Spring cleaning ……..

Whilst I was spring cleaning last week I thought my next blog would be on giving your old stencils an airing! Bring them out the folder you haven’t looked in for a while and create a new page with them.

Here are some samples of AZZA stencils you may have and hopefully these layouts will give you some encouragement to dig them out and use them again. If you don’t have them, you can still purchase them.

I found two beautiful layouts with Lavender and I just had to share Mimouscrap’s pages with you:


Her first page is using the AZZA Orion stencil, Lavender paper which she has chalked, and older AZZA die which she has used cutting a photo instead of paper, a Lavender stamp and some of the AZZA glitter tape.

Her second page was using the AZZA Marine stencil.


She has used a die cutting from her photos, which is a great idea as it keeps the tones of the decoration in perfect harmony with the page. The stamp is from the Herbs of Provence range which Azza Australia still has in stock. There is a cutting die that goes with this stamp.


If you have been to the region on holiday, this would be a perfect stamp to use in your holiday album. I need to scrap my photos of Tuscany and I think this stamp would be great with many of my photographs.

The other stamp still available in this range is the Texture stamp below, this is a great little stamp to have as it can be used with so many themes. It can also be used stamped on a piece of paper on which to ‘mount’ your page decoration or title on.


I love the stonework and the fence on the bottom.

The page below has been created with the Provence stencil which, unfortunately, is no longer available but I loved the decoration on the page. The Winter Song Deco stencil has been used.


Whilst putting together the Mail Out I came across the layout below, also created with the AZZA Marine stencil. I love the use of the ‘Weather’ embossing stencil on Citrine paper and the combination of the Citrine paper both chalked and plain and the AZZA Cork. AZZA pearls, cord and glitter tape have also been used on the page.

The layout below is once again created with the AZZA Marine stencil with lovely decorations using the AZZA figures, cord, papers and embossing stencils.

A close-up of the decoration shows how she has knotted the cord through the Anchor figurine and embossed the paper it sits upon. The starfish is an AZZA figurine or you could use the new Starfish stamp/die set released this month in the Beside the Sea range.

AZZA Marine stencil, AZZA Europe

The Christmas layout above has been created with the AZZA Marine stencil. The AZZA Cutting die has been used with an AZZA wood sheet. Samples of the AZZA Wood sheets and ideas on how to use them were sent out this month with the Mail Out Series II. There are two colours available, Cherry and Birch as seen below.


The next layout I wanted to share with you keeps us with the Autumn colours: AZZA Boston.

Again a beautiful page by Mimouscrap: Do pop along to her website, I love the way she highlights her decorations for us to see. On her pages she has used the AZZA Weather texture stencil. Her little decoration on the page is lovely, it is 3 pieces of paper, one kept plain to mount the decoration on, the Citrine piece coloured with the Weather texture stencil, and a stamped rectangle on the top which has also been toned in with the page by using chalks and inks.

Mimouscrap Blog: http://leblogdemimou.canalblog.com

The next stencil to highlight is the AZZA Celestial stencil. It was brought out with our Christmas range last year and creates fun pages. The page above has been created using the AZZA Let’s Party decoration range. I love the way the lights and title have been stamped on top of the Disco ball creating a little scene on the Star.


This is a lovely stamp to have as it can be used with any festive occasion.

The second layout I liked has a completely different theme on the page.

Filomena has used chalked/inked paper to mount her decorations on. These AZZA figures are still available in a selection of our Silhouette products.

On the page above Filo has used an AZZA texture stencil on her paper and AZZA glitter tape and the AZZA cutting dies from the Under the sea range.


This is a lovely set to have, no stamps to go with it, you have to decorate the cut outs yourself. The seaweed and coral come out beautifully on the page. Remember you can use these cutting dies on your photos instead of paper as seen earlier in the blog.

The lovely set of pages above were created using the AZZA New York stencil and the same cutting dies. I do apologise as I could not find who created these pages.
The little fish and seagulls are on an AZZA Silhouette sheet.

I also wanted to share with you this second set of pages created with the AZZA New York stencil and the Coast themed products. Three pages have been placed inside a double page – I hope you can work it out!

Second page.

This AZZA Decoration Duo is great as it is both a texture stencil and a decoration stencil. I love the way the rope runs through the anchor, looks great on the page.

The AZZA Verlaine stencil is shown above, the lovely little Sewing figurines are still available – Couture.


Fiji is one on the older stencils still available – at the shows it is a popular stencil and sells well. You can keep it simple, or use the whole stencil. An easy stencil to use if you would like a ‘window’ on the front page of your double page layout.

The AZZA Hula Hoop stencil is a 25 x 25 but can be used on a 30 x 30 page. These little stencils are only $14.00 so a good buy, also a great present at Christmas that is not too expensive. As with all the AZZA stencils you can use the whole stencil or just parts of it.

Beautiful chalked corners
Only part of the stencil has been used.

And of course, with just one photo:

Another layout with a single photo, this time with the AZZA Savannah stencil.

I do like the way she has continued the vertical line through her decoration with inks.

AZZA Alize stencil is another I love to work with.

You can keep your 6 x 4 photos almost complete around the inner circle or you can cut them to the shape of the stencil.

Sample with a single photo

A lovely page by Audrey Vast showing how you can extend the lines of your photo onto your paper cut outs. Remember as with all stencils, if your photos don’t fit the full shape in the stencil that you want to use – this is where your papers come in handy, both plain and patterned. On the layout below, the left and right photo are probably landscape photos that were short in the stencil, so the shape has been completed with paper that has been embossed.

AZZA Galapagos is another of the older stencils that is still available. This is an old layout of mine, but as I love working with circles I do still use mine often.

Created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

The AZZA Wooden circles fit this stencil beautifully as little frames.

Created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

This is another layout of mine where I have not used all the circles.

A lovely autumn layout

Once again, a single photo layout: –

Created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

AZZA Objective stencil is one of the AZZA 30 x 60 stencils which can be used to create a continuous double page when laid side by side. I know some ladies struggle to use this stencil, but it just takes a little more time in getting the photos into the right position.

Page created by lescrapdelena29. Europe

A lovely simple page above with the AZZA Objective stencil using the AZZA Globetrotter products for the decoration.

A lovely double page by Celine using the AZZA Photography range of decoration products.

I showed you the page I created for my friend using the Objective stencil and Photography decoration products in my last blog. A wedding themed page below.

The decorations are created with the AZZA Sewn squares Dies and AZZA Seasonal Papers. The squares have been cut in half and strips of the frames have been used. If you have these dies, don’t just use them as a whole square.


AZZA Eole stencil below is still available – on this stencil you have quite a few ovals you can place the photos into. But, again as with this first page you can still use it with a single photo. I love this set of photos. Eole was released with pre-cut pages.

The fairy stamps are still available too:


Another page by Filomena with the AZZA Eole stencil using the stamps shown above.

And a page with a single photo.

Note the variety of papers used, embossed, plain, dark and light and patterned, but as they are all in the same tones they do not take your eye away from the photo.

AZZA Aqua stencil also released with pre-cut pages.


A lovely page created with the AZZA Aqua stencil using the stamps shown above for decoration.

The AZZA Aqua layout above shows, once again, the use of AZZA paper to complete a shape you want on the page but where the photo is too small. Complete the shape with the AZZA papers.

A beautiful set of pre-cut pages with the Aqua stencil by Floscrap once again.


Note how the line used for the border on each page lines up as a complete border when the pages are shut.

AZZA Evasion, the page below is just FUN on the page. I love it.

Created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

This is one of my favourite pages I created with the stencil.

The beautiful page above created by Sabine includes AZZA paper, cutting dies, figurine and a lovely texture stencil. I love the way she has used colours within the texture stencil. This is one of the few A5 AZZA texture stencils: Spring Tree


Similar photos but such a different layout.

AZZA Fairy stencil – Unfortunately the wooden frames that went so well with this stencil have now sold out. Fairy has two very different stencils. The first layout is by Deb Byrne, AZZA Director/Team Leader/Consultant in Tasmania.

Created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania.
Created by Isacreationscrap, Europe.

The decorations on the page above are from the AZZA Zoo theme released last year.

Note the lovely decoration – a little cord connecting the little boat in the photo to the anchor in the decoration. What a great idea.

I’ll end with the AZZA Travel Book stencil found in the AZZA Scrap kit – Travel Book.

…… and a lovely close-up of the decoration. A strip of paper has been used in the decoration together with the figures, but you could also use AZZA Glitter tape.

Friday is here again, I don’t know where the weeks go. If you are planning on scrapping this weekend I do hope you find something here, dig out your older stencils and create a page.

A BIG ‘THANK YOU‘ to all the ladies whose pages I have used in my blog to share their ideas with you. I am thankful I got to meet some of these wonderful ladies last year.

AZZA Europe
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Spring is here ……

With the warmer weather in sight this month’s AZZA release of the BALI stencil and the BESIDE THE SEA theme products will get you wanting to put your toes into the sea soon.


The BALI stencil duo is made up of one stencil and one tool stencil. For those of you who have not worked out quite how to use the tool stencil – it is to give you the lovely longer lines of inking or chalking or, if you are working with your pens, an uninterrupted line.

Take a look at the numbers on the tool stencil – they will line up with numbers on your actual stencil.

The idea being you can create lovely straight lines of inking/chalking/pen work without the interruption of the lines on the stencil:

Working with the stencil
Working with the Tool stencil

This is my BALI page worked with products from the In my Garden theme.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

I do love this AZZA In my Garden stamp as you can separate the different images within the one stamp. As my lavender fields photo did not fill the shape I wanted on the page, I completed the shape with paper and used it as a mount for my decoration. On the lighter lavender paper note how I have cut around the image on one side but kept the shape I was using on the other. Your decorations do not always have to fit within the shape you are using.

With the layout above the lines in the stencil have been used as part of the decoration, but below the stencil tool has been used to create a clean line along the photos.

Page by Marie-Christine Defrenne. France

One of my favourite BALI layouts I have seen on the internet is the one below using the Beside the Sea stamp/die set, texture stencil and papers.

Page by Carole Pereira Bastianon

The Starfish decorations are amazing.

Irene Warfe our AZZA Consultant in Sebastopol, Victoria created the layout below – beautiful chalking/inking used as the border.

Page created by Irene Warfe, Victoria. Australia

The simple little decorations are from the Country Wedding silhouette figures seen below. They finish off the page beautifully.


Deb Byrne, AZZA Team Leader in Tasmania created the following pages:

Page created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania. Australia

Deb has used the ‘In my Garden’ themed products for her decoration on the page above; below she has used the ‘Beside the Sea’ themed products.

Page created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania. Australia

The stencil does lend itself to a chalked or inked border as seen in Irene and Deb’s pages above.

Below the pre-cut pages that have been released with the stencil duo.

Sabine has used the Beside the Sea seasonal papers
A beautiful double chalked frame.

Below is a link to the video by Dominique Spirlet for you to watch her creating a page with the BALI Stencil and themed products.

I found a few cards to show you that had been created with the Beside the Sea themed products:

Created by Corrine Lemaitre-Cosquer

The card above has used all the new products from Beside the Sea and below Corrine has used the little seahorse and seaweed from the Under the Sea products released a few months earlier. I love her use of the AZZA Cord.

Created by Corrine Lemaitre-Cosquer

Recently in my classes one of my ladies, Judy Sharp, has been working on her heritage photos. I asked her if I could share her pages with you as they are so beautiful. She has inspired me to get going with my own. Judy has based most of her pages on layouts she found in the AZZA Around the Single Photo book, although she started out with an idea in mind the finished result looked quite different.

Judy had worked from the layout below found in the AZZA book – Around the Single Photo

Page by Karine Talbot, La Photo Unique Book
Page by Judy Sharp, Western Australia

The page above began with the layout below in the same book. Once again note how Judy stamped the bouquet of flowers onto a strip of black paper and then cut out the size strip she needed but around the stamped image where needed. She stamped in white and picked up the pink of the paper on the roses with a small dauber and ink.

Page by Celine Henchog – La Photo Unique
Page by Judy Sharp, Western Australia

The original idea below. Judy has used products from the AZZA I love you themed products.

Page by Dominique Palat – La Photo Unique

Another lady in the class loved Judy’s layout above so decided to do the same with a photo she had of her daughter. It’s not quite finished, needs some lines but here it is for you to compare.

If you don’t have this book and love to scrap single photos either normal 6 x 4 or enlargements it is a must.


The page above is one of my favourite, using the AZZA Evasion stencil, Ebony paper and paper from the AZZA Patterned Classic Essential range.

Judy didn’t only stick to using AZZA Stencils, she did a few pages using the 4 x 4 method – not cutting the photos with a stencil but keeping the 5mm gap between photos and papers.

Page by Judy Sharp, Western Australia
Page by Judy Sharp, Western Australia

On the page above Judy has used a texture stamp on both her paper strip at the top of the page and the larger oval piece of paper beneath her title block.

Having seen Judy’s pages I had a special 60th coming up so dug out my book and saw this layout that I liked:

Page by Francoise Robin – La Photo Unique

I downloaded a photo off my friend’s Facebook page as I wanted it to be a surprise and this is what I created for her.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

As you can see, it is not quite the same as I have used an enlargement. I was thrilled with the final product.

With Christmas around the corner, if you are a Consultant this would be a great class to run – the Christmas present for someone who has everything. If you’re not a Consultant, a great idea for Christmas gifts. Frames are available at Harvey Norman (the one above is from Harvey Norman) in black and white and a more simple frame is available at Kmart . I have used paper from the AZZA Patterned Classic Essential range.

The ladies who receive the Mail Out will be receiving a selection of the AZZA paper range. I have shown them how to use the different papers and given them ideas of how papers can be used on the page. Patterns on the AZZA papers have all been scaled down, this is to ensure that your eyes are not taken off your photographs by the paper. If anyone is interested in receiving the monthly Mail Out, please e-mail me on lynholmes@rocketmail.com.

The papers from the Patterned Classic Essential range are excellent to have on hand as they will go with any theme.


We are all getting very excited as it is next month that Christine Houbrechts will be with us at our annual AZZA Consultant conference. If you are not a Consultant remember you can join in a class with Christine in Ballarat on the 29th October, Sydney on the 1st November, Tassie (Launceston and Hobart) over the weekend of 2nd/3rd November and in Perth on the 9th November. If you are interested please contact your Consultant or me directly.

Christine will be showing us how to take the decorations on our pages to the next level.

Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

Below is a page created by Christine with the new BALI stencil.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.

Well, that should keep you going for a while.

Happy Scrappin’


Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
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Competition for Customers in Australia

This beautiful page by Karine Aubre who lives in Europe was created with the AZZA Sports products new release here in Australia this month and a Special Edition Stencil – Tennis. This stencil will not be available to purchase but you can go into the draw to win one if you place an order this month with a minimum of $100.00 of the August release products.

Page created by Karine Aubre, Europe

Karine has used a selection of the AZZA Sports products, she has used the Embossing folder on the black paper, the Texture stencil on the shirt shape which was cut out with one of the dies, the stamps and the Decorative stencil. I love this page!

Below is a layout by Sue Toogood, our AZZA Consultant in Gulliver, Queensland. Sue has used the AZZA Sports products together with the Orlando Stencil.

Page created by Sue Toogood, Queensland. Australia

Sue has used the patterned papers from the Sports theme, the Cutting dies and a picture from the A4 Sketch sheet. Note how beautifully she has chalked her page, both on the page and the papers. I love the way she has grounded her player with a little grass and used the same decoration with the ball (which she has highlighted with a Resin pellet) and the A4 Sketch sheet image.

For those of us in Australia who do not speak French, please note the Palm tree/Sun stamp Sue has used on her page – this came with the Scrap & Moi magazine but had some French words on the side (see below). This is a great example of how you can use the stamp without the words. You can either block the words off with your re-positional tape so they do not stamp, (Ask your Consultant if you do not know how to do this) or if you are one of Hilary’s ladies, I am sure you will have seen, Hilary cuts off the part of the stamp she does not need (or like!!) and then you have just what you want.

At the beginning of the month the Western Australian team participated in the WA Craft Show. We chatted to a lot of our ladies who knew us already, but also chatted to a lot of new customers who loved the clean, crisp look of the AZZA way of Scrapbooking. If you have just signed up to my blog, WELCOME! Don’t forget to go along to our website azzaworld.com.au to find out where your nearest AZZA Consultant is.

Fiona and I on the AZZA stand at the WA Craft Show

Jennie Banks and Sue Toogood have also been very busy up in Queensland. They were at the Townsville show last weekend and have travelled up to Cairns to participate in the Craft Alive show in Cairns, THIS WEEKEND. If you are in the area, do pop along and see them at the Cairns Showgrounds.

Sue and Jennie on their stand at the Townsville Craft show.

I too have been playing the with August products – this time ‘In my Garden’ and they are lovely. Below is the page I created with the AZZA Orlando stencil. I used AZZA Embossed paper – Raspberry to finish off the page together with inks, chalks, a stamped image, the texture stencil and a few AZZA pearls. Note how I have used the In my Garden Texture stencil on the page with chalks and on the embossed paper with inks.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

The stamped image below is off the AZZA In My Garden large stamp set (above). I have used all the stamps and they are so versatile. I stamped the watering can onto white card then coloured it with a black Chalk pencil/blending tool and a silver Gel pen.

Decoration created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.
Decoration created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

This is the other stamp I wanted to show you today, I cannot show you the whole page as this stencil is only available in Australia next month – so a sneak peek! As you can see I have used the stamp on the bottom right of the set, but what I love about it is that you can use some of the elements on their own. In this image I have kept the little spade on its own, but you could also keep the watering can separate too.


In the lovely page below created by Michelle Delcomminette using the AZZA New York stencil you will see the same texture stencil has been used together with the Seasonal papers to match.

Page created by Michelle Delcomminette
Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

This is a page I have created using the AZZA Boston stencil, the In my Garden papers and Cutting die. For the decoration I have cut two images in different colours and mounted them just a little off set from each other. Note how I have finished off the decoration with AZZA Burgundy ink around the outside of the pink and chalking pencils on the image finished off with a few pearls.

As I sit here and feel the icy winds of Perth I thought I would remind you of our ‘SNOW’ products released last year. A lot of you will be skiing – yes we do ski in Australia, so don’t forget your decoration products you can use on your pages now winter has come!

Herewith a photo taken in Victoria, Australia this week!

There are a few cars under there!!!
Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

I created the page above using the AZZA Orion stencil and one of the pre-cut pages. The decoration on the circle that holds the two pages together is from a beautiful little AZZA Ruby stamp set:

Decoration by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

I finished off the stamped image with Chalk pencils and an AZZA pearl.

The Texture stencil I used was:


The lovely Alize Ruby stamp below I use a lot, it is so delicate. I still have three in stock if anyone would like one – the shop has sold out but as I was travelling and had no classes I still have a few.


The online shop still has a few of these lovely cutting dies left in stock: Alpine Window. Don’t forget the gorgeous Cable Car which is a Stamp/Die set:

Decoration by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

So if you don’t ski but go up into the snow, this is the Stamp/Die set for you!! The page below I created with the AZZA Alize stencil and the Alpine seasonal papers.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia
AZZA Europe
AZZA, Europe.
AZZA Europe with Arches Trio stencil.

On that frosty note,

Happy Scrappin’


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A beautiful time to be outdoors – IN YOUR GARDEN or playing SPORT

Well that is the AZZA theme for August, no new stencil but AZZA decoration products with the theme of ‘IN MY GARDEN’ and ‘SPORT’.

I will begin with a page I have created using the AZZA Orlando stencil released last month and the new SPORT themed products.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

At you can see above I have used a picture from the A4 AZZA SPORT Sketch sheet to mount my title on. I did this as there were a few French words I wanted to hide. I cut a small piece of white card and used the AZZA Sport texture stencil to get it to match the Sketch sheet picture. I then stamped the word ‘rugby’ onto the card and stuck it onto the Sketch sheet picture. I completed the look with some lovely AZZA Marine cord. The lower decoration is with the same Sport texture stencil but this time I used the stamp from the Stamp/Die set. Note how I have grounded the stamped image with a little chalking – matching the figure on the A4 Sketch sheet.


Above you can see the inside spread. You will notice I shaped the front page and cut out a section so a photo on the inside spread would show through. I have used the AZZA Sport themed paper and the dies that will be so versatile. I think that beautiful little T-shirt can be used with so many themes. I used the T-shirt die on a piece of paper which I had cut into the shape I needed, then placed the title/journalling inside the shape that had been cut out. The T-shirt was placed on the other page – see below. I used the AZZA ‘Cecile’ Alphabet stencil, one of my favourite. If you subscribe to the AZZA Mail Out you will have received it in July with instruction on the many ways Alphabet stencils can be used. If you are interested in receiving the AZZA Mail Out each month please get in touch with me.


This die cut set above can be used with so many themes, not just sport. The T-shirt will go with anything and so too can the flag (without the little circle at the bottom) and the No 1.

I finished off the page with inking down the left-hand side, using two colours. I, once again, used the Sport stamp but this time I used both the stamp and the die. Note how I grounded the image once again, this time I also gave the image a little shadow behind with my chalking pencil.


Anita Day – AZZA Director and Consultant in Queensland created the page below with the AZZA New York stencil and the new Sport themed products.

Page by Anita Day, Queensland. Australia

The decoration was created using the AZZA A4 Sport Sketch sheet and the Sport Figures. Note how Anita has placed a little of the darker blue paper behind the ball figure to make it stand out.


A beautiful page below by Petra Jaynes, AZZA Consultant in Christie Downs, South Australia. Petra has used the AZZA Orion stencil with the lovely Sport papers, Sport Large stamp set, A4 Sketch sheet and chalks.

Page by Petra Jaynes, South Australia

Deb Byrne, AZZA Director and Team leader in Tassie has also been out and about …. here are her creations using the new Sport themed products. For the layout below Deb has used the AZZA Fiji stencil, an older one, but a lovely one and still available. Deb has used the AZZA Sport embossing folder, cutting die and Sport stamps.

Page created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania. Australia
Page by Betsy Souvay, Europe

The page above was created with the AZZA Boston stencil and the Sport themed products. Betsy has used the Embossing folder shown above and the Decoration stencil below.


Deb created her second page using the AZZA Nature stencil. She has used a stamp from our recent Coast themed products and our little AZZA pearls for the golf ball. How cute do they look on the page!!!

If you missed this stamp, it is quite a handy little one to have in your bag. The grass and seagulls finish off a page beautifully as seen in this lovely page below by Sue Talbot in Sydney. Sue has used the AZZA Shell stencil to create this page.

Page by Sue Talbot, NSW. Australia
AZZA Europe.

I can’t help adding these two decorations to show you; they have been created with the stamp above. Beautiful!

Aurore – AZZA Europe.

Hilary Hamilton, AZZA Director and Team Leader in Victoria has created a few cards with the In My Garden themed products, to show you that the decoration products can be used on both pages and cards.

Card by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia
Card by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia

I found lovely cards with the In My Garden themed products online. Here are a few I wanted to share with you.

The card above has been created with the In my Garden paper, stamp and two of the AZZA dies, I love you and Sewn squares. https://shop.azzaworld.com.au/products/copy-of-cutting-dies-scrolls-set?_pos=12&_sid=0d8c40974&_ss=r

A lovely page below created by Michelle Delcomminette in Europe using the AZZA New York stencil and the In my Garden themed products.

Page by Michelle Delcomminette, Europe.
Page by Brigitte Langenfeld, Europe

Beautiful page above by Brigitte Langenfeld using the AZZA New York stencil, the Home Sweet Home cutting die and the In my Garden themed products.

Brigitte also created this beautiful card:

Do pop along to the AZZA website and look at the new products.


AZZA Australia has a competition running for the month of August. Any Client ordering over $100.00 of In my Garden and Sport themed products during the month of August, in one order, will go into the draw for a special edition ‘Tennis’ stencil. This stencil will not be available to purchase, as it is a special edition.

Herewith a few beautiful layouts created by the Ladies in Europe with the Special Edition stencil.

Page by Sophie, RJSS So Scrap.

I love this page above by Sophie. She has used the AZZA I love you themed products

Page by Myriam de Leenheer, Europe.

And a wonderful double page creation by Josette Worobel, Europe. A challenge but well worth it when you see the result.

If you are in the Perth area, please come along to the WA Craft Show at the Claremont Showgrounds this weekend – Fiona, Barb and I will be there on the AZZA stand. Come along and introduce yourselves to us and see what we have on offer.


We also have some very exciting news for Australia. Christine Houbrechts will be coming out to Australia for our annual AZZA Consultant Conference in October and will hold Masterclasses in Ballarat, Sydney, Launceston, Hobart and Perth. Christine is part of the AZZA Creative Team in Belgium and you will see her pages in all the AZZA books. We apologise to ladies in those areas we won’t get to this year but hopefully you will be first on the list next year! Christine will be holding classes on EVERYTHING AZZA – How to take your decorations to the next level and will showcase the 2019 Christmas range.

If you are interested in attending a class with Christine please pop along to the AZZA Australia webpage and find your nearest Consultant for information, or you can contact me on lynholmes@rocketmail.com.


The class in Ballarat will be held on Tuesday, 29th October. Please contact Hilary Hamilton or your local Consultant. The Sydney class will be held on Friday, 1st November. Please contact me or your local Consultant. Christine will be at the Launceston show with Deb and her Ladies over the weekend and she will be in Hobart on Monday, 4th November. Tassie Ladies please get in touch with Deb, Ellen or Theresa to find out all the details. Christine will then fly over to Perth where I will get to spend some time with her, YAY, and she will hold a class for our Western Australian Consultants on Friday. The Masterclass will be on Saturday, 9th November. Christine will then climb on her flight back home that night, very tired I am sure, but I hope she will have had a wonderful, unforgettable trip Downunder.

On that exciting note, I will end for today.

Happy Scrappin’


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Home Sweet Home ….

I have seen so many beautiful close-ups of these decorations used on AZZA pages that I thought I would share a few with you.

The AZZA New York stencil was released with the Home Sweet Home themed products. These products are beautiful and can be used with so many themes, they would be a great range to have in your supply.


The Home Sweet Home A4 Sketch sheet above is lovely for quick decoration on the page and the words ‘Home Sweet Home’ are in English!! As you can see these can be used with almost any theme on the page. Below you can see one of the images mounted on the Home Sweet Home Seasonal paper then wrapped with the new Linen ribbon and finished off with an AZZA pearl. Thanks Christine for this beautiful page.

Page by Celine Bernardo. Europe
Page by Celine Bernardo. Europe
Page by Celine Bernardo. Europe

Celine has also used the AZZA Home Sweet Home seasonal papers and a Figure mounted on one of them. As you can see the Sketch sheet images look good mounted on both the plain and patterned papers.


The large AZZA Home Sweet Home stamp shown above creates lovely decorations on your page, both directly onto the page or stamped, coloured, cut out and placed onto the page.

How clever is this decoration above. Stamped onto the page so that it just falls behind the beautiful Home Sweet Home Die Cut, connected with black and white dots to the die cut. The image is then coloured with Chalking pencils.

The same image has been used in the corner of this wedding themed page. Stamped in brown and highlighted in white, just as beautiful.

Yet another fun creation with the stamped images and the Decoration duo stencil image (3D). They have been used together with the Embossing folder Gnarled wood seen below. This was also used on Christine’s page above. Note how the Embossing folder has only been used on half the paper cut out.

AZZA Europe

This lovely page above also used a few of the stamps and the AZZA Decoration duo stencil. I love the idea of the little line from which the light bulbs and the clock hang. So easy when you know how! Note how the collection of bottles have been ‘grounded’ with a little decoration. These little bottles and the light near the Title are created with the Decoration duo stencil and pens as an outline.

A closer look
AZZA Europe

The decorations above have also been created using the AZZA Decoration stencil, this time with chalks and inks. Note how the pot can have two different succulents placed on top of it.


The Rustic Clock is a must in your collection, it is timeless (sorry, but it is true!!). It can be used in ANY colour and of course you don’t have to use the whole image. I loved this multi-page layout by Patricia in Europe.

Patricia Le Bellec. AZZA Europe
Interesting use of the light bulbs on their side (It is an Irish page!)
Love the use of only half the clock.

Another lovely set of pages from AZZA Europe with the New York stencil and the Home Sweet Home themed products. Note how the clock below has been highlighted with a Resin pellet.

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe – this new Linen ribbon is now in stock

Both the AZZA Cutting Dies have been used in this set of pages:

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

These little windows bring fun to the page!

Christine has use the AZZA Home Sweet Home Figures too

Two more examples using the Home Sweet Home Figures:


Lastly, a beautiful card created with the Home Sweet Home products:

Thank you Celine

Celine has used the AZZA Structure/Texture paste as her background, then coloured it.


This structure works beautifully with all AZZA Decoration and Texture duo stencils, more on this in another blog.

AZZA Europe
Page by Jennie Banks, Queensland. Australia
AZZA Europe

The Home Sweet Home texture stencil has two very different sides to it. One very delicate and the other I think is more of a Cobble stone look.

Herewith the video of Dominique working with the Home Sweet Home products and the New York stencil. I love her work with the Rustic clock!

Now its over to you to play with the AZZA Home Sweet Home products and your New York stencil.

Happy Scrappin’


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AZZA ORLANDO plus Theme Park and Birth decoration products

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

The new AZZA Stencil ORLANDO reminds me so much of the old Paris-Istanbul stencil everyone loved. Many have asked over the years if they can order it; I think this is the closest you will come to getting something similar. For the page above I have used the Orlando stencil and a few of the products from the Theme Park range: Washi tape, A4 Sketch sheet, papers and the Stamp set. I used AZZA Cord and Glitter tape to finish off my decorations.


When placed together on a double page you get a lovely layout.

Page by Fabienne Curet, Europe.
You will see a few more pages from her later in the blog – Scrap de la Lutine
Dominique spinning her magic with the new AZZA products – do watch her video.
Page by Sandrine Scrap, Europe

The double layout above has used the Home Sweet Home Texture stencil and the red decorations are from the old Geometric Theme – they are quite striking.

These products are still available and are great to have in your stock as they can be used with any theme.


If you have them and haven’t used them, set yourself a challenge to use them on your next page.

I’ve also created a page with the new Birth themed decoration products AZZA released in Australia this month:

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

Having done the last blog on the smaller stencils, I’ve used the ‘I love you’ card stencil recently released to create this page. I’ve highlighted part of a photograph by using a smaller section of it:


I’ve also used the stencil for the inking of the heart shapes. The decorations were cut out of the AZZA Birth Seasonal papers. There are both pink and blue papers in the pack.


The Birth cutting dies are fun to play with. You can cut the 1, 2 and 3 off the ‘Baby’ and the shapes can be coloured to suit your page.

AZZA Europe

The smaller blue and white circles are from the centre of the dummy. Below is a close-up of the decoration.

AZZA Europe

Two beautiful cards above created with the AZZA Birth products. The Micro Elephant and Giraffe stamps are just too cute!


How beautiful is this decoration below by  Helene Le Corre; don’t stick to pink and blue!

Decoration by  Helene Le Corre

One of our Consultants had a baby this month so I created a card for her with the new products.

Created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

I used the beautiful cutting dies from the AZZA Home Sweet Home range, together with the Birth theme products. And for the inside….

Created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

Hilary Hamilton, AZZA Team Leader in Victoria created the following cards. They are beautiful. Hilary used both sets of AZZA cutting dies from the Birth products.

Card created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia
Card created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia

With the Birth themed products I created a page with an AZZA Accordion sheet to add a few more photos to the ‘story’ on the page. I used the AZZA Berlin Trio which is 15x15cm so will also fit a standard card. Note this is a different size to the previous AZZA Trio sets.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

As you can see I have used the AZZA Birth Sketch sheet, Birth papers, Pink cord, AZZA Wooden frame, Theme Park texture stencil, Glitter tape, AZZA Pearls and the Stamps from the ‘I love you’ and ‘Birth’ range. What I wanted to show you with the Sketch sheet is that even if it has French words on it, you can mask them out on your page. I have done this with Glitter tape, pearls and a little stamped image. I then mounted it inside a frame. Note how I used the ‘I love you’ stamp on the frame, the frames stamp beautifully.

The Birth Sketch sheet is available in both pink and blue.
Note the lovely ‘I love you’ products used on the pages

The larger heart was stamped with Versamark ink. I used Chocolate for the smaller heart and the wording. Note how I have highlighted the stamped image ‘love’ with both a white gel pen and a chalk pencil.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

On the Accordion sheet I have used both AZZA Birth Cutting dies. Note how I have used two of the ‘Baby’ cutting die to create a darker shadow. The other die cut-out I have cut in half and mounted onto some of the ‘Birth’ paper. I used the Birth Stamp to incorporate my little title…….

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

I have used the AZZA Cecile Alphabet stencil for the wording, one of my favourite as the smaller size is cursive writing so you can fit it into a small space.


Those ladies that get the AZZA Mail-Out will be receiving this Alphabet stencil for the July Mail-Out together with ideas on how you can use it on your Scrapping pages. If anyone is interested in receiving the AZZA Mail-Out please contact me.

I’ll finish off with a few more AZZA Orlando layouts to inspire you.

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe.
AZZA Europe
AZZA, Europe.
AZZA Europe

Lastly on AZZA Orlando, something a little more challenging for you to try from “Scrap de la Lutine” in Europe….

Atelier de la Lutine
Atelier de la Lutine

Note the two middle sections have extra leaves to them.

Atelier de la Lutine

Now it’s over to you to create your own beautiful pages.

Happy Scrappin’


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The smaller Stencil ‘Stars’ in the AZZA range

I thought I would showcase our smaller stencils in the range. The SHELL stencil has been released this month which is a 25 x 25 stencil, but we have had our TRIO BERLIN and two new card stencils which have been recently released.


Trio Berlin is available as a stencil set on its own or with a book full of instructions. Berlin is 15cm x 15cm which is a different size from our previous Trio stencil sets. Being 15 x 15 these stencils fit easily onto your scrapping page in any compilation as shown below.

Une page AZZA’art – Europe

AZZA has released 15 x 15 Accordion pages to match Berlin so that you can add many more photos to your page.

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

Céline BERNARDO has created the lovely page below using the AZZA Berlin and the Art and Creation decoration themed products. She has used the Accordion pages but cut them into two sections. Trio

Celine, AZZA Europe
Celine, AZZA Europe
Celine, AZZA Europe
Celine, AZZA Europe

I love the way she has threaded her die cuts through her figures. The lovely hat cut-out on the top of the right-hand photo is an AZZA stamp, one of my favourites. There are a few left in stock.

An amazing page by our very own Jennie Banks in Townsville, Queensland. Jennie has also used the Berlin stencil and the Art and Creation decoration products. Jennie’s decorations are beautiful; do look at the detail she has managed to get and her highlights with a white gel pen.

Page by Jennie Banks, Townsville. QLD, Australia
Page by Jennie Banks, Townsville. QLD, Australia
Page by Jennie Banks, Townsville. QLD, Australia

And a lovely page by our New South Wales Consultant, Sue Talbot. Beautiful in its simplicity. Sue has used the Big Shot Starter kit 2 for her decorations.

Created by Sue Talbot, NSW. Australia
Sue Talbot, NSW. Australia
Sue Talbot, NSW. Australia

The samples above show how many ways you can use the Accordion pages. If you still need a little help, below is a video you can watch to see how to construct a page with the AZZA Berlin Trio stencils. You will see Dominique has used our new ‘Under the Sea’ products for her decoration.

The AZZA ‘I love you ….’ range is suitable for so many occasions. There is the card size stencil, a die cut, papers and a stamp.


Here is a card created with the paper and the cutting die shown above. The die cut has been foiled.

Card by Myriam Behaghel, Europe

Lovely, fun-filled card created by myriad using pens to colour the card.


The card above has been made by folding the AZZA paper to highlight the ‘I love you ….’ and the stamp.

Below are three beautiful pages created using the Boston stencil and the ‘I love you’ range of AZZA decoration products. The first was created by Christine Houbrechts of Belgium. I like this AZZA stamp collection as the three decorations at the bottom of the stamp can be used for a border, or a strip decoration.

Page by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

And think outside the box, you don’t have to use the whole die cut as seen on the page below by Robin Francoise.

Page by AZZA23, France

Lastly, a page by Celine Henchoz using a single Wedding photo.

The second AZZA Card stencil: Let’s Party


Once again, a stencil that can be used for all occasions. Herewith a few card samples I have found to share with you:

AZZA Europe
Angelique Boumard – AZZA Europe

I have a few more cards to show you using AZZA die cuts and decoration products.

How sweet is the card below made with the ‘Winter Song’ products.

AZZA Europe
Honorine Loizeau, Europe

The card above is one of my favourites. A beautiful, simple design with any message placed on top of the ‘Sewn Squares’ Frames. Honorine has used the AZZA ‘Sewn Squares’ cutting die, AZZA Texture stencil with inks, AZZA Cord and an AZZA stamped image. Similar products have been used on the card below.

Below, the same ‘Sewn Squares’ frames have been used, this time with the new AZZA Butterfly stamp.


The AZZA Lilies stamp can be used for many occasions too. It can be used on a monochrome card for sad occasions or coloured brightly for celebrations:

Card created by Fred Koklosa, Europe.

Or think outside the box and only use one or two of the flowers:

Card by Virginie Spicher, Eurrope
Card by Virginie Spicher, Eurrope

Lastly, I couldn’t go past this spectacular card created with the AZZA Home Sweet Home products …..

That should keep you busy. I’m sure you can all whistle up a few cards in the next few weeks to send to someone special. Not everyone sends cards these days, but I can assure you that folk still feel LOVED when they receive one in the post, especially if it is handmade.

Why not surprise someone in the next few weeks and send out a little love.

Happy Scrappin’


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