures in the same colour tones.


Texture Duo Stencil – Mosaic 

Liz arrived to class with a page she had done at home but needed to be decorated.


A texture stencil was perfect.  Again, Liz used the ‘Circles’ Tool stencil to create the border between decoration and photo:



Inking away ……



…. and the final result on her double page.  If you don’t like to spend too much time on decorating, a texture stencil is great.


Texture Duo Stencil – Mesh

A texture stencil like ‘Mesh’ is great as it can be used with any theme on the page.


If you don’t have the Circle Stencil Tools, they are well worth adding to your collection.  They can be used in so many ways.  I know I showed you how to use them whilst chalking.  If you would like a class on using them, please contact your Consultant and she can give you a lesson.

Lynne had a page that had a lot of ’empty space’ so once again we decided to use a Texture stencil:


You don’t have to use the whole stencil, remember you can use just a strip or part of it as seen on the next two pages:


Page by Lynne above and below a page by Helen, where we only needed a small part of the texture stencil to fill in the gap.




Finished off with a line and some ‘bling’!


Great for School photos is the ‘School’ texture stencil:


Texture Duo Stencil – School


Note, once again using two colours to blend in with the photos.  Always work with the lighter colour first and then the darker colour.

Now on to a few beautiful creations using the AZZA Orion stencil.


This is a beautiful page by Isabelle using the Orion stencil and the ‘Geometric’ Embossing folder.


This lovely page was created with the Orion stencil, the Orion cutting Die and the ‘Crusing’ Texture stencil.


Duo Texture stencil – Curising

The 2 pages below were again created with the Orion stencil, the Orion cutting die and the ‘Nature’ Texture duo stencil.




Texture Duo Stencil – Nature

… and using the other side of the Texture stencil, still with the Orion stencil for the photos:


Here the Texture stencil was used on both the page and the paper cut-outs.

Now to the latest release:



This includes the Studio booklet, the Marine stencil, a sheet of figures, pre-cut pages, 3 sheets of cork and the Booklet with lots of samples of what to do with the Marine stencil with or without the pre-cut pages.

The Focus booklet is a book to complement the die cut pages used with the stencil set MARINE.


I managed to create a layout with the Marine stencil, the Mosaic cutting dies and the pre-cut pages.  I did have fun as there are just so many ways to use the pages.


The beautiful Husky Home that we visited on our travels through Norway.  For this creation I have used the Marine Stencil,  the new Mosaic Cutting Die, Trees and Leaves Cutting Dies and the Mosaic Stamps and Figures.

Note how I have coloured in the stamped image once I had stamped it in black.


I also used the ‘tool’ side of the stencil for my chalking and line so I could get the clear border between the photo and the chalking/line.


Once opened, you can see the little ‘lift-out’ shape.  I have used paper cut-outs and chalking to finish off the gaps.  For decoration I have used the Mosaic figures which are great for any theme.  I coloured them with AZZA Chocolate ink and then mounted them on Black card to make them stand out.



These pre-cut pages allow you to use a lot of photos.


Cutting Dies ‘MOSAIC FRAMES’
$ 49.00

Now for a few samples using the Marine stencil I found on the internet:

My favourite is this ‘Single photo’ creation, also using the Cutting Dies above.




Note how Texture stencils have been used on these pages.



….   and lastly for a lovely double page creation by Chantalouscrap using the ‘Mesh’ Texture stencil I showed you earlier.


The little ‘Lamp Post’ is from our ‘Walk in the Park’ Theme kit.


The page flipped to the top …


A beautiful set of pages.

Well Ladies, that should keep you going – the new product is lovely to work with.  If you find the pre-cut pages daunting, please get hold of your Consultant and ask her for a class.  They are fun and you can create a little story within the set of pages.  If you are using plactic pockets, you can just slit them down the side and then open the pages up.  They do add fun to your albums.

Happy Scrappin’





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Clearance Sale ………


Hi Ladies

The Stock clearance sale is going well and the catalogue has been updated, so if an item is no longer there, it has all been sold.

The AZZA Club cards are being discontinued as these were not popular with our Clients.   So if you have any of them lying around, now is the time to use them.  You will see in the catalogue various items are marked with a little yellow star and a number, this indicates how may AZZA Club cards you need for that item.

2018-01-22 21.45.23

Great buys are the AZZA Micro Stamps – all at only $6.95 and some can be purchased with 2 AZZA Club cards.

If you have only one Club card left, then you can pick up an AZZA Club ink pad.  These are currently selling for $4.00 each or 1 AZZA Club card.  They are lovely pastel colours, not in our normal AZZA range.

It is a January clearance, so will finish at the end of the month.  Make sure you don’t miss out on these bargains.


Christine Tissier, Europe

AZZA Australia would like to apologise to their Australian Customers who have been waiting on products since before Christmas, the Fairy stencil and Christmas wreath die cuts have been so popular we ran out of stock and had to re-order.  Our boxes arrived last week so all backorders will be filled and sent out this week.  The Fairy stencil has been so popular both in Europe and here in Australia so stocks are low,  if you are thinking about ordering do get in sooner rather than later, otherwise you may be disappointed.



ID Scrap, Europe

Sadly too late for your 2017 Christmas cards, but you can get an early start on your 2018 cards and of course, scrap your Christmas photos!




I thought I would pop in this page created by Grietje Bron in Europe.  She has used the AZZA papers and of course the lovely wooden frames that go with the Fairy stencil.


And now to a few Orion layouts that caught my eye.


A very unusual layout with the Orion stencil.  Note the use of a double die cut in the decorations.


Isn’t this a beautiful page.  Created using the Orion stencil and the Geometric embossing folder.  The little decoration in the centre is created from the new Mosaic Theme kit.


AZZA A6 Embossing folder – Geometric

Another little decoration I found on the net – using 4 of the AZZA Cutting dies.


The cutting dies used are Scrolls, Sewn Squares, Photography and Polaroid.  Do take a look at the catalogue:

AZZA Cutting Dies and Embossing Folders

A very cute Title page on a calendar I found to share with you.  These gorgeous little mice are part of our AZZA range but came in under ‘Recipes’.  We have them in stamps, figures and printed sheets.  If you are thinking of making up a Recipe book for someone (great gift for someone who has it all) these are great little decorations.


Here Sabrina has used the AZZA printed sheets and the new Cutting Die Mosaic Frames.  For those of you that do not like to decorate, these printed sheets are perfect.  All the little pictures are there for you to cut out (maybe not quite as small as these) and place them onto your page.  They can be used ‘as is’ or jazzed up a bit.

AZZA Printed Picture A4 sheets


‘Recipes’ Printed A4 sheet

Do take a look at Sabrina’s blog – rather a fun blog with decorating ideas.

Sabrina’s Blog

Deb Byrne our AZZA Team Leader in Tasmania created a lovely Recipe Book which I would like to share with you. She used the AZZA ‘Recipe’ Theme Kit.











If you look at how Deb has used the stamps, figures and A4 printed sheets, this give you an idea as to how to use them on a page, no matter the theme.  The little decorations on the A4 printed pages can be used cut into circles or square/rectangle shapes.  Use whichever shape suits your page.

Lastly an interesting page from Mimouscrap using one enlarged photo and the large circle stencil.  You can create this if you have the Caribbean stencil, the AZZA Scrap kit Family or the AZZA Tool Stencils – Circles.



Happy Scrappin’




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AZZA Clearance Sale

Tomorrow, Monday 15th January is the 2018 AZZA Clearance Sale.


Some of the products in the sale are reduced in price because they are overstocked and some have been discontinued.

Numbers of each item are strictly limited so get in early to avoid disappointment.

Please note that AZZA Club cards can be used when purchasing certain items on the sale, these will be marked.   Now is a great time to redeem your AZZA Club cards.

The Clearance Catalogue can be found at:

AZZA Clearance Sale Catalogue

As soon as your have your list, send it through to your Consultant and she will place your order.

A few pages I found on the net and wanted to share with you:


A lovely double page using the AZZA Objective stencil:


AZZA Europe


AZZA Europe

A page using the Noisette stencil by So Scrap and the very versatile AZZA Cutting Die ‘Scrolls’ which I know many of you have.




… and a beautiful page by Be Creativa using the Evasion stencil.


Lastly, a single photo layout by Rosalie Seguin-Noel.


Rosalie has used the AZZA Texture stencil ‘School’ which is a great one for school photos.


Testure Duo Stencil ‘School’

This was a quick blog mainly letting you know about the sale tomorrow.

Happy shopping,





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