Caramel and Vanilla to warm us up in Winter

This month is all about Bombay and Cashmere and the release of two new colours: Caramel and Vanilla, colours to warm us up this first month of winter.

The Studio is a perfect place to start if you want a few pages in the new colours, the stencil, Sketch sheet, papers and a sample booklet with ideas.

This beautifully serene page below by Jill Attrill in Victoria won the Consultant competition last month.

Page created by Jill Attrill – Victoria



This colourful page by Heather Fields in Queensland uses the Cashmere stamp perfectly. What a lovely colour combination on the page.

Page created by Heather Fields – Queensland

And a simple page to show you that you don’t need to use all the curves, by Christine Houbrechts in Belgium. Christine has used the white Glitter paint through the Cashmere texture stencil for the images on her paper.

Lyn blog
Page created by Christine Houbrechts,

Double pages are also available in Vanilla and Caramel. Below a double page I created with the new products. I cut the front page following the stencil outline and moved the stencil across on the back page to show the line of inking.

I placed the die cut on the left on both the front and back page to match.

This stencil is also designed to create a cascade of photos on your page, so if you would like to give this a go, purchase the Focus booklet and a set of pre-cut pages to begin with. Instructions are in the booklet to create more.

Below a lovely page by Fiona McKay in Western Australia. Fi showcases the Cashmere products beautifully.

To highlight the design of the embossing folder, Fi lightly ran white ink over her paper once embossed.

And just in case you think Paisley is old fashioned, it seems it is very much ‘in’ again, so perfect timing on our behalf!! We see AZZA in all sorts of places!!

Lovely decoration by Sophie using the die cuts, the stamp, Glitter paint, Resin dot and AZZA cord.

On this page you can see Sophie has used the larger ‘square’ on the stencil for her cascade.

AZZA has released a set of three dies to match the stencil. Note: for the larger size you do need an A4 die cutting machine. This makes cutting your shapes easy!

You can also create your own little accordion sheet as seen below, again by Sophie. Thanks so much for giving us this idea.

Pascale shared with us endless ideas on how to use all the decoration products:

Lastly, a few card samples for you I found on Pinterest. I like to be able to credit the person who has created these so if you know, please let me know and I can add their name.

You can have so much fun cutting your own cards, the dies make it so easy. These cards have been made with the new AZZA mini collections. The first card has been cut with a fold down the right-hand side, the second is just the larger square cut and folded in half.

How cute is this little card created with the AZZA Mini Collection: Bearcubs

An apology to the AZZA Clients in Australia that have been waiting on their orders, mainly for the Top Ten Collector Collection. Our shipment has finally arrived in Australia, we have paid the duty and it is scheduled to arrive on Thursday. All backorders will be packed over the weekend and shipped on Monday. Once again, apologies but the delay was beyond our control.

Happy Scrappin’


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The AZZA CLEARANCE SALE is now in full swing.

AZZA are moving older stock and over stocked items, do pop along to the shop and see what has been posted.

If you are a Card Maker, all cards have been marked down, but remember they do not come with envelopes. These cards can be used on a scrapping page with photos or journalling inside as seen below on a page by Mimouscrap. She has used the AZZA Promenade Scrap kit for her layout.

A big range of large stamp sets have been marked down to $20.00. Although old stock, the themes are timeless. Dare I show you the ‘Cruising’ one …..
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

There are also a few Die and stamp sets. These are great as there is no ‘fussy’ cutting to be done, it is all done for you!

Only two of these sets left, they are lovely on the page:

Scrapdenadige – AZZA Europe
Nolwenn Gaisnon – AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
Decorations above and below by L’escrapade – AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

Looking ahead to Christmas, this little set is perfect for on the page and cards – only $8.00.
Card by Barbara Rae – Western Australia

If you purchase a full Christmas card box set it will be ready for you to begin your cards in the next few months.

Whilst thinking of Christmas – these little kits would make great gifts too – not bad for $25.00 and under. The booklet in the Theme kits do have English in the instructions.
Hilary Hamilton – Australia

The Delicacies theme kit above would be a great gift for the Grandies – great fun could be had with the Cup Cake decorations and the stamps. I use the strawberries on the stamps often too.

Natscrap – AZZA Europe

Or you can purchase the Christmas products all together in one kit for only $75.00.

AZZA patterned papers are also on sale, now is the time to add to your collection. Why not share a pack with a friend.

Silent night is a lovely pack, the musical side can be used on any occasion. Paper packs have been reduced to $8.00 and $5.00.

The music notes at the bottom of the Decorative Deo is beautiful on the page.

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

The Vintage Texture Duo has also been reduced, one of my favourite Texture stencils:
Anita Day – Queensland

The ‘Keys’ would be perfect for any coming of age page.

AZZA Europe

Most A4 Sketch Sheets have been reduced to around $1.00. These are perfect for quick decoration on your page. All you have to do is cut out the image then dolly it up with paper, cord, pearls, etc.*sketch%20sheets*
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

AZZA Mirage stencil features in the new TOP TEN released this month. Sets of pre-cut page kits are on sale from when the Mirage stencil was first released.

You can have so much fun with these and get quite a few more photos onto your page.

AZZA Europe

Some of the Tribal Indian products used on this page are also on sale.

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

Grab a cup of coffee and spend a while scrolling though the sale, I’m sure you will find something to put into your shopping basket.


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A walk down Memory Lane

The AZZA 20 Year Collector Case has been released this month as part of the celebrations. I have had so many enquiries about the ‘Around the World’ stencil over the years so I know many of you will be very happy to see it as part of this collection.

The book released with the collection (146 pages) will take you through the history of AZZA and will give the stencils an updated look – not that any of the stencils go out of date, they have been used with newly released product.

I do hope this will encourage those of you that have these stencils to get them out and begin to use them again. If you have the stencils, the book is available for purchase on its own.

Many of you will remember the Parfums du Sud: I still use my water bottle that came as a gift!

My double page created with the Provence stencil:

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia
Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

A few more pages shared by AZZA Europe:

Lovely layout above by Sabine Lebrun above and Yvette below. Yvette has used one of my favourite little fishing stamps.

les scraps d’Yvette – Europe

The stamp is part of a special bundle on sale at the moment.

The BE AZZA – CHANTE has always been one of my favourites. Below is a layout I did many years ago for my nephew’s wedding. I love using the large oval for the photo that tells the story of the page. It can be used for either a portrait or landscape photo.

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

AZZA Europe

The outline of the stencil does not have to be used on the page as seen on the page below by Mimouscrap.

Le scrap deurpeen de Mimouscrap

The Lavender Reportage Ring binder album that was included in the box is still available for sale:

AZZA Mirage stencil was part of a duo release.

A Pre-cut set of pages were released with the Stencil duo above, these are still available for purchase. They are on sale at the moment.

Rachel Timms, AZZA Consultant in Brisbane, created the page below using the stencil with the pre-cut pages.

Rachel Timms – Queensland.
Competition page by Carole Rutter – Western Australia
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

If you like the Tribal Indian themed products a Tribal Indian Theme pack is available.

I don’t have to introduce you to this one. It has been sought after for years:

Around the World – Celebrating AZZA’s 15th Year Anniversary

AZZA Europe

The Large stamp set used above is available in the AZZA online shop and remains one of my favourite for travel pages.
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

AZZA Venus is the next stencil to showcase; Mars-Venus was the Stencil Duo released.

Nadine Radous – AZZA Europe

I always loved this double vertical framed layout created with the stencil. What a beautiful gift it would make.

Nathalie Macioszek – AZZA Eruope

Use one oval as Nathalie has above or two as shown on this double page by Filomina below.

Scrap Europeen de Be Creativa

Or no ovals at all, only decoration as Sabine has done below on this double page.

Sabine Lebrun – AZZA Europe

AZZA Toronto was the first AZZA stencil to be sold with a ‘Tool’ stencil. These tool stencils as we were to find out, were perfect to get continuous lines of decoration in inks, chalks or with pens.

AZZA Europe

This lovely layout above by Filo shows the smaller oval within the larger oval shape. Filo has used some of the Tribal Indian products shown above for her decorations on the page.

Below a completely different layout with the same stencil by Isascrap.

IsaScrap – AZZA Europe

The layout below shows the long chalking or inking lines that can be achieved by using the tool stencil.

AZZA Europe

The next stencil in the set – Marshmallow II. This set was designed as a 30 x 60 stencil and, when placed together, a design right across the double page can be achieved. This can also be achieved with one stencil merely by flipping it over on the opposite page.

AZZA Europe

Another lovely layout by Rachel Timms showing the Marshmallow stencil used on a single page.

Rachel Timms – Queensland, Australia

Bilboa-Macau is another of the AZZA stencils that feature often in my own albums. Here it is highlighted with a little taste of Africa.

Filomena created the page above with Macau. I created the page below using sand as part of the decoration. Note how I have used two colours of sand and embedded the little Giraffe figures into the sand. If you would like to work with AZZA sand on your page do ask your Consultant about a lesson.

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

The AZZA online shop has an amazing selection of sand with a few new colours added recently. All are matt except for a Black and Bronze which are available in the ‘Glittering’ range.

The circle can also be used as a window through to the back page of a double layout as seen below on the double page by Sophie.

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

And another lovely layout by Sylvie.

Istanbul of PARIS-ISTANBUL duo has to be one of my all time favourites. My clients know it is my ‘go to’ if we are struggling with a set of photos. It works well with the smaller pages and even the 20 x 20 Mini albums. If you have bought the new AZZA Desk Album, it would be perfect for that too.

I think this was the first AZZA stencil I worked with so I was pleased to see it included in the set. For first time Scrappers, it is the ideal stencil to work with. In the layout below I have used the circle as a window through to the back page.

Floscrap – AZZA Europe

The circle in the stencil has not been used on the page above. Ladies often forget to look at using the stencil without the circle. If you do use the circle in your layout, that is the photo that will set the story for your page.

The stencil is great for a simple page, or to get a lot of photos onto your page.

It can easily be used as a double page too.

AZZA Europe
Scrapjeannot – AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

Lastly ROME-TOKYO. This stencil is lovely on a single page but can easily be used on a double page to get the larger circles across the 60cm width.

Use both little circles as a bold statement on the page.

AZZA Europe

Or use them to blend in with the background:

Use them for photos or journalling:

AZZA Europe

Or don’t use them at all:

Floscrap – Europe

In this layout Floscrap has cut two large circles using the stencil, then she has folded them in half and stuck them onto a 30 x 30 page. Note the green ribbon in the centre keeping the circles closed. Below you can see the full layout once the circles are open.

Now for a quick look at some of the layouts that have been shared with the release of the Collectors Case.

Thank you Honorine – Wow you have been busy and the pages are beautiful.


Honorine has used the lovely Family embossing folder for her paper.
Around the World
Marshmallow – Annie Alloiteau-Gatterre – Europe

Honorine has used the set of AZZA dies below. There is only one set left in the AZZA online shop so if you have been thinking about purchasing it, do get in quick as they are no longer available in Belgium.

To end with, a little challenge from Christine Houbrechts using the ‘Around the World’ stencil on multiple pages. Christine has used the new seasonal patterned papers’ Farm’ on her page.

And the back of the pages:

The Collector Case has been very popular so I hope you will find great inspiration from the pages I have shared with you. If you have not bought the Case, I do hope you will want to haul out your older stencils and create some beautiful pages with them.

Each week in the AZZA online shop you will find new specials so don’t forget to pop in and take a look – under the heading ‘SALE’ in the drop down menu.

This week everything FLORAL has been discounted.

Happy Scrappin’


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National Scrapbook Day

Each year on the first Saturday in May, National Scrapbook Day invites the country to bring their talents together to celebrate the art of scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking dates back to the 15th century when photos and clippings were pasted into black or brown bound books as keepsakes.

These samples are from 1938 and 1955 in Rhodesia, Africa. My husband’s Grandfather was an excellent marksman and represented the country. The second is of my Mother-in-law long before she was married.

Nowadays there are many different styles, but with AZZA we continue to keep the focus on the photos and not the decoration. The decoration must always complement the photos and not be the focus on the page.

To celebrate National Scrapbook Day, all orders placed in our online shop will receive a gift pack of AZZA products and a booklet with ideas on how to use the product received.

The latest Kyoto stencil has been very popular and here are a few more layouts for inspiration.

AZZA Europe

I love the colours on the page above. These papers have not yet been released in Australia but I wanted to show you how the flowers in the die from the AZZA 20th Birthday box can be coloured to suit the photos. I am sure you will remember the AZZA Humming bird.

Sue Talbot had the same idea for her decoration below. The flower can be coloured with inks or you can cut the shape in both colours and overlay the flower in the colour you would like to use. Sue finished off her flower with a Resin dot.

Sue Talbot – NSW
Morgane Sire – AZZA Europe

Morgane created the page above with the AZZA 20th Birthday stencil Charleston and has used ink on her Flower decoration.

Scrap de roz – AZZA Europe

A lovely pink and blue layout from Scrap de roz using the new paper/page colour with the Kyoto stencil and the Rising Sun decorating products.

Anita Bricaud – AZZA Europe

Anita has used the new colour tones with her layout above. She has also combined new and old AZZA Japanese themed products. Many of you will recognise the lovely Cherry tree branch stamp.

Christine Houbrechts – Belgium

Christine has used the new Rising Sun decorations products with the AZZA Boston stencil above. A close-up of the decoration below so you can see the detail.

Decorations by Christine Caparros – Europe

A big THANK YOU to Christine who prepared these little samples of decorations created with the Rising Sun products to give us all inspiration on how they can be used.

Valerie G – AZZA Europe

A lovely card by Valerie using the products released this month.

The latest issue of Scrap & Moi arrived in Australia this week and subscriptions have been posted out. If you entered the Scrap & Moi Texture competition, your gift will be on the way.

Please be patient with some products being on backorder. Supply routes to Belgium have been affected by both the new surge of COVID across the globe and the blockage in the Suez Canal. This in turn affects our delivery dates. If an item goes on backorder, it will be posted out to you as soon as it arrives on our shores.

Don’t forget – a little something will be added to all orders placed tomorrow,

National Scrapbook Day.

Happy Scrappin’


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Autumn in Australia …

As the seasons change, the world continues on in the grip of COVID without any holidays, family gatherings or overseas trips. In Australia, our borders have been closed for over a year now and compared to the rest of the world we have been very lucky in being able to move freely within our own region. Today as Perth goes into a 3 day lockdown, we are again reminded how many of our family and friends have lived for over a year with masks and strict restrictions as the norm.

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere brings out the beautiful Cherry trees in Kyoto. As you can see from the photo below, AZZA has celebrated the colours of Fuji and Sakura Blossom in the month of April.

Fuji and Sakura Blossom at Kawaguchiko.

The April release is a full release of a stencil, new colours and the Rising Sun themed products.

The AZZA Kyoto Studio can be seen above with the new shades of pink and blue. Heather Fields, an Azza consultant in Queensland, shared these beautiful layouts below using the new products.

Page created by Heather Fields – Queensland.
Page created by Heather Fields – Queensland.

A double page layout above and below.

Page created by Heather Fields – Queensland.
Page created by Heather Fields – Queensland.

Heather has used the Embossing folder from the 20th Anniversary Birthday box for her papers on the two pages above. This embossing folder goes perfectly with the Rising Sun papers.

Sue Talbot has also sent in a few pages to share with you. Sue has used the Kyoto stencil to create the page and Rising Sun texture stencil on her papers below.

Page created by Sue Talbot – NSW

Then, a little closer to home, Mount Tomaree. Don’t think these products are only for photos taken in Asia, most of them can be used with a wide range of photos. Sue has used the dies from the AZZA 20th Birthday Box Big Shot set too.

Page created by Susan Talbot – NSW.

I created the page below for a friend of mine using the Kyoto stencil, framed it and gave it to her for her birthday.

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.

I used the wonderful MAGIC Themed products released last year.
Page created by Deborah Byrne – Tasmania

Deb has used Embossing powder on the little shapes cut out with the Rising Sun dies and used the Rising Sun texture and decoration stencil with inks on her page.

As you all know Scrap & Moi magazine ran a competition where the AZZA Texture stencil had to be used on the page. This was Christine Ronsin’s winning page using the new products.

Page created by Christine Ronsin – Europe

Christine used the Rising Sun texture stencil on the ‘Stork’ from the Figures sheet and on her page she then completed the decoration with her pens.

Christine used the Rising Sun Decoration stencil for the image above, again finishing it off with pens. Note how she has varied the colour of the birds.

Page created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria.

Both Hilary and Francine have used the AZZA Kyoto stencil, AZZA Ring dies and Resin dots on their page.

Page created by Francine, Francinescrap – Europe.

AZZA Australia has the Texture stencil that Francine used above on her page, the paper and the decorations as part of a bundle on sale at the moment. The Fishing Texture stencil can be purchased on its own.

Herewith a video on creating a page with the AZZA Kyoto stencil:

Page created by Sandra Pezard – Europe

I rather liked this fun page above by Sandra using the new Rising Sun papers and Decoration stencil on her page of Disneyland. These storks would be perfect for a birth or baby page.

Sue Talbot has used the Decoration stencil on the page below beautifully. Page created with the AZZA Kyoto stencil. Sue has used the Rising Sun texture stencil to emboss her paper.

Page created by Sue Talbot – NSW.

Lastly, a few detailed decorations by L’escrapade in Europe for inspiration.

Decoration by L’escrapade – Europe
Decoration by L’escrapage – Europe.

Here, she combines a stamped image and images, created with the Decoration stencil beautifully.

Decoration by L’escrapade – Europe.

Again, you can see how the 20th Birthday box embossing folder goes so well with the Rising Sun themed products.

The Ladies of WA had a fantastic Scrapping weekend together, but sadly I cannot show you any of the pages as they were working on ‘Pre-released’ products. The products were received very well and a great time was had by all. These products will be released in June in Australia.

Many of you will know Ros McQueen; Ros is now down in Esperance. Although Ros has been working with AZZA product for many, many years her inner Seamstress surfaces from time to time!!

Ending on a happy note, one of the highlights of the weekend were the Eccles cakes we were served for Sunday morning tea!

Happy scrappin’


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Happy Easter

A four day holiday: I do hope those of you staying home find lots of time to catch up on your scrapping and those of you that are travelling or gathering together with family and friends have fun and take lots of photos to scrap later.

AZZA Australia have a snap four day AUTUMN Sale: everything Easter and in the autumn colours discounted, so pop along to the shop and check it out.

The best value for money is the Verlaine Studio kit. If you purchase the Studio kit you will receive the Focus Book, pre-cut pages and flippets as a bonus. The Focus book will give you loads of layouts you can create with the template – it focuses on the Verlaine template only, together with layouts using the pre-cut pages.

Hilary Hamilton created this set of pages with the Verlaine template and pre-cut pages with her Easter photos.

Page created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria
Page created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria
Page created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria

Unfortunately we have now sold out of the AZZA Easter stamp set. If you have the stamp set, there are still a few of the matching die sets greatly reduced.

Another set of Easter pages I have shown you before, with the Zurich template. No pre-cut pages with this template but you can cut your own as with any AZZA template.

And a lovely single page with the AZZA Zurich template:

Thank you Mimouscrap for sharing these pages with us.

Page created by Martine Voirin – Europe

Another lovely Easter page created by Martine in Europe using the Verlaine template.

In the autumn section we have the set below. The large stamp set also comes with a die, the stamp and die set has also been discounted in the sale.

The Autumn leaves die set is also in the sale. These dies can be used throughout the year and are lovely on the page or can be used for a card.

Ribbons, Resin dots, Sand, Velour, patterned papers and many other products in the autumn shades are also available in the sale.

Page created by Audrey, LM le scrapbooking AZZA Europe

If you liked the ‘Winter Song’ collection released with the Boston template, these are also in the sale: Sketch sheet, Figures, die, etc.

Page created by Valeria Rots, AZZA Europe
Page created by Fiona McKay – Western Australia

Having had a look at the sale, don’t forget to go along to WHAT’S NEW in the shop.

The new AZZA KYOTO template and the RISING SUN products have been released in Australia this month.

The new colours in pink and blue shades: Fuji and Sakura.

I gave you a sneak peek at my use of the LEST WE FORGET products in my last blog: here are the full pages using the new KYOTO template.

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

On the page above I have used the Poppy and Bugle stamp on the page, both stamped and then cut out. I completed my page with a little gold Glitter tape and Glitter paste through the new Rising Sun texture stencil to pick up the gold in the inscription on the photo.

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

Having lived through a Civil War, this inscription really tugged at my heart strings. I hope I have done it justice on the page.

Christine Houbrechts created these lovely pages, using the Kyoto template and the beautiful Peacock themed products released earlier.

Page by Christine Houbrechts – AZZA Europe
Page by Christine Houbrechts – AZZA Europe

Christine has also used a die from the 20th Anniversary box set. The Big Shot set is now available to purchase without having to buy the full box set.

The embossing folder in this set goes perfectly with the new Rising Sun papers:

As Aussies we will be able to use the papers for all our Aboriginal painting photos. I took these photos just north of Perth and the papers matched them perfectly. I could have used either side on the page with these photos.

I created my page using the A4 Mineral stencil to show how well it works on the 30 x 30 scrapping page.

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

I completed my page using the Rising Sun texture stencil, Figures from the Figure sheet and Resin dots.

The Figures sheet is very versatile as the strips and flowers go with any theme. The ‘Stork’ can be decorated to go with whichever similar bird you have in your photos. Don’t forget to use the Resin dots with the little flowers, they compliment them perfectly.

Enjoy your Easter weekend, I am not going away so will post the wonderful pages flooding in from our Consultants using the new products soon.

Happy Scrappin’


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Memories in March …..

AZZA Australia have added some ‘War Memorial’ stamps and a die set to their collection. Many of us visit war memorials both at home and overseas and every year we celebrate Anzac Day where many of us visit a memorial or a march. The products are listed as ‘LEST WE FORGET’ in the shop.

Whilst in Ballarat a few years ago, we visited two memorial sites, both a poignant reminder of the past. Last year we visited the ANZAC Memorial in Albany, here are a few samples used on my pages – full page reveal only next month.

I also used part of the Poppy die:

The Australian Flag is also available but there are very limited numbers as they have been so popular.

While we are going down memory lane I would like to share with you a few lovely layouts to remind you to dig out your older templates and have a play.

Page created by Heather Fields. Queensland

Heather created this beautiful page using the AZZA Scrap Kit: Nature. This is the old Reve template that so many of you love. It is great for a quick and easy layout. Heather has used the new AZZA Ring dies on the page.

In the set of rings above you get two different size rings – 3mm and 6mm rings. You can have such fun with these on the page. Keep all the extras you cut in a box and you will soon have a selection to choose from when you are scrapping. There is also a 5mm set available to purchase.

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
Page created by Judy Sharp. Western AustraliaI

A striking page created by Judy above using the Eclipse stencil. Judy used the Nutcracker stamp and die set and the 2020 Christmas papers on the page.

The Eclipse stencil is only available in the Studio pack, the stencil duo has now sold out in Belgium.

Page created by AZZA Europe

The layout above was created with the AZZA Marine template. Below it has been used for a double-page layout.

Page created by Anita Bricaud – AZZA Europe

Anita has used the Feather themed decorations released last month for her decorations.

I also like this single photo layout using the Loire template and cutting die with the ‘Feather’ papers.

Page created by Martine Voirin – Europe

I have seen quite a few samples of the layout above created with the Boston template – all based on the original page by Chantel Rapin.

Martine has used the Minerals papers released this month and the Art and Crafts die that I use often. Below are two other pages, my Boston template is out and ready for me to give this a go.

Chantel’s original page which has inspired all the other pages:

If you would like to try this, it is using only half the template, then the template is flipped to get the same/similar image on the other side of the page. Martine tells us where to begin – Boston needs to be on the back of the template and on the bottom left. Have fun working it out.

Below a lovely page by Fiona McKay created with the AZZA Scrap Kit: Souvenir

Created by Fiona McKay. Western Australia

For those of you creating pages with photos of your children, do remember that the Decoration stencil in the kit has the English words ‘Once upon a time’. I think we often forget this.

Dominique Spirlet has created a video showing you how to create a page with the Mineral stencil released this month:

And a beautiful page by Heather Fields in Queensland using the A4 Mineral template on a 30 x 30 scrapping page. Heather has used the Materials and Texture texture stencil for the decoration on her paper.

Page created by Heather Fields. Queensland

Lastly, an ‘Off the page’ project. Susan in Western Australia created this beautiful A4 page to go into a frame. Susan used the AZZA 20th Anniversary template that was included in the latest Scrap & Moi magazine. She also used the stamps in the 20th Anniversary box set.

Created by Susan Salvair. Western Australia

Until next time,

Happy Scrappin’


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Autumn/Spring is here ……..

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

Spring is here and in the Northern Hemisphere they can put all thoughts of winter behind them …. but before winter has gone (for a few months as our Australian winter is 3 months away) …. here are a few winter pages created with the AZZA Mineral (A4) stencil released in Australia this month. These pages show how the AZZA A4 stencils can be used to create a beautiful page on the 30 x 30 scrapping pages.

On the page above I also wanted to showcase the new iZink Glitter pastes that are now available through AZZA in Australia. I have used the Glitter paste through the stencil both left and right and also on the little fir trees from the Mineral Figure sheet and A4 Sketch sheet. I have coloured the horse with Alcohol pens to match the colour of the horses in the photos. I have also used the Mineral patterned papers.
Page created by Estelle in Areyron, France (Passion Scrap Aveyron)

Estelle has also used the iZink Glitter paste on her page above, she has used the silver. Three colours are available: Silver, Gold and Mother of Pearl.

Page created by Estelle in Areyron, France (Passion Scrap Aveyron)

On the page above Estelle has used the lovely new Mineral dies released this month too.

These look so lovely on the page and can be used for a title or decoration.

This stunning page by Jenny Finley shows the Frames on the page. Jenny has used the AZZA Vacation scrap kit to create her layout. This was Jenny’s entry into the Scrap & Moi competition.

Page created by Jenny Finley – Australia

The AZZA Micro stamp is still available, Jenny has coloured it in beautifully.
Page crated by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

I have also used the dies on the page above. I used two sizes of the same die, I wanted to show the larger size (11cm) which is great for a bigger title. Once again, this layout shows how the Mineral Stencil can be used on a 30 x 30 page.

I created a front page for my layout:

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

You can see I have used the iZink Glitter paste over my inking to give the page a little texture. These Glitter pastes work beautifully through the AZZA Texture stencils. On the page below, I used it with the AZZA Texture stencil: Feathers.

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

Using the products released this month, Hilary created the page below. Those of you that have been an AZZA Client or Consultant for a while now will have the Decoration stencil Hilary has used on the page with the Gold Glitter paste. It makes for a stunning border.

Page created by Hilary Hamilton – Australia

The Basket special this month includes MDF covers and pages so that you can create a beautiful coffee table album. These would make a priceless gift for someone special.

The MDF covers can be decorated in so many ways. Anita has decorated paper and placed it on her cover, Hilary decorated the MDF cover itself. Both ladies have created a small flap with magnets to keep the album closed.

Cover by Anita Day – Australia
Cover by Hilary Hamilton – Australia

The Embossing folder is slightly thicker than the normal AZZA embossing folders so do be careful when using it. Hilary has used it together with the AZZA Large ink pad: Loft

Pages created by Hilary Hamilton – Australia

You cannot see it above but the pre-cut pages have the holes for the Rings on BOTH sides. This way you can choose if you want them to flip out from the left or the right side of your album. It creates another dimension to your album. Hilary suggests that you number your pages so that when the album is flipped back you will know where the pages lie. The small AZZA Numbers cutting dies set is perfect for this. If you would like to make one of these albums please contact your Consultant. If you do not have a Consultant, contact AZZA and we will let you know where your closest Consultant is. We can also offer you online classes if there is not a Consultant near you.

Now for a few pages with the normal A4 pages, not the pre-cut ones.

Sue Talbot in New South Wales has been busy with her Wild Flower album. I used the Glitter paste in the lines top and bottom of the stencil. Sue shows how you can use your pens or cut some of your left over photo scraps. You could also chalk or ink these strips to create a border at the top and bottom of your page.

Pages created by Sue Talbot. New South Wales.

With the onset of COVID and clients not being able to get to classes with Consultants AZZA has created a selection of page/paper sets that can now be purchased. These are great for projects. Pop along to the shop and check out the colour combinations.

A lovely page by Deb Byrne highlighting the little ‘Plum’ Micro stamp:

Page created by Deb Byrne – Australia

With 2020 behind us and NO travel photos to scrap, Anita suggested a 2020 Mini album highlighting the events that did manage to go ahead throughout the year. I think this is a great idea. A sample of her album pages below:

Page created by Anita Day – Australia
Page created by Anita Day – Australia
Page created by Anita Day – Australia

Lastly, a page I just loved and wanted to share with you.

Page created by Nolwenn Gaisnon – Europe

Nolwenn has used the AZZA Mineral stencil to create this 30 x 30 page. She has also used the new Cutting dies Mineral and AZZA Cutting dies: Sewing Ribbon.

These dies were highlighted in the latest newsletter. I created the page below using them both on a page of my boy, Pluto. The other cutting die I have used is from the 20th Anniversary box and of course the AZZA Alphabet cutting dies. The large Alphabet cutting dies are only available on Special order, contact your Consultant or AZZA direct if you would like to purchase a set. I used a little Gold Glitter paste on the large letter ‘P’ to match the paper from the 20th Anniversary box set.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

Well, that should be enough to get you creating for now.

Happy Scrappin’


Decoration by Lyn Holmes.
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Competition time ……

February in Australia and ‘The Australian Open’ begins.

To celebrate a month of Tennis in Australia all orders over $100.00 placed in the online shop during the month of February will go into a draw to win one of five Tennis stencils. (This means you have FIVE chances of winning) These are not available for purchase, they are a special edition.

These lovely layouts created with the Tennis stencil from the Ladies in Europe.

AZZA – Europe

The second competition is advertised in the Scrap & Moi No 58 on page 67. The next layout competition has the theme: Texture stencils.

This competition, in keeping with the AZZA 20th Anniversary celebrations, has the prize of 150E instead of the normal 50E and every one who enters will receive a Texture stencil. Your entry needs to be sent to Azza Belgium by the 15th of February.

Please ensure you let them know you are from Australia and whether you are a Consultant or a Client. Do let your Consultant know if you send in an entry. When you scan and save your page please put your name/Australia on the scan (name/Australia.jpeg) as this makes it so much easier for the Ladies in Belgium to keep a track of which layout belongs to you!

All entries are to be sent to:

Get out your Texture stencils and have a go. Here are a few beautiful pages to give you some ideas:

Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

This is one of my favourite pages I created with the Loire (A4) template. I have used the Texture stencil on both paper and my page contrasting the inks I used to the paper/page colours.

AZZA – Europe

For the decorations on the Dallas layout above two different Texture stencils have been used.

Another beautiful Dallas layout with the Feathers Texture stencil from Europe, I do apologise as I could not find who created this lovely set of pages.

A lovely page created by Christine Houbrechts using the AZZA Melbourne stencil and the Material and Texture Texture stencil.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts – Belgium
Page created by Johannascrappe in France

The page above created by Johanna using the AZZA Cancun stencil and the Texture stencil Silhouette that was released at the same time. Below AZZA Zurich stencil using the Snowflake Texture stencil in the centre behind the decoration.

An older layout of mine using the AZZA London Special edition template and a Texture stencil. This shows how you can either use your Texture stencil along the lines of your photos on the page or pull your layout to the corner of your page by using the Texture stencil and ink or chalk in your penned corner.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

Deb Byrne has done the same in her layout below using the AZZA Neptune template for the layout.

Page created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania
Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

In the page above created with the AZZA Nairobi stencil Christine shows how the Texture stencil can be used with ink and can also be used to emboss the paper, keeping the decorations on the page similar but different. I have highlighted how to do this in an earlier blog.
Page created by Isabelle Jolivat, Europe

Another lovely sample of a Texture stencil used on paper on a page created with the AZZA Nairobi stencil. If you have the AZZA Rosette stencil, the page below will give you some inspiration. The texture stencil used is beautiful – this Texture stencil is still available.

Now for a few close-up looks at the Texture stencil used on the page:

Decoration by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

Once again a close up of using the Texture stencil to emboss paper on your page. Christine has highlighted a single feather in each section beautifully.

Page by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium
Decoration by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

In the decoration above I have used the Texture stencil to emboss my paper and below Jennie Banks shows how you can use just part of your Texture stencil for decoration.

Page created by Jennie Banks. Australia
AZZA Europe

A Texture stencil has been used to create a background for this lovely decoration.

A layout with an older template Noisette, I have always liked:

Mosaic Texture stencil duo still available.

As seen in the layout above using the AZZA Scrap kit Promenade, you can lift your Texture stencil decoration with the AZZA Resin dots, now available in the normal shine or matt.

The Weather Texture stencil is still available.

Jill has used the Secret Garden Texture stencil below, I know I have shown you before but this page deserves a second showing. I love it and this stencil remains one of my favourite. Jill used the Dallas template to create the page.

Page created by Jill Attrill. Australia

To finish, a more recent layout I created using the AZZA Scrap kit Vacation and the Scrap Plus kit’s Texture stencil and stamp. I finished off the layout with the ‘Thongs’ die which can be found in the AZZA Australiana section. I used the Texture stencil to create a background for my decoration.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia
Page by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.

Christine has also used the AZZA Scrap Kit Vacation for her layout above. Note how she has highlighted the little birds she has inked onto the paper with the same Texture stencil I used on the page above (Obviously the other image)

Bring your Texture decorations to life with a little pen work.

I haven’t had time to create my own page for the competition yet, so hopefully in the next blog I will be able to show you my page plus plenty more that have been sent in.

Happy Scrappin’


AZZA – Europe

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AZZA – 20th year Anniversary

The AZZA 20th Celebration stencil CHARLESTON has been well received and the layouts are beautiful.

I have had time to play and have created a double page:

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

This is the front page and the small ‘cats eye’ in the centre has been cut out to show the photo on the page inside. I have found that the patterned paper takes inking very well and the shade can be changed quite easily if your photos do not match the pink. I used the new AZZA brushes and gently applied ink, Cherry in this case, and it looks beautiful. I used one stamp from the Large stamp set and one from Diamond stamps.

Jennie Banks in Far North Queensland has also created a beautiful set of pages:

Page by Jennie Banks – Townsville
Page created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria

Hilary created another beautiful layout with her fashion photos.

The layouts are so different, I did like this one by Christine Ronsin in Europe. Lovely snow whilst we are having temps high in the 30’s in Australia.

And of course Christine’s exceptional work:

Page created by Christine Houbrechts – Belgium

Note how Christine has combined two stamps into the one image and brought them to life with some pen work.

In this decoration Christine has placed her sentiment on a piece of torn paper placed on top of a stamped image.

As we know, the AZZA stencils can be used with any theme. I had to share these two striking images with you, created by AZZA Consultants in Europe.

Page created by Honorine Loizeau – Europe
Page created by Carole Pereira Bastianon

Carole has used the AZZA spray inks on her plain paper, two colours of the Resin dots, the stickers and stamps. She has also inked her patterned paper.

The Dallas stencil has also been popular as it is just so easy to use. I created a page to show you the use of the tool stencil.

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

You can see that by using the tool stencil I can get smooth inking without the lines of the stencil getting in the way.

I used the AZZA Simone Alphabet stencil, the new Matt black Resin dots and a stamp from both the Large Feathers stamp set and the Feathers Diamond stamp set.

The Blending brushes are now available as singles, both Medium and Large in the AZZA online shop.

The AZZA Blending Brush set is also now available:

As you can see, the set comes with both a stand and a cleaning tool.

Two Dallas pages by Deb Byrne melted my heart:

Page created by Deb Byrne – Tasmania

Deb has used the AZZA Spray inks on her plain paper, Resin dots, Glitter tape and the AZZA Heritage frame dies on the page above. On the page below she has stamped her plain paper with the Material and Texture stamp and the old Box camera is from our Vintage themed products.
AZZA Europe

I found this lovely little decoration using the frames, figures and transparent Resin dots.

This stamp is on sale at the moment.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the AZZA Sale yet, do pop in to our online shop, the sale is on until Sunday 31st January.

A vast selection of Patterned paper has been marked down by 20%.

Various Studio kits have been marked down by 15%.

Texture stencils have been marked down by 25%.

And if you like quick and easy decoration, the AZZA A4 Sketch sheets are also on sale.

This beautiful Accordion album was created in class by Susan Salvair using the kit above. A lovely momento to have in your home or to give a family member as a gift.

Accordion album created by Susan Salvair – Western Australia

With Valentine’s Day coming up, don’t forget the AZZA products you could use for a card, tag or your pages of the day.

For this tag I have used the AZZA Twigs stamp and the NEW AZZA Mini words stamp.

Hilary has used these ‘Mini Words’ on the cards below. She has also used the Heritage frame dies on the 60th card.

Card created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria
Card created by Hilary Hamilton – Victoria

I made a few tags for a friend:

Tag created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

The mini words fit perfectly on the new AZZA Feather stamp, I just need to add some cord. The AZZA Glitter is so fine it looks great on a tag. Hilary used it on the 60th card above.

Tags created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

Don’t forget the AZZA ‘I love you’ products:

One of my favourite as it can be used all year round.

This paper is on sale at the moment.

Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

A page I created using the products above and the AZZA Loire (A4) stencil.

Lastly a few creations using the new AZZA cutting dies: Rings

These Rings have been cut out of the Vinyl sheets available online as seen below in Apple Green and Black.

A very pleasing page below created by Sophie using the AZZA Punta Cana stencil plus the Ring dies, Resin Dots, a Resin Pellet and a little Spray ink for decoration. The dies have been used on the Christmas paper released last year.

To end, I would like to wish you all a wonderful Australia Day tomorrow. Hope you are able to celebrate in some form or another wherever you are.

Happy Scrappin’


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