Christmas is around the corner …..

How fast did Christmas arrive!!  The shops are full of decorations, carols are being played, I love this time of year.  I also love the creations I have seen using all the new AZZA Christmas products.

There is so much I want to share with you but I think in this blog I will concentrate on Christmas cards as they need to be sent out soon to arrive in time for Christmas.  (Unless your family live in Africa, if I sent them out now, I think they may arrive in time for next Christmas)!!

The first sample is by Celine Henchoz, a very elegant card.  Celine has used the Snowflakes Embossing folder for her background.  She has used the stamp found in the Christmas Card kit and the AZZA Snowflakes cutting die.  She has finished off the page with AZZA pearls, Marine ribbon and Silver glitter tape.

The next card is by one of my favourite ladies, Sabine Lebrun.  Sabine has used the Christmas Card stencil to create this card together with the Christmas paper and the Window Cutting Die:  Christmas star.
This card was created using the AZZA Christmas Card stencil, Window cutting die  Christmas papers, Silver Glitter Tape and Pearls.
This card was created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria.  She has used the AZZA Silent Night Cutting die together with the AZZA Concentric Circles die, Christmas papers, Ribbon and Pearls.

The card above is one of my favourite.   This was made by Carole Pereira Bastianon.  Carole has used the AZZA Christmas paper and the Christmas stamps which I have shown below, together with the Cutting Dies:  Sewn Squares.  

She has finished off the page with the lovely AZZA Cord, Glitter tape, a picture from the A4 Sketch sheet and AZZA pearls.

The following collection I found on Facebook, they are beautiful and I am sure many of you will be making a copy of at least one of them.  The cards were created by Ashild Myhren Pegoraro.

Ashild has used the AZZA Circle Cutting dies, the Cutting dies Starter kit 2 for the ones at the top and the Christmas products for the one at the bottom.  For the one on the bottom she has used the Christmas texture stencil, the Christmas Star cutting die mentioned before and the beautiful little Stamp and Die set:  Deer.  For the cards at the top and shown below,  Ashild has combined the Cutting Dies Starter kit 2 and Deer cutting dies and added a little of the AZZA cord.  Note on the card below how she has off-set the cutting of the circle on the white card, something I would not have thought to do but it produces a very attractive card.  She has inked the leaves ever so slightly with blue.

The next card Ashild has used the Christmas stamp set:  Christmas Star.  She has used a white marker to decorate the card with snow.  This lovely Burgundy ink pad will be available in Australia in January.  You can see how she has shaded the stamp darker on the one side for a ‘shadow’ effect.  This is easily done with the Stamping Plate.  You ink the side of the stamp a second time in the areas where you want the shadow.  With the Stamping Plate you are assured to get the stamp back in the exact place on the card.

The Stamping Plate available from AZZA:

For the card above the new AZZA Burgundy and Pink colours have been used, these will be released in Australia in January.  She has finished off her card with Silver glitter tape,  pearls and cord.  The shapes are created with the AZZA Cutting dies Starter Kit 2 and Snowflakes.  Again the white cut outs have been coloured ever so slightly on the ends with the Burgundy ink.

They just keep getting better and better …….  you can see the Snowflake Embossing stencil and cutting die has been used in the card on the bottom.  The paper has been torn instead of being cut which does give a lovely effect.  The card on the top right has been stamped with the AZZA Silent Night stamp combined with the Snowflake cutting die,  Burgundy ink and AZZA pearls.
This card has been created using the new (red) Christmas paper, Gold glitter tape, Snowflakes cut outs and of course the NEW Foil and Foil Stamps that AZZA is now stocking.

Don’t forget the product you purchased last year!  These little cards were made by Celine and Christine using last years Christmas release Christmas Wreath Cutting Die and Christmas stamps.

This card was made with the AZZA Christmas ‘Window’ cutting die released last year
A few more samples of cards made with AZZA products released last year.

And if you want an interactive Christmas card – take a look at this one:

And so to end, a few “off the page” ideas:

Now I know this is not AZZA, but I found this little bit of information on Pinterest and thought I would share it with you.  If you have the AZZA Cutting Die:  Tags, this is something you can create using the set.
Too easy.

Using your tags together with the Starter kit 2, Christmas papers and stamps you can make this lovely card above.

A lovely little ‘Name Tag’ created with the  BEAUTIFUL AZZA Silent Night cutting die released this year – how good would those look on your Christmas table.  You need the new cutting dies: Sewn Concentric Circles  (your plain Circle cutting die will do) and Silent Night and a little AZZA Cord in the colour of your Christmas theme.  Voila!
Or you could keep it simple.
Christmas Baubles created with the AZZA Scalloped Concentric Circles and the Christmas Star die I have shown you earlier.  You only use one side of the plastic bauble, the other you can use to make the one below.
Here your Christmas Bauble (actually only half of it)  sits onto a Scalloped circle cut and stamped with a Christmas texture stencil with a few Snowflakes glued on top.

On that note, I’ll leave you to get started.

Happy Scrappin’


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Where to begin ….

What a busy couple of months I have had, where to begin to tell you enough but not too much to bore you!

The Directors of AZZA Australia travelled to Belgium to meet with the Folk at AZZA Head Office in Nivelle, the wonderful team at the AZZA warehouse in Tournay then on to the AZZA Stage de Scrap at La Palmyre in France.

AZZA Head Office, Nivelle.  Belgium
Laurence showed us around Head Office and introduced us to the team.

Having spent the morning with Laurence, we travelled down to Tournay to visit the warehouse.  We were like children in a candy store.  The wonderful  Michelle below packs all our orders so we were very happy to finally meet her and all the ‘Behind the Scenes’ staff.

Our time was short and we were whipped back to Brussels where I enjoyed the only meal one should eat when in Belgium:

Mmmmmmm …..  wonderful – Moules-frites

From Belgium we travelled down to Bordeaux and on to La Palmyre where we attended the Stage de Scrap with 400 other Ladies from across Europe.  It was wonderful to meet so many Ladies (and a few gentlemen) – some Ladies I have been chatting to via the internet for years.  You have seen many of their pages which they have shared with Australia: So Scrap, Floscrap and Be Creativa (Below).  It was just so sad that as the schedule was very busy we did not get too much time to spend together just chatting!  (Maybe next time)

The team also met up with Christine Houbrechts who creates such beautiful pages, she managed to spend time with us scrapping, what a wonderful morning.

The products that were showcased at Stage de Scrap were on pre-release so I cannot reveal too much just yet.  They will only be released in Australia in the new year – AZZA Australia will be holding ‘AZZA Experience’ retreats to celebrate AZZA being in Australia for 10 years.  These retreats will be held towards the beginning of next year, if you are interested, please contact your Consultant.  If you do not have a Consultant, go along to our website:

Here you can find a Consultant close to you,  contact the Team Leader in your area or send me an e-mail and I will get the details to you.

Having returned from Europe, we arrived in Brisbane to complete the preparations for the Annual Training Retreat for the Consultants in Australia.  We celebrated our 10th year in operation in Australia!

I will report more on our Retreat and all the little ‘gems’ of information I would like to pass on to you in my next blog, but today I would like to showcase the AZZA Christmas products that are now available in Australia.  With almost 6 weeks to go until Christmas …… we need to get creating.

This month AZZA Australia has 2 Baskets:

Silent Night Basket – $81.40

The Silent night basket consists of a Theme book with a lot of wonderful ideas to inspire your Christmas creations, the beautiful Christmas stamp set, Christmas texture stencil duo, A4 Sketch sheet and figurines.

Star Basket – $64.30

The Star basket includes the AZZA Christmas CARD stencil, the ‘Star’ AZZA Christmas stamp set, a Texture stencil, Christmas paper, A4 sketch sheet and gold and silver glitter tape.  All you need to create your Christmas cards this year.

AZZA has now included the Go Press and Foil sets into their range.  The Christmas dies are beautiful for both cards and pages.  AZZA Australia will not be bringing in the Go Press machine itself, but we have wonderful AZZA  Foil stamps:

AZZA Foil Metal Stamp:  Christmas Star  

The beautiful creations posted by Laurence Chabbey show how these stamps can be used on both cards and a Scrapping page.

The Stencil released for Christmas this year is Celestial.  This stencil is available both in the Studio Kit and as a stencil duo.

AZZA Studio Kit – Celestial

Although at first sight this stencil looks quite ‘busy’, remember you don’t need to use the whole stencil.  It is also not just a Christmas stencil, it can be used though-out the year with many different themes.

The first page I’d like to share with you is created by Christine Houbrechts, who we met in Europe.  It is such an elegant page …

Page by Christine Houbrechts, Europe

Christine Ronsin – AZZA Europe
Francoise Robin:  AZZA Europe

Valerie Martinussen:  AZZA Europe

Then on to pages that do not have a Christmas theme:  Any ‘Stars’ can be highlighted with this stencil.

Claudine Goossens:  AZZA Europe
Holiday Memories:  Sylviane Dournes

A beautiful little ‘Star’ puppy
A page of ‘Dancing Stars’:  Mimiscrap

Below is a page using a single photo with the Celestial stencil used for the decorations.  Lovely chalking to finish off the decorations.

Single photo of a ‘Star’ performing:  Vanessa Bronckart

So as you can see, the stencil is very versatile and can be used throughout the year.

Now to a few ideas for our Christmas card stencil and Christmas products.  These beautiful samples were given to us at AZZA Head Office.

AZZA has a wonderful Christmas Card Kit box set you can purchase to make your cards.  This is great as you get a booklet with samples to guide you too.

Special Order:  Christmas Cards Boxed kit
Ideas for cards that can be made with the Box Kit.

Card using the Go Press and Foil stamps together with other AZZA Christmas products
This card has been stamped our the AZZA Wood sheets
Christmas card using the AZZA Christmas Wreath released last year
Card created using the AZZA ‘Silent Night’ stamp and die set
AZZA Stamp and Cutting Die:  Deer Head

AZZA Stamp and Cutting Die:  Silent Night

AZZA Cutting Die:  Snowflakes

This is one of my favourite:  AZZA cutting die:  Winter Scenes

This Winter Scene when put together does fit into a Christmas Bauble as shown below.

Do get your orders in for Christmas as soon as possible.  New stock arrived from Belgium this week so hopefully Backorders will be fulfilled this week!

Christmas closure dates:

Friday, 14th December will be the last date to place orders for 2018.

Monday, 7th January will be the first day in 2019 that orders will be actioned.

Do get your orders in for products to create your Christmas cards, orders for ‘Christmas presents’ you can give away to your Scrapping friends and orders for product to scrap your Christmas photos.

As I have not blogged in a while, I have a lot to share with you but don’t want to make this too long …..  so that is all for now, more to come soon.

Happy Scrappin’


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Hello from Western Australia

Well it is ‘Hello’ from Western Australia – I have not posted a blog in a while as my Husband and I have been driving from Sydney to Perth.  What a wonderful country we live in, so much to see and everything so diverse.  So, so many photos to scrap which hopefully you will all see in future blogs.


Before we begin with product, I would like to welcome Sue Talbot and Amber Tecles to our AZZA Consultant family.  I trained both Amber and Sue who will now be holding classes in New South Wales.  Sue will be holding classes in and around Castle Hill and Amber in Albion Park.  Do pop along to our website if you would like to find out more about the classes they run.

Find a Consultant



The AZZA Rosette stencil has been released and doing well.


Studio Kit:  Rosette. $59.00

Herewith the AZZA Video giving you some inspiration as to how to use your Rosette stencil:

Video – Rosette stencil

The Rosette stencil was released with pre-cut pages in beautiful ‘earthy’ tones of Mango and Brick.


Pre-cut pages:  Rosette.  $23.00

Below are some creations for you to see.  This first page by Ingrid in Europe is using only one photo and the Texture stencil ‘Weather’.


The second page is by our WA Consultant, Barb Rae in Eaton, WA.  Barb has used the same Texture stencil as above and some of the lovely AZZA cords now available.  The AZZA Mail Out Club Members will have received some of these cords already.

AU041 ROSETTE & Weather.jpg

Page by Barbara Rae, WA Australia

Below, a page by Deb Byrne, Team Leader in Tassie. Deb has used a ‘New York’ micro stamp that will be released in Australia soon.

AU 069 Rosette.jpg

Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania.  Australia

The page below by RJS, Europe using the Rosette stencil, Wrought Iron paper and embossing stencil, chalks and inks.  I love the idea of the little labels with the AZZA cord attached, one used as a Title.  The labels are cut with the AZZA Cutting Die – Gift tags.



AZZA Cutting Dies:  Gift Tags. $25.00

The ‘Weather’ embossing folder has been used below together with Wrought Iron die cuts, inks and pens.


AZZA Europe

The pages below are the front of layouts with the pre-cut pages.  Pre-cut pages are ideal to use if you want to get your photos into a set of pages which contain one story.


Another sample using different sections of the stencil.


I love seeing pages like this, next to each other, so you can see just how different each collection can be, depending on photos and colours.




Lastly, an interesting set of pages which I found quite striking.




As you know AZZA Australia has been running a competition over the last few months, the prize being a ‘Football’ stencil released for the World Cup.

We had 3 winners, Jane Sander,  Jill Dahler and Leonnie Wilson.

Jane Sander Marshmallow.jpg

Page by Jane Sander

Jane used the AZZA Mashmallow stencil on a double page.

Jill Dahler - Entry.jpg

Page by Jill Dahler.

Jill used the AZZA Objective stencil on a double page.

Leonnie Wilson created an amazing page with Accordion sheets, using the Trio Arches stencil.

Leonnie Wilson 6.jpg

Leonnie’s front page above.

Leonnie Wilson 5.jpg



Leonnie Wilson 2.jpgLeonnie Wilson 3.jpg

Leonnie Wilson 4.jpg

With Halloween around the corner, I thought I would give you a ‘sneak peek’ at the  Halloween products you will be able to order from 1st October.  This year we even have a Glow In The Dark embossing powder so your creations can look even more spooky.


Large Stamp Set:  Halloween $35.00


Halloween Papers:  $9.90


A4 Sketch skeet:  $3.50


Cutting Dies:  Halloween windows. $38.00

Deb Byrne our Tassie Team Leader has already made a lovely little lantern for Halloween:

DSC_0658 (2).JPG

DSC_0661 (2).JPG

She has also had fun with the other products using the Fiji stencil for her layout – her web does glow in the dark!!


Page by Deb Byrne, Tasmania.  Australia

Below is a card sample I found on the internet.


Now for a few layouts with some older stencils.

The Fairy stencil, which I have to say, has become one of my favourites – with a single photo created by Yvette in Europe.


les scraps d’Yvette

Deb Byrne created the page below with the Fairy stencil and the Weather, Cats and Dogs decorating products.


Created by Deb Byrne.  Tasmania.  Australia

The following pages were created by Sue Talbot, our NSW Consultant.  Sue has used the Savannah stencil and a double page in the first layout.


Created by Sue Talbot, NSW.  Australia


Sue Talbot, NSW. Australia

The layout below Sue used the Alize stencil:


Sue Talbot, NSW.  Australia

Lastly, Sue’s layout using the Eclipse stencil and the beautiful AZZA cutting Dies.  She has used the Wrought Iron dies and a few leaves from the Big Shot Kit.

Sue Talbot

Sue Talbot, NSW.  Australia

The layout below was created by Amber Tecles, NSW.  Amber used the AZZA Scrap kit:  Family.


Created by Amber Tecles, NSW.  Australia

For the card makers, I found a video using the new AZZA Flower Stamps I showcased in the last blog to make a beautiful card.  Do ‘click’ below and take a look:

Flower Card


Ruby Stamp:  Field Flowers.  $13.50

I always try and finish off the blog with a 4 x 4 layout, a layout that you do not need a stencil for but it is scrapped in the ‘AZZA way’.  This beautiful page by Mimouscrap is so pretty.  She has used two photos, one of which is an enlargement.  The 2 frames are an AZZA Cutting die.  I love her use of chalks both on the page and inside the paper frames.  Note her little stamped image to match the photos.


The AZZA Australia Team of Directors are very excited to be visiting the AZZA Head Office in Belgium next week and then travelling on to La Palmyre to the AZZA Retreat in Bordeaux.  We will be bringing back with us the latest releases and will be excited to teach our Australian Consultants new techniques we have seen at the annual Australian Retreat in Queensland at the end of October.  As I will be away from next week until the 22nd October there will once again be a bit of a break in blogs, but once home,  all should settle back into routine.

Happy Scrappin’



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Raining Cats and dogs

Well, I haven’t had much time to scrap as we are downsizing so have been packing up the household!  Oh WOW, I was a bit embarrassed to see just how many boxes were marked ‘Craft’, but I know you will all understand, glad I have an understanding Hubby too.  The good thing with AZZA Scrapping is that you really don’t need too many boxes out to keep scrapping the AZZA way.   I have even managed to hold classes with what I have kept out and it all fits in the car quite easily.  That is why I love scrapping the AZZA way!

This month it’s been “Raining Cats and Dogs” I see.  I know a lot of Ladies love to scrap their pets and were wondering where the AZZA Cats and Dogs theme was – well, it has arrived.  The Weather theme is also out this month which is a great theme as it can go on so many pages.

Our basket for the month:


Monthly Basket  –  $140.30

All the products can be purchased separately:

AZZA August Products Release

If you do struggle to decorate your pages, the new books AZZA are now releasing with the themed products are a great little buy.  The book contains 52 pages with
16 exclusive page layouts showing step-by-step instructions using various stencils and the ‘Weather’ Decorating products.


Here are a few examples of what the Ladies have created using the new products:

The first page is by Audrey Vast using the AZZA Eclipse stencil and the AZZA Cats stamps.


Deb Byrne created the next page using the Eclipse stencil and the AZZA Dogs stamps and Decoration stencil.  Note how once you have stamped your image you need to bring it to life with your pens, chalks or inks and do remember to always give your image a ‘base’ to stand or sit upon.  This again can be done with your chalk, ink or pens.


Created by Deb Byrne, Team Leader – Tasmania

The following page was created by Jennie, our Consultant in Townsville.  She has used the AZZA Savannah stencil and the AZZA Weather products.


Created by Jennie Banks – Townsville Consultant

Jennie has used chalks  and chalking pencils for her border, what a beautiful combination.

The page below was created by Deb, using the AZZA Mauritius stencil and the new AZZA Weather products.  Note her use of the punched out circles, so often we think we have to use them whole, we don’t think of cutting them.


Created by Deb Byrne – Team Leader Tasmania.

Now for a few pages I found created with the AZZA Fairy stencil.  With double pages being released in July, I thought these layouts would give you some inspiration to get out a double page and begin to create!!  The first layout was created by Yvette in Europe.  A link to her page:  les scraps d’Yvette


Below is the front of the set of pages.




Another page created with the second stencil from the AZZA Fairy Duo, by AZZA Europe, sadly I could not find the name of the person that created the page itself.


I love the use of the AZZA Cork and Die cut used behind the frame.


And lastly a fun snow page by Chantalouscrap with a flap and using all our Winter themed products.  With Australia mid-ski season many of you should have some ‘Snow’ photos ready to GO!!




Now for a little decoration:

We were all waiting with bated breath for the arrival of the Wrought Iron Cutting Die so I thought I would show you how to have some fun with it.


AZZA Cutting Die:  Wrought Iron Frame

A beautiful card made by AZZA Europe.  The cutting die was used together with the AZZA Big shot starter kit.



AZZA Cutting Dies:  Starter Kit 2

The Cutting die is perfect for cards:


How beautiful is this little creation below.  I love the shading on the card and the little bit of AZZA Cord holding up the birdcage.  What a lovely gift tag or card.


Then for something a little different:

Below is the same idea, just different colours.  I did think of those Mums out there having to create Rosettes for competitions, this would be the prefect product for you.


AZZA Festive pearls, Cord and ribbon have been used together with the Cutting Die and papers.



While we are looking at cards, the August release of the AZZA Summer and Field flowers are beautiful. These little stamps are only $13.50 and are so versatile.


AZZA Summer Flowers – I_TAM2018


AZZA Field Flowers


Here are some lovely cards that I found on the internet created by the very talented Ladies in Europe.

Christine Caparros.jpg

This card was created by Christine Caparros, her use of the Alcohol pens is amazing.  You can see why the bud and the stem have been kept separate on the stamp itself.




Now for a few pages created with the AZZA Savannah stencil released last month:


Muriel Esline.jpg

This is the front page of a double-page layout using the Savannah Stencil.  Note how the front page has been cut so the Title can be seen when the page is closed.

Muriel II.jpg

Below another page created by Jennie, our Consultant in Townsville.  The front page folds out to complete the double inner page.  Jennie will have an AZZA Stand at the Craft Alive in Cairns this weekend, so if you are in the area, do pop in and see her.


Created by Jennie Banks – Townsville Consultant


Below is the page opened out.  The page highlights the stencil, deco stencil, printed pager and printed decorative page.


Created by Jennie Banks – Townsville Consultant


AZZA Marine Stencil:


I loved this layout by Mariescrapagogo and her use of colours.  Note how she has brought both colours into her decorations, in the 3D products and the chalking.

AZZA Eclipse Stencil:


Created by les scraps d’Yvette, Europe

I like to finish with a page that shows that you can keep your photos complete, this page was created using the Fairy Stencil.  I keep reminding my Ladies that you do not have to use the whole stencil, you can keep you page as simple or make is as complex as you wish.



Just a reminder about the AZZA Football competition that runs to the end of the month.  Your chance to win a stencil that will not be released, it remains a special ‘World Cup’ Edition.



Created by Chalon-sur-scrap

Here is a layout created with the ‘Football’ stencil YOU could win.

Send your layouts (using any Azza stencil and using only Azza decorative products) to:      by  31 August. 

On that note,

Happy Scrappin’
















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Welcome to the Savannah ……

As you can imagine I LOVE this month’s release of products, reminds me of ‘home’ – I am from Zimbabwe originally, but am now an Auzzie with part of Africa still in my heart.


The Savannah is a 60 x 30 stencil as it is designed for a double page, but obviously both sides can be used for single layout as per all our AZZA stencils.

GAB 739

To view our Dominique Spirlet creating a page >>>>

Video – Savannah stencil

Two beautiful pages created by Deb Byrne, our Tassie Team Leader.  Deb has used the Savannah embossing folder on some of her papers, the Savannah stamps and papers.

AU 069 Savannah 1
Deb Byrne, Tasmania.  Australia
AU 069 Savannah
Deb Byrne, Tasmania.  Australia

On the page above Deb has used the texture stencil on her paper.  The word ‘Nature’ is from the Big Shot Starter kit.

The elephants on Deb’s page were created using the new Zoo Stamp and Die set below.  The detail is so fine, they look gorgeous on the page.

TAM 0053 ZOO – $35.00

And the cutting Die to go with them:

DIE 117 – ZOO.  $27.00

And then there were giraffe ….


Note how inking through the texture stencil onto the printed papers bring out the patterns.


And another page with giraffe, this time a little ‘window’ has been cut out and part of the front page folded back.


The double page below has also been created with the Savannah stencil, this time with the cut-out at the top instead of the side.


The creation below is by Fabienne in Europe, I love the effect she has achieved on her page with inking and papers.

Fabienne graulich-lorge savanah 5b.jpg

Below, another striking single page by AZZA Suisse, Europe using the Savannah stencil.  Decoration created using AZZA papers together with the embossing folder, inks and the AZZA wooden frames, AZZA Jute and the Big Shot Starter kit cutting die.


Single page below by Fabienne, Europe.  Take note of her lovely decoration, a circle punched out of one of the photos, with a Die cut decoration and a strip of paper through the middle.


AZZA Australia are holding a competition until the end of August, the best layout winning a ‘World Cup’ stencil that will not be released to the general public.


So, it is a special edition stencil.  If you do not receive our newsletter pop along to our NEW website and sign up for all the COMPETITION information.

Here are a few layouts done by the Ladies in Europe with the stencil YOU could WIN!!

AZZA Suisse

So, on to the NEW WEBSITE:


Do pop along and take a look.  Note that this link will take you to the website where you can read all about AZZA and more important, read all about our Consultants but to shop, you have to hit the ‘SHOP ONLINE’ or ‘SHOP NOW’ tab to take you across to our shop front.  We are having a few teething problems as with all new launches, but please contact your Consultant if you are having problems and we can sort them out for you.

Now for a few more samples of what is new in July.  The page below has used quite a few of the new products, the Savannah stencil, Savannah embossing folder, the Big Shot Starter Kit together with the lovely little Panda combination of Stamp and Die and strips of the AZZA glitter tape.

TAM/DIE 002 – $16.00

Just how cute is he ….  or she!!


Looking back to last month’s release:  Eclipse.

A lovely page using the Eclipse stencil and a double page.  For the decoration the Eclipse stamp has been used together with a few cut-out circles.

I loved the fun you can see on the following pages:


And then a bit of fun with the colours:


Our Wrought Iron Cutting Die is now in stock, so if you have fallen in love with it, do pop along to our online shop or get in touch with your Consultant.

DIE 118 Wrought Iron Frame – $38.00

Below an amazing page by Sarah, Europe.  She has used the AZZA die above and only one photo. Note the two-tone inking on the page and the die-cut frame.


A few of my Ladies have struggled with the Objective stencil so I thought I would show you a few layouts to inspire you:


A lovely Title page by Sylvie using the stamp and die cut from the AZZA Photography range.


The front page of the double layout below by Floscrap.

Objective double.jpg

And a page by our AZZA Team Leader in Queensland, Rachel Timms.


If you are in Queensland do go and take a look at Rachel’s Blog.

Rachel’s Blog – AZZA Queensland

And now for a page Sue Talbot created in one of my classes.  Sue has used the Trio Arches stencil, the Mesh texture stencil, Photography A4 printed sheet, Sewn square and Big shot Starter kit and a little piece of our AZZA cord.  Note how she has highlighted a part of one of the photos in the frame.


The Title has been done using the AZZA Alphabet cutting die: Aubrey.

Sue created a second page using the AZZA Essential stencil, cork and the Photography pre-printed page showing how quick decoration can be to place on your page.

The AZZA sketch sheets are great for quick decorations onto your pages, do pop along and see the selection AZZA has:

AZZA Sketch sheets for quick decoration

Today I will end with a creation from an older stencil Fiji, but still available.


Id scrap has used the AZZA Square Scroll Cutting Die and a stamp from the older Ethnic range on her page for decoration.  On her paper she has used the AZZA IZinks  which you can find under our ‘End of Series’ no the website.

And lastly, the beautiful AZZA page created without a stencil by Celine Jeanson.

She has a little “AZZA page dictation” for you …….. (The paw print embossing folder has yet to arrive on the Australian shores, but soon ….)


If you want to see details of the page above or follow her ‘Page Dictation’ to create your own page, pop along to …..

Celine – Page Dictation

And with that, happy scrappin’


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A little more detail ….

Hi Ladies

A few Ladies have asked for a little more detail on the multiple pages.


Page by Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

I showed you my creation using the AZZA pre-cut pages and many of you have ordered them, but were not too sure where to begin.

Firstly, I suggest you gather all your photos together and decide just how many of the pre-cut pages you would like to use.  Remember you do not have to use them all.  I will show you a layout I have done using only one pre-cut page a little later.

The next step is to decide what your ‘Front’ or ‘Title’ page will hold.  What photos do you want on your front page and then what photos will show through on the pages behind it. The back page is also quite important as you can use it as a full page layout, a base for your creation to sit upon – but remember to continually check  what will be visible when the pre-cut pages have been put in place.


I then went to work on the pages.  I began with the back page so I could see how the page would look as I built it up. I made sure my decoration in the top left-hand corner would show and the photo in the top right-hand corner would create another corner to my ‘frame’.  I completed my frame with the chalking on the bottom of the back page.  I also ensured the decoration was placed so it would ‘peek out’ from behind my pre-cut pages.


EclipsebackLyn 1


I continually placed the pre-cut page circle onto the page as I was building up to check what would be seen once it was all complete.

The next page I worked on :

Eclipse2Lyn 1

Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

I played with this page to show you that your template does not always have to be straight on the page.  I wanted the circle in the top right-hand position so it would show when the creation was complete.  Now, it took some doing with these photos as I HAD to make sure the photos were straight – took the top of the Colosseum as the ‘horizon’ line.


I used the AZZA Geometric embossing folder on the paper and then brushed the top of it with the AZZA Chocolate ink.  I finished it off with one of the lovely little corners from the new Wrought Iron cutting die set and chalking from the AZZA Chalk collection – Chestnut.

Next, I worked on the green pre-cut page.  Once again, you have to check all the time what you will be able to see behind the pre-cut page once the page is assembled and what will show from behind the front Title page!  Takes a little thought and planning but worth it in the end.



Below, I was looking to see whether to put the smaller pre-cut page behind the green one, and have the green one as the Title page, or the other way around.


My final decision …. to use the smaller pre-cut page in front of the green page.


Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

I decided to stick with 3 photos and the rest, decoration.  I used the same decoration to keep a theme running through the pages.

Lastly, to the Front or Title page.  The photos you have will dictate what part of the stencil you use.  As you can see, with the circle in the middle, I could have used a round photo in the middle of the second page, this photo would have then been prominent as you looked at the completed page, but I did not want this – decided to go with a bit of a collage behind the Title page.



Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

I decided to use a photo overlapping the edge of the pre-cut page and a small circle stuck to the back of the page so only 2/3 was showing as it suited the small picture I wanted to use.  I had taken a photo of this picture board, so it was actually a photo that I punched a circle out of.

Lastly, I decorated the Brad and set them all in place. If all that is just too hard, why not call your Consultant and ask her to show you just how to do it during a class.  AZZA Consultants are always happy to help.


Then winter set in ………………

The next page I only used one pre-cut page and changed the back page to the lovely AZZA Lavender page as it suited the photos.  I used an enlargement on the back page, and as I mentioned before, used the ‘hole’ in the pre-cut page to frame the part of the photo behind that would be prominent when the page was done.  I also used the Alpine cutting die which creates a lovely little square.  I used the Alpine Stencil Duo to ink a few mountains onto the page before sticking the square down.  I then decorated it with a white gel pen, chalk pencils and some AZZA Festive pearls.


I used two colours when inking through the Alpine texture stencil and I also coloured the small trees with the same shades once I had embossed the paper.   The little ‘Beanie’ stamp is just gorgeous to play with, this decoration held the brad in place that I used to attach the pre-cut page.


These two little winter stamps snuck in under the radar, so I thought I would bring them to your attention.


I have seen some lovely pages decorated with the ‘mug’.


Now, just a quick ‘heads up’ on our beautiful AZZA Alize Ruby stamp below:


If you haven’t ordered it and are thinking about it, get in quick as they are already out of stock in Europe.  Luckily, AZZA Australia still have quite a few in stock.

I used it on the page I created for my Mum.  It can be used in so many ways!


Look how beautifully it decorated a circle punched out of paper.  I then added a few AZZA Festive pearls.
And still with the winter theme – I went on the create a page with my beautiful little Schnauzer who passed away in January.  She was a Swiss dog,  even had a Swiss passport and she loved the snow!


Created by Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

Here I have used the AZZA Alize stencil, AZZA paper, Festive pearls, chalks and a lovely little AZZA Wooden frame to highlight ‘Thembi’.  This page is now in a frame so I can enjoy it each day.


AZZA Australia has a ‘Mail Out’ every month.  You can sign up easily, it is $20.00 a month with no lock-in at all.  It is month-to-month so all you do is let us know if you do not want to continue with the programme.  This month it was all about the AZZA Wooden frames that I used on the page above.  Each Customer received a set of two different shapes of frames and an Instruction sheet on all the ways they can be used.  I created this month’s Mail-out so thought I would give you a peek at the sort of thing you would get if you signed up.

The Ladies were shown how to decorate and use the frames in many ways.  The frames can be used to highlight part of a photograph, decoration or for the Title on your page.  The frames are produced in a thin wooden sheet so would really go with any colour tone on the page but they are easy to colour with inks and can even have an image or texture stamped on them.

Here is one of the samples I made up to show how the frames can be used for a Title on the page.  If you would like to sign up, please get in touch with AZZA Australia or me on

If you are a Consultant, this would be great to receive and then run a class with your Ladies once a month, or if you are out on your own, nowhere near a Consultant to go to classes, this is a great way to keep in touch and constantly get new ideas for your pages.  Next month will feature:  How to decorate the new Brads and how to use the new ‘Big Top’ card stencil both on cards and on your normal scrapping page.  You will receive a packet of the new brads to decorate and use on your pages and of course, the new AZZA Big Top card size stencil along with all the ideas on how to use these products.   Do go along to our website to check these products out.  Fiona McKay will be creating the document, she always has amazing ideas so do give it some thought.


And now for ideas using the AZZA Arches stencil. The first example shown using the stencil together with the AZZA Alpine themed products and the AZZA Accordion album was created by Carole Pereira, AZZA in Europe.


The front of the album is shown above.  Easy decoration as this decoration was punched out of the already printed A4 Alpine sheet with a little pearl added.


A closer look at the pages:




And a completely different creation using the same Trio stencil Arches and the AZZA Accordion sheets, this creation by Audrey Vast.



… and then to use the same stencil and Accordion sheets on a Scrapping page.



The decorations on the page above using our AZZA Wooden frame stamps, AZZA printed paper and Glitter tape.  I know I often say it, but these stamps are good to have in your collection as they can be used with any theme on the page. (In any colour too)



I always like to show you one page created with the AZZA method of scrapping but not using a stencil:


A beautiful page with such clean, crisp lines.  Texture on the page has been created using strips of AZZA Cork and AZZA Glitter tape.  The little 3D shapes are from the inside of the AZZA Mosaic Cutting Die.

As AZZA Europe brings out Videos on the new stencils I do add them to my blog.  Last week, Sue came to class having created a page after watching the video on the Alize stencil.  This was her creation:


….. and below the page created on the video.  Well done Sue, a wonderful reproduction!  Sue used the Alize Ruby stamp for her decorations.

b2c0c9c1434f191b5180e87b4acbccca copy

For those of us that do not speak French, this A4 Printed sheet decoration can still be used.  Just cover up the French word with a little decoration.


That brings me to a close, lots of ideas for you to play with.

Happy scrappin’



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Winter brings a lot of indoor time and therefore a little more scrapping …..

Winter is also the rugby season – YAY – my family watch rugby and I scrap at the table behind them, everyone is happy.

The June Catalogue is out now, wow so many new products.  The ECLIPSE stencil  and the Wrought Iron themed decoration products.  These decoration products are great as they go with almost any theme.

AZZA June Catalogue

The ECLIPSE stencil is available as a Stencil Duo and in the Studio Kit shown below.


Studio Kit ECLIPSE – $59.00

As there are pre-cut pages with this stencil there is a June Basket including both the Focus and the Studio kit.


Studio and Focus Kit – $127.30

There is a bigger basket containing all the June products as these have been so popular.  Do pop along to the website and take a closer look.


June Basket 2

I had fun creating a page with one of the pre-cut sets of pages.


ECLIPSE stencil. Lyn Holmes, NSW Australia

The front pre-cut page open:


Lyn Holmes, NSW Australia

The second page open:


Lyn Holmes, NSW Australia

The third page open:


Lyn Holmes, NSW Australia

So, as you can see you can get a lot of photos into a ‘Single page’ creation.  Note the new AZZA brads have a lovely flat ‘top’ where you can create your own decoration in keeping with the theme of the page.  I chose to use some twine from our great selection of colours:


I also used the twine in the decoration to bring it together on the page.

EclipsebackLyn 2

I thought I had better do a few simple pages with the ECLIPSE stencil so that you don’t think your pages have to be difficult.  This page is a lovely little page, keeping it very simple, I do love the flow of the lines on this page.


ECLIPSE stencil.  Lyn Holmes, NSW Australia

A lot of my Ladies in the workshops want to get as many photos onto a page as possible, mostly without any journalling, so this next page shows how you can fill the page with photos.


ECLIPSE stencil.  Lyn Holmes , NSW Australia

I have used the beautiful Texture stencil from the Wrought Iron themed products, it is a must in your collection.


Texture stencil Duo – Wrought Iron

Here is a video for you to watch from Dominique to see how she creates her page using the ECLIPSE stencil:

Eclipse stencil with Dominique

And now for a few beautiful creations I found whilst roaming the internet:


A beautiful single page using the AZZA Cutting Die MOSAIC.


This page shows that you can get quite a few photos onto the single page with this stencil.


Still in Africa, this is a great use of the stencil shapes.


Again, a completely different look.


This page is one of my favourites, unfortunately the Wrought Iron Cutting Die will only be available in Australia in July.


Sandra has used the Photography themed products on this page together with the new Cutting Die – Big Shot Starter Kit now available in Australia.


Big Shot Starter Kit – DIE 112

I also found a few lovely cards made with this cutting die and the new AZZA Overlay stamps.



AZZA Overlay stamp ‘Branches and Leaves’






AZZA Overlay stamp ‘Origami’

I do have to apologise as in my last blog the link to Dominique’s Alize video did not connect.  Here it is again.

Video on how to create an AZZA page with the ALIZE stencil

Here is my creation with the ALIZE stencil. You can keep your photos large with this stencil using only the inside edges of the ‘petal’ shapes.


ALIZE stencil.  Lyn Holmes, NSW Australia

As you can see I added a little bit of the AZZA twine to the decoration again and have also used the AZZA Alpine papers.

Now, the cable car does not have to be used with snow only …… here Sue has used it with her photos from Israel.  Sue created the page with the FAIRY stencil.


Created by Sue Talbot, NSW Australia.

This is another of Sue’s pages, she has used the Arches Trio stencil to create the page.  For her decorations she has used AZZA twine, ‘Mesh’ texture stencil, a picture from the Photographic A4 printed sheet and AZZA Cutting Dies.


Page by Sue Talbot, NSW Australia.

Sue used the tool now available from AZZA which makes getting all the little bits out of the decoration easy once you have run it through your machine.


It’s the Big Shot brush and foam pad.


Big Shot Brush and Foam Pad – DIE 011

Well, I do hope that gives you an idea of all that’s new from AZZA in Australia.  I have one last page to share with you that I made for my Mum before she returned home.  I used the ECLIPSE stencil, the Wrought Iron cutting dies, pearls, twine, AZZA paper, chalks, inks, figures and the Ruby stamp Alize.


ECLIPSE stencil.  Lyn Holmes – NSW Australia

The Cutting dies are beautiful on the page and are timeless.


Wrought Iron Ornaments

Happy Scrappin’


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